May. 27th, 2009 01:03 pm
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Brindle was very happy to see me. He was "ohmygodI'vemissedyoumissedyoumissedyousoverymuch!!!" last night. Then he grabbed the computer chair. Remember that cooling pad I bought for the laptop? It has some sort of crystals that like to absorb heat which makes it turn into a gel. It naturally reverts to crystals away from heat so it uses no energy. Well, Brindle LOVES it. He's been sleeping on it since I went away. He owns it. Mom said she tried to grab it before he sat his big furry butt on it once and he took a swipe at her. She says she loves putting it behind her back as her easy chair retains too much body heat.

I'll be going back to the Computer Fair on June 20/21 to buy more. I think I'll get some larger sizes. They were 2 for $25. I wonder how many I should get? Maybe I should put a bunch under my bed sheets for sleeping on during the summer? *g*

This morning, Brindle was all loving when he came in. I was at the computer and after much hugs and kisses, I got up to give him chair. I was going to get a zine and come back to stay with him, sit next to him, but I think he took it for me leaving him. He's a very emotional cat. He nipped my leg and when I reached down to brush him off, he bit my arm pretty good (one fang tore up a flap of skin.) I was angry. He was upset. I went to wash it and he left to go outside again.

It's now a couple of hours later. He just ran back in, paused to see if I was still angry, and ran to me. I picked him up, hugs, kissess yadda yadda. He then very determinedly lay down on the computer desk, very much "I'll just lay here so we can be close and I promise I'll be good." He's been very gentle and slow and sweet. He really does try to be a good cat. He's very smart but very, very emotional. It's just that he has those rejection issues that we just can't quite put to rest.

And now I will quit spamming you all. *G*
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