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tenaya ([personal profile] tenaya) wrote2012-03-30 01:44 pm
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The Coyote Chronicles and health stuff

Boring stuff. Coyotes have been digging under the fence to get into the yard. I had put debris and soil back in the tunnel but they dug it out again. A week ago on the 23rd, I went up and wedged and wired some more empty pots in the tunnel--including a big, heavy plastic 10 gallon pot--and then filled the space between to the two fences with broken limbs, twigs, branches and leaves. So now, if he tries to dig around the pots, there will be lots of noise and it should be more difficult to dig again. We'll see. The boys helped me of course. It wasn't 5 minutes that we were back in down in the courtyard when we all heard something up at the fence. It could have been a branch settling...but it also could have been youknowwho. All the kitties froze and we all stared up the hill. After a bit, I walked up to where I could see a bit better but I didn't see anything.

Skip ahead to yesterday. The fix I did a week ago held, but another hole had been dug elsewhere, so I wedged an old broken metal lawn chair around the wrought iron. That should hold. I also found where a possum had chewed my new 100 foot hose in half! I would like to blame the coyote but them sharp little chew marks point to a smaller critter. :::sigh::: Kitties are out today enjoying themselves.

Health stuff I am now on a daily hormone called Megestrol. It's a Progestogen, to give my uterus a rest from all the estrogen. And you know what the kicker is? It's also used to stimulate appetites. Isn't that a hoot? My plan was to use this next 6 months to lose weight to make myself a better a surgical candidate if/when we need to do a hysterectomy. No wonder the doc looked like he was hiding something when he talked about the drug. Maybe I should buy stock in celery. (pun intended.)