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Mar. 15th, 2010 02:15 am
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We are home. We saw the aurora three times--and could have seen it three other times but didn't because it was snowing where we were and thought it would be snowing up on the mountain, too, or because it was on later in the evening and we were asleep. Tricky thing. I'll have to put some photos up later of our adventures.

Buddy and Abby are glad to see us, which is very nice to see. Brindle was collected from the vets. He has lost some weight and is anxious. Buddy took over Brindle's cat tree and feels ownership of the house, while Brindle--who is SO happy to have his life back--is in the position of being the 'new' cat. So, much kitty politics for the next few days as they sort themselves out. When we took our nap, Mom got the siblings, while Brindle cuddled next to me. Right now they are all out here with us in the family room, just needing to be with us. And who says cats are solitary creatures? So very wrong.

It was 75 when we got home and it feels so hot. It was so strange to live in place that was totally frozen. We did adapt and am very grateful for the advice my flist gave me on what I needed to buy to survive in a place like Fairbanks. The thermal underwear was essential and made things quite comfortable. Better gloves would have been nice....

I feel like I'm fighting something off so I'll go back to bed. I'm supposed to go to work tomorrow.... Hmmm....

And we found that Tivo recorded nothing while we were away. What happened was the FiOS box turned itself off (power failure? A reset? Don't know.) So, Tivo faithfully recorded a message that we needed to hit the Menu button on the FiOS remote. Castle, the Mentalist and all the others. I'd be more annoyed if I wasn't so tired...and so glad to be home.
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At least the hot weather broke and it's a bit more fall like now. It's such a relief. I went out this afternoon and did a little a pruning and such. Brindle helped of course. He's back in his sink right now. Scooter is actually gaining weight. He was terribly thin and not eating so we tried him on baby food again. I think he ate four bottles in six hours and at a buck a jar...:::sigh::: At least he eats every morsel; we were throwing out a bunch of uneaten cat food. Actually in the week we've been back, a lot of the sharp bony parts have disappeared.

We got our water bill and it's way higher than it usually is, which is odd because we weren't home for a third of the month. Normally we use between 4 and 8 CCF and last month it was 35 CCF. 1 ccf = 100 cubic feet = 748 gallons) So we used 26180 gallons which is over 36 gallons per hour. I checked all the outside faucets, and searched the yard for signs of a water leak. Nothing. When I was sleeping on Friday there was a pounding on the front door. Let me think...shall I jump up and answer the door in my nightie? No. Later, I found a work slip from the Water Co. that a man had been by to check out the meter and had found it accurate. Obviously, our bill had sent up a red flag. So, where the hell did all that water go? I went down to read the meter myself. WHOA! Inside was the biggest, lethalist black widow spider I've every seen. She was upside down displaying her scarlet hour glass. She looked exactly like this but even more deadlier:

And she had two enormous egg sacks hanging in her web.

Today, I went down and sprayed the meter housing with a bug killer. I think she liked it. She certainly didn't die immediately or even act sick. I'll go back in a couple of days and see if she's still alive. And read the meter again. And if we're still using huge amounts of water, I'm not sure what we'll do. I'm kinda hoping someone rip us off somehow while we were away and there isn't a leaky pipe buried under the concrete driveway. :(

I'm still trying to catch up on the backlog on the Tivos. I was very glad the way NCIS and Bones went (the writers set some wrong things right.) Boston I love Alan and Denny. :) Supernatural has been very impressive; I love the scary angel and the last ep was excellent. Dexter, Dirty Sexy Money, Ugly Betty and CSI have all been excellent. And Criminal Minds has been wonderful. I'm very intrigued to discover what the theme this year will be.

Shows I'm still behind in: House, Pushing Daisies, Heroes, Without a Trace, The Mentalist, The 11th Hour and Primeval. Shows I've jettisoned because there's too much to watch are Lost, Fringe and Smallville. Trace and Primeval are teettering.
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They were on the title page. One advertised, Watch Continuum, then when you clicked on it, it said rent it or other top rentals.

The other was for Fringe. When you clicked on it, there were behind the scenes, an extended clip, and a music video. The vid was just like a fan vid, but not as good; too many head shots with out action.

I thought that interesting.


Apr. 27th, 2008 01:36 am
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Did some errands in the afternoon as it was too damn hot today (it was 96 when I was out at 5pm.) I'm going to MediaWest in a month and as I want to use the pool, I decided to finally buy a swimsuit (had been using a tank top and shorts but the chlorine always ruins them.) Boy, those suckers are expensive! I went to a store to try some on to figure out my size, then hit ebay. :::sigh::: We'll see how the bidding goes.

My other errands proved to be annoying and fruitless for the most part. Twice I ran into major streets that were closed off. Once I don't know why, but the other was because one of those big pickup trucks that are raised way high up took out a traffic light and rolled a couple a hundred feet before ending up over a fence and in someone's yard. Speeding maybe?

I also broke down and bought a locking gas cap. Prices will only go higher and as people feel more unable to afford gas, I think it's inevitable that siphoning will start to be an issue. It was $17 in case you're thinking about getting one, too.

Varmit wise, I saw the three raccoon siblings last week. Once I think their mom was there, too, on the porch and everyone was trying to eat as fast as they could. She was doing those scary growls and snorts and while two of the siblings were still eating, they were bowing their heads and showing their throats in submission. The smallest guy was too stressed to eat and hovered a few feet away.

Watched SPN Ghostfacers. So they have only a few eps left to film after the strike and this is what they spend their money on? Meh. Read more... )

I'm FFF!!

Feb. 25th, 2008 01:46 am
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Or Finally Finished with the Flist!

To recap my week, three icky days at work. Work, work, work. Only 15 minutes here and there to read fic on my PDA. Yes, I try to read smut at work. *G*

Friday was chores and tivo catch up. I have been enjoying the last few SPN (though someone needs to be fragged in the worst way.) SGA was entertaining again with a nice Rodney/Ronon moment. And I look forward to expansion on the surprise.

Friday night I spent search the net for info on FiOS/Tivo slash so to speak. Um...I totally missed the tivo deadline for transferring lifetime membership to a new tivo because FiOS said they didn't have service to the house. The more ads I saw, the more it bugged me because they dug up my front yard to put fiber optics in. Finally, I talked to real person and after a week she got back to us to tell us that our address had been miss-entered in their system and we can get FiOS. The consultant called when I was asleep and Mom signed us up--and she had no idea what she'd signed up for. I called up on Friday and found more info and it seems like a good deal. She said their DVRs were as good as Tivo so I ordered one of them and then spent most of that day and night researching what I'd ordered.

Saturday I awoke and knew the Verizon DVR wasn't gonna cut it. My query to the tivo community helped me to understand what I'd need to set things up the way I want them. And then I spent the rest of the day with my ol' SG friends and they showed me how to cut a song for a song vid. Yay!

Sunday I spent watching the Oscars, letting the Brindle the crabby tabby use my foot for a pillow and catching up on the flist. Yay! Oh, my friends gave me Xmas gifts from Hawaii. One thing was a little satchel of Maui Zowie catnip. Brindle has been licking that all night long, the little junky. He gets high and thinks it's kinda fun to make the monkey people squeal by using them scratching posts. :(

Tomorrow, I'll call Verizon and get that FiOS thing straight, I hope. It will bundle the Net at 15/2 Mbps, our phone (with unlimited calling) and the TV with HD (and all the channels I could ever want, even HBO and Showtime) for $149. That'll cut over $50/month off our bills. Supposedly everything will be fast and pretty and all that. But having to research all this has made me feel like I worked half the weekend. Now, I'm kinda grumpy. All snapdragony and PG-13. Shit, damn, hell! Where did my weekend go?! *g*

So, I think I'll risk my lower limb and sneak past the cat to go to bed and read Madhouse. At least I'll be warm there.

Oh! I just finished Torchwood's Adam. I really liked that one. Cool.
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First, let me mention a interesting website where people can make public their rotten neighbors. I was cruising the posh areas to see what sort of bad habits people complain about.

A techie rambling about electronic toys: Read more... )


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