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tenaya ([personal profile] tenaya) wrote2011-12-23 08:57 pm
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Back from the vets

I fetched Brindle from the vets last night. He apparently quit vomiting after a hour and responded well to the drugs. After being able to eat something in the afternoon, they wanted to keep him for his 8pm medications, then he was free to come home. Once home, he refused to come out of the cage so I placed it on the corner of Mom's bed. He seems happy in there. We bring him food four times a day. He eats it all, then he hustles back in the cage. He likes to be petted for awhile and then turns his head, saying that's enough. At least he's more accessible to us, and he's actually sleeping on the same bed as Mom. Maybe he'll feel more engaged with us.

So, I figure he's convalescing, paired with his usual routine to pick a place and live there for a week or so. Buddy has peered at him a few times. He thinks Brindle should leave the cage and can't understand why he's staying. He's concerned and thinks the whole thing is very odd.

Here's a photo of him: