Jul. 29th, 2009

tenaya: photo by Wally Pacholka @ Astropics.com (devil's tower)
It's "The Milky Way Over Devil's Tower" and is the July 29, 2009 photo at the Astronomy Picture of the Day:


The photo was taken by Wally Pacholka at Astropics.com

(I made an icon out from part of it.)

Also, I went out tonight to watch the space ships. The shuttle had detached from the ISS so it was a two-fer with the shuttle racing ahead of the ISS. :)

Now mind you, as I'm standing in the yard searching the skies for space ships, Brindle was leaning against my leg and he was in a cross mood for some reason. He was working himself to bite me so my attention was zipping between Mr. Nippy and the night sky. We call him The Pocket Lion because he visually has many features of a lion.

Then I had a profound thought: Mankind probably would have made faster progress if they didn't always have to have one eye peeled to avoid being eaten by lions. Furry yellow beasties with sharp teeth will always trump stargazing.
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I think I'm a mutant--I didn't cry and I wasn't that moved. I felt like the characters were moved around like pieces on a chessboard rather than by real emotional motivations, and what emotions were there were too melodramatic. Actually, I've always thought Torchwood too melodramatic for my tastes--I prefer subtly instead of hysterics--I come from stoic stock. There were too many plot holes, and I never lost myself in the action. And to be truthful, the only character I really liked was Tosh, so killing off the characters I've never taken a shine to isn't devastating to me. Neither was the threat to kill all those kids. Pile them on top of each other like that and I'm left with the impression it's a cheap writer's trick to upset the viewer. And that worked on many, many viewers but not on me.

Frankly, I think RTD has delusions about how wonderful S3 is, what great insightful art it is (he reminds me of R.C.Cooper.)

I did like Lois. And Rhys.

Oh well. This is why Baskin and Robbins has 31 flavors; no one thing is for everybody.


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