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Blah, blah, blah...where Tenaya crosses a few things off the To Do list.

In an effort to make that one spot totally coyote proof, I put some chicken wire fencing on top of what I did yesterday. I want to get a few bells, and when I go attach them I'll take a photo of my dubious efforts. Keep in mind between me and the neighbor that four foot section of fence has seven different types of fencing. *g* Thank goodness it's at the back of the yard.

Then, since this is the last day of my seven days off, I got off my butt finally and finished cleaning out the crap out from around the computer chair and hutch. The hutch is an ergonomic thing where the monitor sits in a tilted well. It had a 18 inch CRT monitor that must of weighed at least 30 pounds and we had to wrestle it out of the well. Uh, I guess that would be "I" had to do that. Mom helped a little with this and that. Honestly, there's room for only one person back there anyway. Being clever (don't laugh--I've actually been visualizing this task every morning for the past six days about how this will work and how not to screw it up) I plugged in the new monitor first to be sure it would work. Yay! It worked. Since I bought it at the computer fair for $70, I did want to be sure it would have a better picture than the old one. It seems the image in the old monitor was getting fuzzy. Both Mom and I bought new glasses, and then I've had to increase the 'zoom' times three before I could read this lj page. Finally, it twigged on me that maybe it wasn't me approaching my 52 birthday and the damn monitor was going bad! So, with much ado, we got that sucker out of the well (I had to go to Walmart at 9pm--and they were as busy as I've seen it around 5pm and I guess it being hot during the day will do that--to buy a set of Allen wrenches as I couldn't find ours and stopped and got some dinner, too.

And then after everything got put back, I finally pulled the old, broken down computer chair out and stuck in that new one I bought at the last computer fair. This "new" monitor is a refurbished HP, and a flat screen. I need to get a couple of blocks of wood to get it a bit more into position. Because the well is tilted downward, the flat screen wants to fall backwards. So, since I had been using some anodized wire earlier in the day to wire up holes, I used that to string a support across the back of the monitor to keep it upright. When everything was done, Mom and I did that Tool Time primal bark, complete with flexing our arms. "I am Woman!!" we yelled. Yes, it was a bonding moment. *g*

And now I'm bonding with a couple of Aleve. *g*

I put a new mousepad up. It features an eagle catching a salmon in Haida or Tlingit style art and it totally freaked Brindle out. He was doing those hyper leaps in the air. The only thing I can think is that there are two eye type designs on the wings that look vague owlish. It's curious that he'd react so strongly to a flat design.

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