Aug. 8th, 2010


Aug. 8th, 2010 03:30 am
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The summer hasn't been too bad here this year with just a smattering of days above 90. That's so unusual! My bank account appreciates that the electric bill isn't crippling high as it tends to be in July and August.

I planted one cucumber plant and it is doing well. Very well. We have cukes in our salad, cukes soaking in vinegar and pepper...I've even tried cucumber sandwiches (didn't have squishy white bread so I made 'em with squaw bread. Was pretty good.) I'll be taking a half dozen foot longs into work tomorrow to give us some breathing room! I had no idea cucumbers were that vigorous! I also bought a zucchini but it's not doing much. A few blossoms and it looks healthy enough but I thought zucchinis were supposed to be the overwhelming plant.

The cats are good. Abby ran out with Buddy a few nights ago, but then looked worried. We just had to prop the screen door open and wait quietly. She snuck right back into the house. As a reward, the next day when I was doing choirs, I let her out. She crept about for about ten minutes then wanted back in. I'm so pleased that she prefers the house and wants to come back.

Lots of skunks and coons this summer. One momma with four babies, one mamma with a skinny tail with one slightly bigger baby, and two adults that pal around. The crawl space screen 'door' has been vandalized by skunks (pulled away from the frame) and thus...we have coons under the house sometimes. No sure what to do about that.

Mom wants to go on a cruise to the Mediterranean next spring. I need to conserve vacation time for that. I've spent a lot of time googling as I'm trying to figure out how it will work since she'll need a rollator or a wheelchair or scooter. We're talking going a week early to see Rome and Florence, then the ship will go to Sciliy, Naples (Pompeii), Athens, Ephesus, Crete and Rhodes. Mom also has IBS and never knows when she'll desperately need a bathroom. Complications.... But, it should be a wonderful trip if I can figure it out. Any advice?
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Eureka. They really stepped up to the plate this season. I love what they are doing. Not crazy about the last episode but that's because I don't watch Warehouse 13. But I'm really enjoying this show this year.

White Collar. Again, I like it. I think the show has found its rhythm. Very enjoyable.

Haven. I still find it odd but like the character Duke (and his actor.)

Being Human. Am enjoying this one, too. Lots of cards in play. Fun stuff. I love meta in a show when it's down well.

Pillars of the Earth. Very enjoyable! I wish I could watch this mini-series all at once. And I want all the bad guys' karma to bite 'em in the ass as quickly as possible, please!

Covert Affairs. I was turned off by the ads (not attracted to the starlet looking all hunted, confused and helpless.) But a friend told me that's not the show and the main character is actually quite competent. I've seen three eps now and really like it. I don't have to work at paying attention. It has interesting plots, interesting characters and some good actors. I'm not a fan of main actress as she emotes a little too loudly but that could be the directors. Hopefully that will settle down after a few more eps. I do find it interesting that most of the male characters have been untrustworthy or at least have an agenda except for Auggie. I do like him and like his relationship with Annie. And I like that Annie is good at her job, and that her concerns of having some interaction with her sister and nieces is desired and not a burden. They're up to ep number four or five right now but are rerunning the earlier eps a lot so you can catch up. Oh yeah, the one I watched tonight had Oded Fehr in it (it's called No Quarter if you are just an Oded Fehr fan.)

Just told Tivo to get Rubicon. Another spy show. I wonder why all the spy shows suddenly?

Also have to mention Top Gear and James May's Toy Stories. Very entertaining.

Finished watching the bronze medal Curling game finally. Sweden vs. Switzerland. Excellent game! Amazing shots. Just one more to go now.

I think I've given up on The Gates unless someone cares to defend its honor?


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