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2020-09-01 11:37 pm
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Tenaya's Fanfic...

...is now at Archive Of Our Own:


There you can find both gen and slash...and one lonely het Blake's 7 story.

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The website at http://www.devinemadness.com/tenaya/ will be shutting down in the future.
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2013-03-06 01:44 am
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testing, testing...is this thing still on?

I kinda got away from fannish stuff for a while. I blame my kindle. I started reading a lot more books. I read all the Dresden books, and the Longmire books, along with a few other series. I finally hit an annoying book the same time Escapade happened. Hanging out with fans and going to panels of shows I like really jazzed me up again. I found some decent Person of Interest fic at AO3. I had been reading the occasional Merlin fic but I'm not happy with how the show ended, so I don't have much interest in reading more Merlin fic.

I like The Good Wife and got a giggle out of last Sunday's ep. There was a reconciliation scene between Peter and Eli. I was thinking, "if this were fanfic, they'd hug and kiss right about now." Well, we did get a very emotional, but still manly, hug. Made me happy. :)

Everyone at home is pretty good, mostly. Brindle is an insulin dependent diabetic. I need to do another post and log the details for history sake.

And in ten days I will go from full time to part time mainly because I'm getting burned out and grew weary of hearing myself bitch about the job. I will need to be more frugal, and I think the era of the Big Vacation Trips is over. Mom is getting more infirm and I need to be home more for her, too. Basically it's two nights a week instead of three. Two twelve hour night of running about, getting coughed on by sick people and being very stressed out by having too many people to care for. Who do you see first?? Who do you skip? This is the 36 year I've doing this job. There's a honors banquet in a few weeks but I'm not going. After they froze our pension, I don't feel very civil. Best to skip it.

I've been watching a lot of TV. Shows I look forward to seeing are: Big Bang Theory, Person of Interest, Grimm, Castle, Good Wife, Once Upon a Time, Mentalist, Arrow and now Supernatural again. Can't forget keeping up on The Daily Show, Colbert Report and the Rachel Maddow Show. And then there are shows I used to like more but still watch: Bones, NCIS, Criminal Minds.... And then there are shows I watch just to keep up on the conversation--that's mostly Elementary. Hawaii Five O switches catagories depending on what they are doing. :(
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2012-09-28 11:52 am
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Current photo of Abby Tabby Tiddletoes

Abby is coming up on 4 years old and she finally is growing a winter coat! It's that little powderpuff of long white fur on her belly. She still won't let us hold her, but she is affectionate in her own way.

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2012-09-28 11:04 am
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Catching up on TV

Why is it I've seen two great interviews of the country leaders, King Abdullah of Jordan and PM David Cameron of the UK...and they were both on "frivolous" shows: The Daily Show and Late Night with David Letterman.

News programs are either full of fluff or are propaganda machines that are full of commentary. They have to generate ratings so there is no way they'd give a minimum of 15 minutes to a world leader. Yet comedy/variety shows can. Isn't that interesting?

Other round up:
Castle, Yay!
H5O, okaaay....
NCIS, Ducky's back. Yay!
Criminal Minds, had to finish it the next day as I couldn't stay awake. That's sad.
Elementary, totally underwhelmed. I'll give it a few more eps.
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2012-08-08 12:19 am
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A display of our emergency vehicles

While driving along the main street of town today, I was approaching the crest of a hill. A police motorcycle crested heading in the opposite direction with its lights flashing so we all pulled over. And then another motorcycle appeared, and then a sheriff's patrol car, and another. And then there were more sheriffs cars, the mountain rescue truck, a couple of fire trucks, unmarked cars with their lights on, the local tow company, a truck that said something Disaster Center (or something like that.) I counted over 50 vehicles, all with the lights flashing. There was a bright yellow van that was labeled something about locksmiths and the people in there were waving like they were in a parade, so of course I waved back...but what the heck was that all about?! Was there a disaster preparedness convention and they just happened to break for dinner? Was it a display of where our tax dollars go? It was impressive in any case.
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2012-07-28 12:44 am
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skunk report

I was sitting on the front porch tonight at dusk and a skunk approached. I waved my hands to let it know I was there. It paused, looked up at me with one foot raised, and walked right up, under my chair to the porch edge (where Buddy had leapt off) and then came back towards the stairs, walking over my sandled feet. It was snuffing as it went over my toes, paused, backed up and sniffed very thoroughly at my toes. I was worried it might think they were dinner and I wiggled them, then moved them out of the way! Cheeky devil! These current baby skunks have no fear.
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2012-07-27 11:45 am
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Varmit report and work related.

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And then I went to the CEO's meeting yesterday. Sounds like we'll have 20-50 people laid off but they are offering some small perks for those who are thinking of retiring soon to encourage them, first. I miss that bunch by 3 years. :::heavy sigh::: Anyway, I think the Respiratory dept might be targeted because our director got reamed for poor productivity a couple of weeks ago. But they will be going by seniority so I think my job is safe this time. Mr CEO was doing the big crocodile tears about how tough it is to let go of people. Uh huh. He's been here a year and all he has done is trim, lay off and harp at productivity. He reminds me of that bear in Toy Story 3. He even has the same accent.
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2012-06-03 12:24 am
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June 6: Benedict Cumberbatch as the Creature/Jonny Lee Miller as Victor Frankenstein



Basically they switch roles so if you want to see the whole thing, you have to go twice.

ETA: And you see this at a local cinema! Cool, eh?
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2012-05-31 10:42 pm
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Back from MediaWestCon

It's such a bummer not being able to squee before going anyway now since it could attract misfortune to home and hearth. But now I'm back. Yay!

The con was good. It seems to have stablized at a reduced size. Most of the panels were good, but I've learned to avoid panels that have a certain personality as a moderator. The art show was a tad smaller but had some good pieces. I liked the Sherlock and there was a fab Rumplestiltskin. I bought three zines because I realized this might be the first MWC where I did not buy a zine and that was so sad because I used to dozens.

I did a Merlin door decoration. There's maybe 1 out of 6 doors with something on them, so that's kind of sad, too.

I swear the hotel was being passive aggressive about the con. I had a heck of a time using the masking tape on the door because they had spray waxed the door. The first two nights a notice was slipped under the door stating that if we moved the furniture, we would be charged $150/DAY for the wear and tear on it. Hummingbirds had a reduced menu but better prices and better service than last year. NO decorations were on the walls. They totally screwed up our hotel bill. My roomies checked out at 4am the day before and we were splitting the bill. I was charged close to $400 but thought, oh well, my roomies must have decided that was fair. Then I got an email saying they were charged close to $800 and the total bill should have been only $650ish. They charged us nearly double! My roomie called and said it is straightened out. We'll see.

I did co-mod a Merlin panel because even though there were about 6 suggested panels, non made it to the schedule. There were other shows that were totally shut out even though there were a lot of suggestions. There must have been six Strachey panels, lots of Sherlock and SPN ones, too. I very much enjoyed a Person of Interest panel and a Mentalist panel. The Once Upon a Time panel was okay. There was conflict so I missed a few I wanted to attend.

The flight there was fine, the flight back had delays and I had 13 minutes to make my connection in Atlanta and never would have made it except an airport guy with an electric cart saw me and asked if I needed help. Great, great guy! In contrast, we were in SeaTac a few years ago and I had arrange Mom to have transport to our connection. Not only did they not show up, empty electric carts drove by us and the drivers looked away and ignored us even though I was gesturing and calling to them. Such a difference.

I did not get a Chevy Cruz for a rental like I'd hoped (it was so much fun to drive last year and great milage!) This time it was Nissan Sentra. Yuck.

Buddy did nip my nose when I got back but then immediately licked it to apologize. He is such a sweetie!
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2012-05-11 03:51 pm
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You try to be nice to some people and ....

I had the screen door closed, but it has a rip in the corner and it allows the cats to come and go. It's been lovely outside in the morning so they've been having fun. I heard something odd so I thought I'd better close the glass slider as there has been baby skunks about lately and they will come in. As I approached the door, Buddy shot in with a lizard in his mouth. He dropped it, it hid in a dvd pile in front of the TV. Abby rushed in, caught the poor unfortunate and rushed into the depths of the house. When I found her, she was on my bed darting about.

Great. Just...great.

I can't find Mr. Lizard. I assume I will be hearing him for days as he lurks about in my room.

ETA: Found him, caught him and tossed him out! Yay!
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2012-04-25 01:24 am
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2012-03-30 01:44 pm
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tenaya: photo by Wally Pacholka @ Astropics.com (devil's tower)
2012-03-16 01:51 pm
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2012-02-03 09:52 pm
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Well, this sucks.

I've just read two interviews, one of Ian Anderson and one of Martin Barre. It sure sounds like Jethro Tull is over. Ian sounds rather full of himself and Martin sounds like he got tired of being under used. There are no plans for further Tull albums or touring.

But, instead, we'll get two tribute bands. Ian playing Thick As A Brick part 1 and the new solo album, TAAB2 on tour. Martin wants to recapture the energy of early Tull and is putting a band together to play "...pure Tull. I want to get back to the simplicity of the early songs that we haven’t done for a long time. There will be no keyboards. It will be straightforward and we will be playing tracks that have not been played for many, many years."

I read the interviews and thought, "married old couple that's been together for 42 years and now they want to go their own ways." I'm very sad about it because that last concert I saw was fantastic and they played so incredibly well together. But, they want to do different things. The up side will be two concerts to go to instead of one. But you know? Damn.

Here are the interviews:


And the two websites:


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2011-12-24 10:05 pm
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Merry Christmas to all

Happy Yule. Belated Happy Solstice, Happy Chanukah. And Happy Kwanzaa.

Happy, Happy!!!

Click to Mix and Solve
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2011-12-23 08:57 pm
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Back from the vets

I fetched Brindle from the vets last night. He apparently quit vomiting after a hour and responded well to the drugs. After being able to eat something in the afternoon, they wanted to keep him for his 8pm medications, then he was free to come home. Once home, he refused to come out of the cage so I placed it on the corner of Mom's bed. He seems happy in there. We bring him food four times a day. He eats it all, then he hustles back in the cage. He likes to be petted for awhile and then turns his head, saying that's enough. At least he's more accessible to us, and he's actually sleeping on the same bed as Mom. Maybe he'll feel more engaged with us.

So, I figure he's convalescing, paired with his usual routine to pick a place and live there for a week or so. Buddy has peered at him a few times. He thinks Brindle should leave the cage and can't understand why he's staying. He's concerned and thinks the whole thing is very odd.

Here's a photo of him:

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2011-12-22 12:44 pm
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Brindle's back at the vets

He had another bout of vomiting last night so I rushed him off to the vets. No frank blood this time, just some pink tinged, and his heaving wasn't as violent as last time. He stayed overnight and if he can eat something this afternoon, they will let him come home about 8pm. I picked through the vomitus (an act of love, obviously) and found a partial part of a seed shell. It looks a lot like a partial of a castor bean seed. WTF?! That's the ingredient of ricin. There was a plant growing wild behind the neighbor's property. The symptoms fit. I'll go up the hill in a bit and look around.

I think a certain 10 year old cat has just lost his outdoor privileges. He's lucky he didn't die. And that's the third time for him.

He has spent the last three weeks in the kitchen. Week one, he was camped in front of the oven and defended his position with threats to nip us. Week two, he was in front of the fridge so there was no going in the freezer without a confrontation. This last week he had wedged himself between the L in the counter and a cardboard box that is sitting on the floor. We're talking a space about 6" x 12". We'd check him and he'd just look up and purr. Yesterday, Mom decided to make him go outside, hoping that normal cat activity might 'reset' his frame of mind into a more normal behavior. Who knew he'd go out and start eating castor beans. He is such an emotionally damaged cat. He can be so sweet but then he'll just turn. And his mental state is spending more time in BrindleLand than in the normal cat attitudes. Can cats get dementia?
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2011-12-01 08:57 pm
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Yosemite. Again.

I went up to visit a friend whose husband is currently in Kabul for a year. We went to give support and companionship during Thanksgiving. Unfortunately, she has even more than an absent husband to deal with. I know we were one more ball to juggle, but we did have a good time and it was really good to see her again. And her cats were great fun.

While we were there, we bugged out for a three day stay at the awesomely beautiful Yosemite. I love this time of year up there. It had snowed in the high country the day before and the drive up there was, well the trees were heavy with thick snow. They looked like they belonged on a Christmas card.

The valley floor is a lower elevation so it was clear of snow. Everything was covered with frost in the morning yet was warm enough in the sunshine later on. We didn't see much wildlife, ravens mostly. The waterfalls had just a tickle of water. Some of the oaks still had yellow leaves but most of the other trees had lost their color already.

It was a short visit but that place always renews me, reminds me of the grandeur of the Earth, wakes me up for a while. *g*
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2011-12-01 06:56 pm
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Brindle's emergency trip to the vets

Back on November 9th, Brindle (details hidden for the squimish) Read more... )
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2011-12-01 06:25 pm
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Wind event

Sorry for the spam to come. I gotta catch up so I can refer back to this.

So, we're at the end of some rather brisk Santa Ana winds. Some places were hammered with 100 mph winds, but it was just at the border of worrisome here. We had no damage to our trees but the yard is thick with eucalyptus leaves, twigs and boughs. For a while last night, it sounded like hail on the roof as it just kept raining tree debris on us. I did here a tree fall somewhere. It sounded big. And the power went off twice.

Now, to back track, on Oct 13 and 27 we had The Arborist come back. He, and his crew of six or seven, removed three trees, trimmed three others and cut up and hauled away that half of eucalyptus that fell a couple of years ago up in the north forty. And ground out two stumps, removed some St. Augustine grass and tidied up the front yard. It was a big hunk of money but it kept them very busy for two full days and a huge amount of plant matter went to the dump.

And I am so glad we did that before this wind storm hit. I'm sure two of the trimmed trees would have had damaged, if not fallen over.