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I think I'm a mutant--I didn't cry and I wasn't that moved. I felt like the characters were moved around like pieces on a chessboard rather than by real emotional motivations, and what emotions were there were too melodramatic. Actually, I've always thought Torchwood too melodramatic for my tastes--I prefer subtly instead of hysterics--I come from stoic stock. There were too many plot holes, and I never lost myself in the action. And to be truthful, the only character I really liked was Tosh, so killing off the characters I've never taken a shine to isn't devastating to me. Neither was the threat to kill all those kids. Pile them on top of each other like that and I'm left with the impression it's a cheap writer's trick to upset the viewer. And that worked on many, many viewers but not on me.

Frankly, I think RTD has delusions about how wonderful S3 is, what great insightful art it is (he reminds me of R.C.Cooper.)

I did like Lois. And Rhys.

Oh well. This is why Baskin and Robbins has 31 flavors; no one thing is for everybody.
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I was passing along a Torchwood spoiler about Owen a month ago to some friends who don't hang out on LJ. I was rather gleeful about it and they were not amused as they like Owen. They find him sexy and love that air of angst about him. I was all, "huh? Have you seen the first season?" They mentioned the many bad guys we love and asked why I had a double standard for Owen. Which got me to thinking about Avon, Methos, Kronos, Spike and Owen.

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What are your feelings? Defending Owen or bringing up another character is encouraged because I am very interested in exploring this subject.

I'm FFF!!

Feb. 25th, 2008 01:46 am
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Or Finally Finished with the Flist!

To recap my week, three icky days at work. Work, work, work. Only 15 minutes here and there to read fic on my PDA. Yes, I try to read smut at work. *G*

Friday was chores and tivo catch up. I have been enjoying the last few SPN (though someone needs to be fragged in the worst way.) SGA was entertaining again with a nice Rodney/Ronon moment. And I look forward to expansion on the surprise.

Friday night I spent search the net for info on FiOS/Tivo slash so to speak. Um...I totally missed the tivo deadline for transferring lifetime membership to a new tivo because FiOS said they didn't have service to the house. The more ads I saw, the more it bugged me because they dug up my front yard to put fiber optics in. Finally, I talked to real person and after a week she got back to us to tell us that our address had been miss-entered in their system and we can get FiOS. The consultant called when I was asleep and Mom signed us up--and she had no idea what she'd signed up for. I called up on Friday and found more info and it seems like a good deal. She said their DVRs were as good as Tivo so I ordered one of them and then spent most of that day and night researching what I'd ordered.

Saturday I awoke and knew the Verizon DVR wasn't gonna cut it. My query to the tivo community helped me to understand what I'd need to set things up the way I want them. And then I spent the rest of the day with my ol' SG friends and they showed me how to cut a song for a song vid. Yay!

Sunday I spent watching the Oscars, letting the Brindle the crabby tabby use my foot for a pillow and catching up on the flist. Yay! Oh, my friends gave me Xmas gifts from Hawaii. One thing was a little satchel of Maui Zowie catnip. Brindle has been licking that all night long, the little junky. He gets high and thinks it's kinda fun to make the monkey people squeal by using them scratching posts. :(

Tomorrow, I'll call Verizon and get that FiOS thing straight, I hope. It will bundle the Net at 15/2 Mbps, our phone (with unlimited calling) and the TV with HD (and all the channels I could ever want, even HBO and Showtime) for $149. That'll cut over $50/month off our bills. Supposedly everything will be fast and pretty and all that. But having to research all this has made me feel like I worked half the weekend. Now, I'm kinda grumpy. All snapdragony and PG-13. Shit, damn, hell! Where did my weekend go?! *g*

So, I think I'll risk my lower limb and sneak past the cat to go to bed and read Madhouse. At least I'll be warm there.

Oh! I just finished Torchwood's Adam. I really liked that one. Cool.
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For us US fans.

Just a reminder.
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I love Jack. A little mystery, a little cheek and lot of take charge! What's not to like? Read more... )

I like Gwen. Owen? I suppose he's supposed to be funny but he and his antics raise my hackles. Read more... )

I love hearing all the Welsh accents, too. Interesting episodes so far. I would have expected Torchwood to have a bigger staff though. Read more... )

Anyway, it's a promising start and I look forward to more.


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