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Another episode filled with scary sh!t. *g*

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I was browsing through the works of Patrick McGoohan and found that Disney had recently released Dr. Syn: The Scarecrow of Romney Marsh. In fact, it was a limited release last November and it's already out of print with the price on ebay close to double of its release price. Snooze you lose. Anyway, better to buy it now because it will only go up in price. Interestingly, it's a 2 disk set, the first set being the three episodes originally televised and the second disk it the movie they cobbled together and is the version they rarely repeated on tv. Just a heads up in case you're interested.

I also found an old British film about corruption in a trucking company called Hell Drivers. It stars Stanley Baker, Patrick McGoohan, William Hartnell, Gordon Jackson, David McCallum and Sean Connery. 1957. Wow. I'm looking forward to watching this tonight.

On the FiOS front, Verizon sent us a new set top box with no reason. We hadn't requested it, and when we phoned, they didn't know why it was sent. After mulling it over, I went ahead and switched it out. Would it kill them to include an explanation? And while I was futzing about with the electronics, I changed out my dvd recorder with one that works. Now I can burn some disks and clear out the tivos!

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Criminal Minds: Heh heh, thank you for making my life a Cher song. *g* Read more... )

No Top Gear, no NCIS, no The Mentalist, no SGA.... ::::sigh::::

On the other hand, I turn the news on and instead of busting a blood vessel while Dumbshit smirks and sits on this thumbs (do you know that Bush had 77 vacations over the past 8 years?!?) I see Obama doing whatever and even if I don't quite like what he's doing, I still get a little grin because he's smart and he's got a plan and the first thing he is doing is going through the metaphorical refrigerator and throwing out all the moldy stuff. What a relief!

Oh, I also have to mention a clip they showed on the Daily Show. It showed Hillary Clinton walking through the State Dept on her first day on the job. She was surrounded by hordes of happy, applauding people. Stewart labeled it as Hillary liberating the State Dept and that is exactly what it looked like. What the hell was Condoleezza Rice doing to those people? They were all but sobbing with relief.


Jan. 17th, 2009 02:53 am
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I've been off work since a week ago. I got my usual weird-ass ailment that I caught in 1983 on an airplane to London. The bottomline is that if I don't get enough sleep, I get a sore throat that likes to go into sinusitis or my lungs. I got sick my first day off and while I'm feeling better, my voice goes in and out and I'm still trying to avoid a lung infection by coughing a lot. I just called in for tomorrow night, too.

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Rather than spamming, I'll just add a few tv thoughts here, too. Supernatural and Criminal Minds. I was going to discuss The Mentalist but that got too long. Spam coming up.Read more... )

TV recap

Dec. 21st, 2008 05:25 am
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First, Pushing Daisies. From what I understand The Norwegians was the last scheduled episode. They have three more in the can but at the moment, they aren't on the schedule. ABC are bastards. Boston Legal and Pushing Daisies? I am bereft. I do watch Dirty, Sexy Money but feel it's jumped the shark. I still enjoy the acting and actors but once the characters start acting out of character, I get distant. Anyway, Pushing Daisies, how do I love thee? With each episode, I love you more. Read more... )

Criminal Minds. Read more... )

Lastly, we have The Lost Treasure of the Grand Canyon. You know, I do wish MS would do something that wasn't on SciFi or the Hallmark channel. :::sigh::: Oh well.
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There's a plotline on Criminal Minds that reminds me of a quote I can't quite remember from this 1977 film. I thought, "I need a copy of this film on DVD!" so I went to Amazon and found it's discontinued and used copies are going for between $99 and $250! Luckily, I see the film will be broadcast on Nov 25 on Sundance. I think it's fair to say someone will be burning a disc of this. Sheesh!

Anyway, in the film, Sigmund Freud helps Sherlock Holmes with his obsession about Prof. Moriarty. It turns out there is an event in Holmes' early years that explain why he has become such a diligent investigator. When asked why he's a detective, he says something like, to seek out the guilty and fight injustice. Does anyone remember what that quote was? I've already check the IMDB but nada.

So, in a few hours, we will find out what memories Dr. Reid has suppressed from his childhood. I must say I haven't been this excited/impatient to see a tv show in years. I am always excited to see a Michael Shanks ep of Stargate but the writing was poor so I never got so impatient to see what would be reveled in the show.

:::drums fingers on desk and checks clock again:::


White noise

Jul. 6th, 2008 01:44 pm
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Yes, my life is just like the tv of old when the programming was turned off for the night. Not complaining though. At least the neighbor didn't do fireworks on the forth (much) and nothing caught fire. Life is good. :)

And, I'm avoiding Dr. Who and SGA spoilers. Not gonna look, not gonna look...well, maybe, just a little. And what I saw was confusing enough to make me back out and go back to not gonna look.

At least SGA is on this week.

I've been watching a lot of my Criminal Minds dvds. In one commentary, a writer said in the first season, you tend to just recreate the pilot so viewers will get comfortable with the show. Season two was about finding out more about the characters and letting them have a little more friction. Season three was about that that job does to the characters. Mandy's departure sure set the tone for that. It's a very good show, btw.

Anyway, gotta go take a nap for work tonight.
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First, if you like Criminal Minds, I think this author writes the show really well. The fic is Reidcentric but she is favorable to all the characters. Gen.

Raccoon and Brindle content to follow: Read more... )

Any hints on how to upload to vid to Photobucket is appreciated.
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I'm at home trying to catch up on the tv shows of this week. Bones was funny. "Phalanges!" I don't know why that makes me giggle but it does.

Boston Legal. The two best moments were the cows running away and Denny knowing he couldn't give up Alan to move. That's such a wonderful show. :)

Criminal Minds. Huh. I like JJ's squeeze. Does this mean we'll see more of him? Best moment was the end when Morgan, Reid and Prentiss revealed somethings had not been a secret. Heh. And Reid was also clued in so he's not too oblivious.

Oh, I did manage to catch Craig Ferguson last Saturday in DC. I thought he did really well and boy, was that ever a tough crowd.

Um...still needing to watch SPN and Doctor Who. Looking forward to those.

Handmark had a two for one sale and I bought a few more games for my Lifedrive. And finally got them loaded on. I'm such a technophobe. I still haven't broke down and bought an iPod.

Scooter has taken to waking me up at noon, and when you sleep from 9am to 4pm that is the middle of the night! Pet me, feed me. :::sigh::::

But then Thursday, he didn't wake me. I thought, "Cool. He's passed that." But then when I got up, it turned out that Mom and shut the door, leaving the poor blind and deaf cat outside for about six hours. She knew she hadn't seen him and was unconcerned about his absence. I found him asleep in the courtyard and he was quite disorientated when I picked him up. Didn't seem to know me. It took a few hours before he started acting more normal.

The clock is ticking, poor thing.

Oh, when I got up on Wednesday, there was Brindle laying on Mom's trousers at the base of the toilet. Heh heh. He took possession of them and wouldn't give them back so she had to abandon them. He's a funny cat. He's still got them in there. If we took them away, he's just take possession of something else.

And my ebay swimsuit came. It's okay. I'm so cheap that I'm fine if it's not my color and the, eh, superstructure upstairs could be more supportive. I'm only gonna wear it for a few days at the MediaWest hot tub/pool. Half price makes me smile. :)

Then I need to get a Mother's Day gift. What are all you getting for moms?

TV recap

Apr. 11th, 2008 05:57 pm
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So, we're finally getting some post strike eps.

Boston Legal--it was fine; I always love it when Denny and Alan declare their love for each other. :)

NCIS--it was okay. Nice to see the team again but I'd figured the mystery out.Read more... )

Criminal Minds--boy the first post strike ep tied up the Rossi arc. I wonder how much angst we missed by having less episodes? I wonder how many supporting character centered eps we missed, too. Read more... )

CSI is the usual entertainment but I was surprised by the tag last night. Read more... )

Without a Trace. Can this show go any further downhill? I'm already to the point of FF though the Jack-ass parts in the fading hope that they will actually let the others act, especially Martin. Read more... ) Jeeze. I really wish Eric Close would leave that show.

Stephen Colbert is delightful as usual. That one book was fascinating. It dealt with the arm patches from black ops groups (where was the SGC, huh?) "I Could Tell You But Then You'd Have To Be Destroyed By Me" by Trevor Paglen.

Go to Amazon and look at the patches. There's one from the Stealth Bombers that looks to have a Thor type alien clutching a stealth bomber. The top line of text is "To Serve Man." The bottom line of text is "Gustatus Similis Pullus" which is Latin for "tastes like chicken." Oh, there's a Daniel Jackson joke in there screaming to get out. *g*
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I've got a few days off; will put up Xmas lights and do Xmas cards. I hope. I also need to tackle the kitchen floor. :(

It rained today! Wow. A whole inch or two. I walked down the hill to get the mail and slipped on some wet leaves, it was like hitting ice on a down hill slope. I thought I was in a cartoon as I over corrected, twisted one way, pirouetted, teetered, grabbed at a bush and finally landed on my right side, mostly on my right side. It smarted, and was cold and wet, not to mention quite leafy. That was about six hours ago and now my right upper arm is sore, shoulder too, and a little bit about the elbow. We shall see what the morning brings. Maybe I won't be doing the Xmas lights after all.

Uh, as for LJ, I decided I'm not that corrupting (more's the pity) and will leave my lj as not adult content and hopefully remember to change that rating for a post should I ever get around to posting something wicked.

I'm being a good lil' voter and am currently watching the Republican YouTube debate on Tivo. :::sigh::: Oops, I guess it ran over time and it cut off Rudy. Too bad. *g* I have to roll my eyes at all the shots they took at Hilary. When they do that, they remind me of little dogs barking a big dog on the other side of a strong fence. Yeah, yeah, yeah...you're bad. :::snort:::

SGA was quite good tonight. I hope they bring Jeannie back again next year, too. Read more... )

Criminal Minds was very interesting what with the whole graphic novel look and the confusion in the reality thing. Read more... )

I now watched two eps of Blood Ties. I just don't get the attraction for it! Enlighten me.
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First off, this show isn't new but I hope you are all watching The Colbert Report. It is a very funny, yet informative, excellent guests and devastatingly pointed commentary on the news and politics. Colbert on the surface is right wing, but really, his politics is very "blue state." Highly recommended.

Criminal Minds: Oh no! They're not going do that, are they? I am quite anxious about where they are going. This is always an excellent show and I have a very bad feeling about this.

Dirty Sexy Money: You know, I really liked this. Well, the plots of the younger Darlings was just a waste of time but the other stuff was either intriguing or fun. I very much like that the lead is determined to find out how his dad died. Donald Sutherland is great; I also like Peter Krause and Jill Clayburgh. This one is a keeper.

ETA: They just had a bit on the news about Dirty Sexy Money. They said Candis Cayne is the first transgender actress to play the first transgender character on prime time tv (here in the US, of course.)


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