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I believe the ep is titled Icarus. Set your recorders.
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From MSOL:

The Good Guys premiere date
A quick heads up/reminder that Michael's episode of The Good Guys - episode 18, "Supercops" - will be premiering this Friday, 19 November on FOX at 9:00pm/8:00pm Central.

And Tower Prep on the Cartoon Channel next Tuesday. Play this for the teaser:

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...will be on Smallville tonight.
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BBCA is going to have Survivors soon. Is that any good?
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Remember, it's a two hour episode and Mr. S will be strutting his stuff while dressed in leather and a pair of frigging big wings. Get the beer chillin' and the popcorn out!
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I finally got around to watching last week's Supernatural and snorted when I saw that Dean is wearing the Suunto Vector, the wristwatch that SG1 wears. Ooooh, crossover!

Also, at the Stargate con, eh, two weekends ago?!, Joe Flanigan was wearing this Suunto Vector from SGA, and Ben Browder was wearing his SG1 Suunto (which is black while the SGA ones had teal parts on it.) I was glamored by Mr. Shanks and forgot to look at his wrist. If I ever get that vid footage up, I shall look.

Speaking of which, I had a schedule change at work and worked 6 out of 8, which is exhausting. The hospital has a lot of isolation patients (hmm...I wonder why?) and the lone baby on a ventilator is a handful (you have to be glued to her bedside all night trying to keep her on the straight and narrow.) Anyway, that's exhausting in another way. I just haven't had time to look at Movie Maker. :(

And right now I should be a whirling dervish cleaning the house in prep of leaving on a trip to Yosemite. The kitty nanny is coming by in less than two hours to meet the new kids and Buddy demanded to go out. :::sigh::: She won't be happy but as he is about to be locked in for days, it seemed like he should be allowed to go out and enjoy. At least Abby is cool about staying in. Oh, Emma = Abby. Mom likes Abby the Tabby. It's more of a tomboy name and she is that, not to mention a flake. Emma seems too serene for her.

So, yes, I have major guilt about not doing the con report. You've probably already seen con photos at MSOL:

And it sounds like she'll to a transcript, too. Marge wrote up her notes:


The footage will go up. I am sorry. It's not that I don't care, it's just that I have no time.

BTW, The Mentalist and Criminal Minds were riveting. Next week on CM...holy crap!
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Why I can dl at a 50 minute program and it is roughly 350mb in size and is an .avi, and that a 16 minute clip from my camera, also an .avi, is 1.68 gigs?

Megaupload doesn't want to cooperate, either. I did upload the first longish clip and got two links. The download link won't work unless you have a premium account because: "The file that you're trying to download is larger than 1 GB. Only premium users are entitled to download files larger than 1 GB from Megaupload."

The second link is this, and that sounds like a youtube type viewing experience? But it says that "This video is unavailable." Huh. Maybe it will play for someone else?

Instant video link:

So, it looks like it's back to youtube and figuring out how to cut the talk into less than 10 minutes bits. Or, someone can tell me what I need to convert the video to to make the size less than 1 gig.


Off to work to be abused by that new computer program at work.


Nov. 10th, 2009 12:14 pm
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I was a bad girl and went to bed last night. Tired. I'm getting Megaupload to hold the files, but it's taking longer than I wish it would. And I work tonight and have to go take a nap. I'll try to post something in a few hours, but it may have to wait until morning when I get home. Just to keep track of all the stuff, I'm copying what I will use at youtube.

I really do hate technology at times....

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So, patience, Grasshopper. I have to work for three nights. This will either trickle in or I'll get it sorted out on Friday night.



Nov. 9th, 2009 09:32 pm
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I was trying to upload to Youtube the crappy quality video I shot at the con of Michael Shanks' panel. Turns out they now have a 10 minute limit. Great. I'm gonna have to figure out how to cut the footage into smaller segments. This might take a while....

The con was a lot of fun, btw. I took notes. I'm currently enjoying an evening of TV with Mom. We've watched Desperate Housewives, Dexter, Ugly Betty, House and now Castle. Merlin is next. THEN, I will try to figure out how to mess with Windows Movie Maker.

The video is out of focus. I was at the back of the room, trying to hide what I was doing because they don't allow vid to be shot. Anyway, the sound is okay. And Michael was very entertaining.

Also, sad news about the lizard. Read more... )
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First off, thank you for all the birthday wishes. I wished for a change so we went up to Lake Arrowhead for three nights to veg among the pines. Naps were taken and I feel relaxed. :)

I haven't caught up with Torchwood yet (only seen eps 1 and 2 so far.) I have to ask about something important, though. Here in the States, Capt. Jack's butt was blurred--is that just an American censorship thing, or was it blurred for the Brits, too? Also, there was another part where he was sort of computer rendered and his dangly bits were out of focus there, too. What all did we miss?

Doctor Who and Being Human show this weekend, for those that need a reminder.

ETA: I forgot! I meant to post the url of this photo:

It's of Michael Shanks fooling about the guys in the Burn Notice panel at Comic Con--including Bruce Campbell. MS moderated their panel. But take a good look at that photo, noticing the shirts everyone is wearing. I swear MS's looks painted on! He is dressed to impress the ladies, I believe! Very hot!

Okay, now I can go to bed!

TV recap

Dec. 21st, 2008 05:25 am
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First, Pushing Daisies. From what I understand The Norwegians was the last scheduled episode. They have three more in the can but at the moment, they aren't on the schedule. ABC are bastards. Boston Legal and Pushing Daisies? I am bereft. I do watch Dirty, Sexy Money but feel it's jumped the shark. I still enjoy the acting and actors but once the characters start acting out of character, I get distant. Anyway, Pushing Daisies, how do I love thee? With each episode, I love you more. Read more... )

Criminal Minds. Read more... )

Lastly, we have The Lost Treasure of the Grand Canyon. You know, I do wish MS would do something that wasn't on SciFi or the Hallmark channel. :::sigh::: Oh well.
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I must thank [livejournal.com profile] littleheaven70 for helping me to get these suckers up on you tube finally. A word of warning: I was not expecting to put these up for the public and the camera work is quite shaky at times. I'm putting them up because these have some close ups where you can see the expressions of the guests and I haven't seen that on you tube yet. And I'm missing a minute here and there as I needed to change memory cards, so, yeah, that's a little frustrating.

Enjoy them for what they are. There are eight files altogether.

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Well, that was fun. :)

I have to say I've watched a handful of Burn Notice and I feel like I should like it. I do like Sharon Gless and adore Bruce Campbell, but I have to work to keep my attention on the show when it's on. I dunno.

It was fun seeing Michael Shanks chewing up the scenery. Quietly menacing, joyfully menacing and a bit unstable. Great fun.

Now for the important stuff. Why did it seem like he already had a tan when he was on the beach? The interview he gave talked about how good it was to be on the beach on his first day out there. Did the makeup lady/guy get to smear some sort of instant tan all over his body? Let's take a moment and picture that, shall we? :)

Where did my favorite lower lip of all time go?! That luscious, gorgeous lip. Please don't tell me that it's only visible with the right lighting? In the chess scene, it wasn't visible at all! The infamy! I think his five o'clock shadow ate it. :(

And then there is that strange band of over developed muscle that runs midline down the center of his abdomen. We get a really good look at it here; this is what gives him the appearance of having a pouch when he is wearing clothes (and isn't that a nice sentence to be able to write? *g*) And we can FINALLY see why Shanks said in a Q&A at a con, that his legs are the part of his body he's dissatisfied with. A beta once said there is no such thing as slender legs when it comes to a man; I think I beg to differ and would point to those legs to prove my point. And them's are nicely furred, too. That chest has been totally waxed. I *think* the deal with the pecs is that his nipple is off to the side; if gives a slight differentness to how his chest looks.

After seeing that haircut now for a while, I have to say that does nothing for him. Oh well.

And lastly, there was plot but who cares? *g*
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I hope you have all seen these screencaps by now:


That one photo of him laying on the bed with arms stretched out above his head just cracks me up. Doesn't it just make you want to do the 'motorboat' on that tummy? The man's a criminal to take that pose and then grin that way...knowing the urges he's giving the viewer. I really wish the lighting had been a bit better though, with not so much red.

Well, that was a fun appetizer. I look forward to what happens in the next two eps.

But having said that, I will be happy not to have to watch this any further. I can't believe this is considered the best show on TV. The acting and the writing is so melodramatic it's *painful* (I've always had an aversion to melodrama ever since I was subjected to too many Marlon Brando films as a young child.) Maybe it's because I just started watching this and I don't have the emotional baggage to understand the gravity to the situation...but I doubt it! *g*
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Yes, this means I've finally put my con photos up. Sixty of them and those are only the most interesting. You can find them here:

I also put my photos of Jack's Cabin, the area around it and Lynn Canyon online at: http://s3.photobucket.com/albums/y98/kelpster/Vancouver2007/
Lots of green mossy stuff there. *g*

By the way, Judicial Indiscretions, the new Michael Shanks LifeTime movie will be on this Monday evening; check your tv guides! Mild spoiler to follow; Read more... )
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I'm watching the beginning of Nip/Tuck now and what I'd REALLY like to see Read more... )

Boston Legal Read more... )

And after BL on my local news show, they talked *briefly* to some of the actors about backstage stuff. Spader is revealing the secret of his weekly on screen cigar sessions with William Shatner, "We smoke a lot of cigars together and sometimes it makes him feel a little sick to his stomach." And then he giggled. Shatner's snippet had him smiling as he said, "James is very sensitive and he likes to be held, and stroked gently." He nodded earnestly to confirm his statement. "So, I caress him...slowly on his cheek. Pinch it," he said with a devilish grin. The interviewer ended it by saying, "for the record he's just being funny."

Oh! Oh! I was just perusing a site that archives a LOT of photos. Nothing under Michael Shanks unfortunately (though there were 3 David Hewlett photos), but they did have about 100 James Spader photos. Some were adorable with Shatner. Go to this site and click Editorial then Entertainment. Go, have fun. They even have a photo of the two of them at a boxing match. Must of been a Man Date.


SGA: The Return part 2, Echoes Irresponsible Read more... )

Torchwood Read more... )

Under the Mistletoe.Read more... )

I must say it's taken a lot of time to keep up with all these shows, and I'm kinda glad most of them are taking a brake for a month or two. Whew!


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