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No sign of Cutiepie since March. :(

There are three groups of raccoons frequenting the yard. There's a Mommie with four babies, a Mom with thin tail that has one older child, and a pair of adults. They are have to take their turns at the water hole.

Lots of skunks and about 4 possums.

One orange and white cat. In fact I heard a cat argument the other day and saw Buddy chase that cat out of the yard. I was impressed that Buddy stopped right at the fence, though he still cursed that cat as it ran away. Brindle strolled up behind him; obviously, he's handed the Alpha duties over to Buddy. Of course, he wasn't a very good Alpha anyway--he'd scream at an intruder (the equivalent of a man yelling, "You! You need to go away right now!!!")

We're letting Abby out a couple of times a week. She's good for about six hours then she starts to want to come in. We're still working on that part. I just keep calling for her and watching for her. When I see her, I leave the door open and walk away so she can slip inside. There was a night a few nights ago when Mom was letting Buddy in and she ran out. Buddy, who was tired and hungry, said, "Oh no you don't!" and chased her back into the house.

Brindle is a scabby tabby and wants to live outside. He's palling about with Buddy and is not interested in us at all. I'm feeling rejected.

In non varmit news, I went to the County Fair and had a great time. I tried the deep fried PB&J and it was really pretty good. I was chatting with some young men who were doing an Extreme Dining visit and they gave me the rundown on what deep fried was good and what wasn't. They also thought the PB&J was the best of the lot. Somores, avocado and cheeseburgers--yes. Twinkies, no.
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