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Personal: After the first of the year I decided to do the health care thing. Bottom line, I had a D&C on Monday. Results will be back towards the end of the month. I'll either get hormone therapy or a hysterectomy. To be a better surgical risk, I went on the Atkins diet and lost about 12 pounds, but I went off the diet after the D&C. I'll go back on on Sunday (I'd like potatoes on St. Pat's day.)

Vacation: We're going on a Hawaiian cruise soon. Yay!

Varmits: Brindle is a different cat nowadays. He's eating well, is happy. But he is...simpler. He's lost his control issues and seemingly his anger issues. He likes to cuddle now. He follows Buddy around (which at first, freaked out Buddy) and relates in a non-aggressive manner to Abby. He also acts like an elderly cat (he's 11.) I think the castor bean poison really affected him, but as I said, he seems happy enough for now.

The coyotes are digging under the fence and getting in to the backyard. A couple of weeks ago I took a photo of this mangy coyote. Of course, I immediately noticed that Buddy had some bald patches behind his thighs. He was overdue on this flea meds, and I gave him Frontline, which has some value for mange tx. The patches are now clear skin with fur coming back in. I don't know that it was mange; I'm hoping it was just fleas. Anyway, no one else has gotten issues.

Abby is good. :) When I try to pick her up, she gets velcro paws and then scampers away with a Ha Ha ha!!

I've been catching up on the shows that were warehoused on the second tivo: House, Glee. I decided I'm done with CSI. I'm glad that there's been a hiatus of a lot of the shows as I have finally been able to catch up on all this stuff (well, I still haven't watched the Ken Burns show on Prohibition--yet.)

I've been reading the Dresden Files. Just finished Changes. I will next buy Ghost Story. I found out how I can fiddle with the file and now I will be able to lend it to Mom's Nook. If I'm spending $10 for an E file, I should be able to lend it to someone who lives in the same house as I do! BTW, I do love my Kindle Fire. Very handy. No complaints.

Escapade was fun and informative, as usual. I used to take notes and do a con report, but those days are gone, I think.

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Hawaiian cruise -- yay! I loved Hawaii a few years ago when we went for a vacation.

Health care thing sounds ... concerning. Hoping all works out the best way possible.

Missing the Escapade reports. I missed the con so much this year!

{{{hugs}}} to you and yours! <3