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Nothing exciting, just journaling to kept track of stuff.

She continues to be loving and sweet. We needed to give her flea meds and had decided to have the meds ready and when she settled on the arm of Mom's chair, she would 'flatten her' to hold her still and I would apply the stuff. Well, Mom tried to gather her up instead and Abby still won't let us hold her so she freaked. She was upset, shunning Mom at first, then seemed to have self doubt, as if she was wondering if she had done something to account for Mom's aggressive behavior.

After a few days, when she had relaxed back into normal behavior and she had cuddled against Mom a few times, I bought out the meds. Mom was stroking her neck and just back petted the fur to part it as part of her caresses. I put the meds on her without any restraint applied. She knew what we were doing but was calm and accepting. The stuff is stinky and wet but she was totally relaxed. I was just amazed.

The second Abby thing was her interaction with the evil orange cat, Brindle, who she has been terrified of but is slowly overcoming that. Brindle has asthma and he was laying next to the computer, his neck a bit crimped causing him to breath heavily. She hoped down off the cat tree and walked up to him, reared up and sniffed his head. Brindle woke suddenly from his deep sleep, saw her, and gave a few half hearted bats in her direction. She slowly backed off with the attitude of, "hey bud, it was YOU that was breathing funny."

The next night, Brindle was in the other room and suddenly decided he needed to be near me. He raced into the living room and leaped up on the short cabinet beside the computer. She stomped up to him, reared up and growled at him, right in the face! He just turned his head away, like, "I have no idea what you are on about." She stared at him for a few beats, then stomped away. I *think* he might have been running so fast that he ran over her in his haste. That might explain the reactions. I was very astounded.

We gave Brindle his flea meds at three weeks but he is scabby anyway. He's not miserable but he has moved into Mom's room so he is feeling needy. It's been a week and he has those little pin point scabs up his spin.

I make note of this so I can keep track of poor Brindle's issues.

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