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What a delightful episode! I'm pleased to say the show went out on a high note that left us smiling with delight.

Spoilers to follow:
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I will very much miss this show. It's filled with wonderful actors, quirky characters, unexpected plot twists and spirited discourse about timely matters. It was fun and entertaining and there are only three shows that I stopped surfing the net and actually watch with my undivided attention. Pushing Daisies and Dexter are the other shows. Okay, make that four. Criminal Minds is the other one that requires full focus to appreciate all its flavors.

BTW, I'm watching Leverage right now. The lead character has a laptop like mine. *g*

Also, Craig Ferguson did a very emotional, touching tribute to his mum who died on December 1st. He show a clip of when she was on the show a few years ago and she seemed like a lovely person.

Anyway, goodbye, Boston Legal. We'll always be flamingos together. :)

tv recap

Oct. 18th, 2008 11:16 am
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Supernatural: I really enjoyed SPN this week. The homage to black and white horror films was brilliant and just so enjoyable. We had lots of squeals from the fun of it all. There were some things that weren't quite right but they get high point for trying something new. I am enjoying the Dean storyline but I do think that they are leaving Sam's story too long. We really need to know what's going on with him.

NCIS was a lot of fun, too. Read more... )

Primeval: I think I'm missing a few eps. Oh well. I find this show has about one or two genuinely fun moments and the rest of the time is filled with people being too stupid to survive. It is such a mishmash of genres. Is it a comedy? A monster flick? A evil conspiracy show? I get the action but all the quick edits actually bore me. I begin to think that men are wired different because I'm sure guys watch this and it really gets their hearts a pumping whereas I just go back to playing with the computer. And the dialogue! Anytime they try for profound it comes off as cheesy. I'm still watching though.... I think it's my new Smallville, a show I keep watching even though I know better. At least I did stop Smallville. Yay me. I'm just now watching the leech ep and can I say, Yeech!!

Pushing Daisies: OMG! The clown episode of Pushing Daisies was so funny!
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No Criminal Minds. Wah!

ETA: Boston Legal. Awesome. My heart broke for Alan in this one. He was so devastated. At least Denny is there to comfort him. Read more... )

In other news, I took Brindle to the vets to get him a steroid shot yesterday. He's been in the sink for two weeks, and had his flea meds a week ago. The itching and scabbing is worse now. I hate giving him steroids but he was so miserable. Hopefully, we'll be better soon. And Scooter continues to put on weight and going back to pestering us instead of being frail and somewhat dazed. The pest is back. *g*

TV recap

Apr. 11th, 2008 05:57 pm
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So, we're finally getting some post strike eps.

Boston Legal--it was fine; I always love it when Denny and Alan declare their love for each other. :)

NCIS--it was okay. Nice to see the team again but I'd figured the mystery out.Read more... )

Criminal Minds--boy the first post strike ep tied up the Rossi arc. I wonder how much angst we missed by having less episodes? I wonder how many supporting character centered eps we missed, too. Read more... )

CSI is the usual entertainment but I was surprised by the tag last night. Read more... )

Without a Trace. Can this show go any further downhill? I'm already to the point of FF though the Jack-ass parts in the fading hope that they will actually let the others act, especially Martin. Read more... ) Jeeze. I really wish Eric Close would leave that show.

Stephen Colbert is delightful as usual. That one book was fascinating. It dealt with the arm patches from black ops groups (where was the SGC, huh?) "I Could Tell You But Then You'd Have To Be Destroyed By Me" by Trevor Paglen.

Go to Amazon and look at the patches. There's one from the Stealth Bombers that looks to have a Thor type alien clutching a stealth bomber. The top line of text is "To Serve Man." The bottom line of text is "Gustatus Similis Pullus" which is Latin for "tastes like chicken." Oh, there's a Daniel Jackson joke in there screaming to get out. *g*

TV recap

Feb. 18th, 2008 02:25 am
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Boston Legal: Read more... )

Torchwood: "Meat." Can I just say ewwww? And the over-acting still makes me roll my eyes. I think Torchwood has the style and depth of a graphic novel.

SGA: "Midway." Loved Teal'c and Ronan together. Their rivalry was a bit overdone at first but it was for comedic effect and it was funny. There were plenty of potholes but I've pretty much given up on expecting a tight show here. Just entertain me for an hour if you can. And can they NOT give away a big reveal in the ad for next week's ep??!

I finally saw "An Inconvenient Truth." I tivoed and watched it the same night as I saw "Six Degrees." I'm sure I'll be dead of other causes before my heart will break at what will become of the Earth. I just wish the stupid, greedy, willfully ignorant people will suffer the consequences of their actions first.

Anderson Cooper 360 on Race, Gender and Politics. Very nice to hear someone exploring this aspect of the election. And after all the Hillary/woman bashing, I guess it's getting harder to ignore that it's happening so the more perceptive reporters are at least mentioning it. And the whole complex racial thing and courting groups as an entity was fascinating.

Politics in general. I see McCain and Clinton are finally calling Barak on the vague rhetoric. Personally I like to ask his supporters if they can describe his plans, or even him without using the words "change" or "hope" (I keep flashbacking on all the press in SG1 about Jonas Quinn and his "freshness.") Conversely, believe it or not, I find myself trying to educate those at work that Obama isn't a Muslin, and isn't a mole for Al-Qaeda. This is a fact they know as surely as they know Hillary is Bitch. Where does this shit come from?? Mind you, I do have issues with his church and their giving an award to Louis Farrakhan. Rev. Jeremiah A. Wright's views about whites and blacks I find very frustrating. Personally, I find my societal villains in the greed of the wealthy.

An interesting fact I heard tonight; Hillary wins in every group that make under $50,000 while Barak wins in every group over that amount.

Two things: one, go to Barak's and Hillary's websites. Find the issues page and compare their views on a topic or two that matters to you personally. Two: please watch the Democratic Debate this Thursday on CNN at 8 Eastern and 5 Pacific time.

Oh, I just saw on the news that Hillary wanted to debate Barak in Wisconsin but Barak's people say they've debated enough. Yeah, I can see that from their POV. I think he can only lose votes in a debate since she comes off as much more suitable for the job. I wonder why he agreed to Texas on Thursday?

And did any of you see that beautiful flyby of the shuttle/ISS on Saturday? And just 7 minutes before that, the defective spy satellite was visible, too. I actually had three people at work out there with me staring at the sky which was pretty good because it was cold and windy.

Oh, the three siblings were by tonight. There was a fourth a few nights ago and there was some growling and snorting and some half-assed displays of teeth before everyone settled down to eat. Strangely, I don't think it was their momma. They did know him, though. Huh.

Well, back to reading Lady Ra's "Wraith Killers." Ankh rec'ed it and it's a SGA/SG1 story. Slash, doncha know. :)
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I had a great time and learned lots of interesting things. Tempe is a happening place on Halloween. My hotel room was on the 4th floor overlooking a patio of a very busy bar. Luckily, I'm a night shift person. The thumpa-thump-thump-thumpa vibrations from the music did not keep me up at all. Thursday was spent trying to keep up with the rest of the class, then we went out to My Big Fat Greek Restaurant where we laughed and shouted "OPA!" every chance we could, while we were drinking Greekaritas. Friday my brain did indeed reach capacity by noon. *g* The trip home was without incident.

Now I've watched Boston Legal (Purr!), Moonlight (getting better) and SGA, which I quite liked. I HATE that Scifi if starting the show at odd times. Tivo seems to have missed the first minute or so. That is so annoying.

Gotta go to bed. Big day tomorrow.
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I've a question about the last episode, "Do Tell."

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TV recap

Oct. 21st, 2007 01:06 am
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Heroes needs to pick up the pace.

I'm beginning to think Journey Man is really an allegory and they are just using the time travel thing to explore the stress on a marriage if the husband places his commitment to his marriage second, and also what happens when an old flame returns. I would like more emphasis on the unique traveling issue and a lot less of Dan disappearing right when his family needs him most.

Boston Legal. Alan and Denny, holding hands, being supportive, hugging each other. :) I have to admit that I find Alan quite endearing when he's dealing with word salad.

Criminal Minds: I really liked Gideon and I miss him, but I think the team is fine without him. I wish they hadn't felt the need to bring in another 'big name.' Tell me it will be okay....

Pushing Daisies was still entertaining and sweet (and I don't usually like sweet.)

Supernatural: Eh, don't like Bella, but they didn't give this viewer any openings to like her. Sam was adorably miserable with his bad luck and Dean was pretty decent. I don't really see how Bella will naturally fit into other eps, but I guess we'll find out.

Smallville: Ah, we got two seconds of Clark tenderly picking up an injured Lex...only to see Clark spit more unfounded venom at him. Yeah, yeah, yeah. If Clark kills the bad guy, he's a hero. If Lex kills him, he's an evil murdering monster. Oh, and Clark's Krypton buddy gets cart blanche to do whatever to the bad guy. Argh!! Why am I still watching this show?!

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I'm watching Oprah and they have this guest on that is giving advice to menopausal women. To increase their sex drive, she suggests reading a sexy book to get in the mood. She has a friend that calls that "cliterature." Slash is concentrated cliterature. *g*
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I'm talking in generalities here or at least not revealing any good plot points.

Eureka: Yes the pretty was in it, but not nearly as much as I had thought he'd be. He had what, three short scenes? He was just there for exposition. It was cool that "Makepeace" was there, too. At least they had Michael looking damn hot. Now, this is a two part episode; will MS be in part two?

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NCIS: Read more... )

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Boston Legal (which is "90 mins" to our dling friends) : Read more... )

Boston Legal is the clear winner tonight. Good acting, interesting twists and it made me laugh out loud a half a dozen times.
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I have to say the two shows that consistently delight and surprise me are Boston Legal and Ugly Betty. With Boston Legal, it is all about Denny and Alan for me. The innuendo keeps me amused by trying to guess if are they an item only in subtext or if it's canon.

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Ugly Betty is also delightful. BL, UB and the SGs are the only shows that I actually turn away from the computer and give 100% of my attention to them. I like all the characters on Ugly Betty. Even the villains are given depth and pathos...and humor.

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I worked the beginning of the week and didn't start downloading til Thursday. After I got The Bad Guys, I spent a while trying to find the next SGA ep because I really wanted to see what happened next. I mean, hey, that was quite a cliffhan...oh. It was a cliffhanger because, say, it was ep #20 and that was the end of the season?? Duh!

Mom is warming up to SGA. She had Tivo'd a diabetic program but it turned out that it was a channel that we don't get, so it recorded something else entirely. She fondly said McKay was on tivo shouting and crying. It turns out it was Grace under Pressure.

I rather liked the Bad Guys. Read more... )

Lost is on and I'm fastforwarding through it. And I blew off Numb3rs tonight for a rerun of Ellery Queen. I loved Ellery Queen, the way it gloried in the past with long, loving shots of the old cars and all the other old sets and props. I even had to stop a few times to look up references like being as fast as Glen Cunningham (the Kansas Flyer, a track star from the 1930s.) I was reading a fannish thing somewhere about how much research does one do and I realized that the details in Ellery Queen were probably only possible because the people that remember that time period were still around to recreate them.
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Finally, yesterday I feel I'm mostly better now. I still have an occasional cough and still have trouble staying up all night but I'm feeling lots better. Yay!

It sprinkled a little tonight. Will it be enough to start things growing so the yard doesn't look freeze dried? I hope so. I did see a wet raccoon tonight. Mom has seen that one momma with one baby as recently as last week. The second baby could just be lurking cautiously in the background so don't get too bummed out.

Brindle has been odd lately. Last Thursday and Friday he spent in the bathroom sink. Since Saturday, he's been laying in Mom's sweat pants at the base of the toilet. You know little boy kitties and the temptation they have of crawling into them when said trousers are down at your ankles. This morning, he decided he really wanted my sweat pants, too. So he has both pairs in there and is happy as a clam. What a strange little cat he is.

Reg and Scooter are both doing well. Nothing has broken down of late, which is nice. I do have to get my car its smog check tomorrow so I can renew its registration. Doesn't that sound like fun? Yeah. I plan on taking J/D porn along to read. Hehehe.

I did prune 4 rose bushes and the pomegranate tree over the weekend and have the scratched up arms to prove it. Two of the roses were the worst ones--that yellow one is taller than me! I've got two more to do, but they are short and spindly and shouldn't take long at all. I've got other things to prune after that, but they don't fight back!

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The Shroud is at 37%. :::sigh:::
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I'm watching the beginning of Nip/Tuck now and what I'd REALLY like to see Read more... )

Boston Legal Read more... )

And after BL on my local news show, they talked *briefly* to some of the actors about backstage stuff. Spader is revealing the secret of his weekly on screen cigar sessions with William Shatner, "We smoke a lot of cigars together and sometimes it makes him feel a little sick to his stomach." And then he giggled. Shatner's snippet had him smiling as he said, "James is very sensitive and he likes to be held, and stroked gently." He nodded earnestly to confirm his statement. "So, I caress him...slowly on his cheek. Pinch it," he said with a devilish grin. The interviewer ended it by saying, "for the record he's just being funny."

Oh! Oh! I was just perusing a site that archives a LOT of photos. Nothing under Michael Shanks unfortunately (though there were 3 David Hewlett photos), but they did have about 100 James Spader photos. Some were adorable with Shatner. Go to this site and click Editorial then Entertainment. Go, have fun. They even have a photo of the two of them at a boxing match. Must of been a Man Date.


SGA: The Return part 2, Echoes Irresponsible Read more... )

Torchwood Read more... )

Under the Mistletoe.Read more... )

I must say it's taken a lot of time to keep up with all these shows, and I'm kinda glad most of them are taking a brake for a month or two. Whew!


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