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We've had a lot of skunks this year. We call one Little Caesar because even as a tiny little thing he had everyone--including his mom--on the run. I finally did see two young raccoons two nights ago. I heard tapping on the glass slider and saw little grey paws doing the 'open, open, open" thing. I've four bowls of water and they were all dry (and they were full 5 hours before.) I put out more water and two little guys came running. They aren't little fuzz balls but still act like kids. I guess momma just didn't want to bring them earlier.

When I came home from shopping, I found Mom sitting just inside the house and a little skunk in the house, but head and front feet just outside of the slider eating peanuts. She had her cane just behind the skunks behind but did not have the courage to give the little thing the bums rush--which I don't blame her because she and our living room were in the line of fire. She had left the glass door open, but the screen has a whole in it that the cats use to duck in and out. Apparently the skunk had come in and she had heard it's little paws around the treadmill and tv. After it finished it's peanut it retreated but she put her cane in front of it and shook it. The little thing paused turned and waddle outside. Yay!

I was just retrieving the cat toys from where Abby had batted them and found a tiny little hand print in the dust on the tivo. So cute!

I was in the dog house with Buddy last week. I have always greeted Brindle first because he's older and crazy and it's just not worth it to slight him. Well, Buddy, who is Alpha apparently felt it was time he was greeted first and he was tired of being slighted. He started giving me the cold shoulder and it was freezing! It turns out that since Brindle has had that poisoning episode, he's not the same cat. He's not as scheming and frustrated. He's happier now but is a bit like Forrest Gump. Anyway, I've had to suck up to Buddy and things are better. They were both sleeping on my bed. Buddy sleeps curled up tight to my chest and arm. Brindle was trying to intimidate Buddy into leaving and laid here and there but wasn't being overtly aggressive. I woke up to find Buddy looking like he had a migraine and Brindle was sitting behind him, his head curved down until his whiskers were just touching Buddy's head. "I'm not bothering you, am I?" Cats are so perverse!

And then I went to the CEO's meeting yesterday. Sounds like we'll have 20-50 people laid off but they are offering some small perks for those who are thinking of retiring soon to encourage them, first. I miss that bunch by 3 years. :::heavy sigh::: Anyway, I think the Respiratory dept might be targeted because our director got reamed for poor productivity a couple of weeks ago. But they will be going by seniority so I think my job is safe this time. Mr CEO was doing the big crocodile tears about how tough it is to let go of people. Uh huh. He's been here a year and all he has done is trim, lay off and harp at productivity. He reminds me of that bear in Toy Story 3. He even has the same accent.


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