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2012-07-28 12:44 am
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skunk report

I was sitting on the front porch tonight at dusk and a skunk approached. I waved my hands to let it know I was there. It paused, looked up at me with one foot raised, and walked right up, under my chair to the porch edge (where Buddy had leapt off) and then came back towards the stairs, walking over my sandled feet. It was snuffing as it went over my toes, paused, backed up and sniffed very thoroughly at my toes. I was worried it might think they were dinner and I wiggled them, then moved them out of the way! Cheeky devil! These current baby skunks have no fear.
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2012-07-27 11:45 am
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Varmit report and work related.

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And then I went to the CEO's meeting yesterday. Sounds like we'll have 20-50 people laid off but they are offering some small perks for those who are thinking of retiring soon to encourage them, first. I miss that bunch by 3 years. :::heavy sigh::: Anyway, I think the Respiratory dept might be targeted because our director got reamed for poor productivity a couple of weeks ago. But they will be going by seniority so I think my job is safe this time. Mr CEO was doing the big crocodile tears about how tough it is to let go of people. Uh huh. He's been here a year and all he has done is trim, lay off and harp at productivity. He reminds me of that bear in Toy Story 3. He even has the same accent.
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2012-03-30 01:44 pm
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2012-03-16 01:51 pm
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2010-09-12 03:43 am
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Quick Varmit update

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In non varmit news, I went to the County Fair and had a great time. I tried the deep fried PB&J and it was really pretty good. I was chatting with some young men who were doing an Extreme Dining visit and they gave me the rundown on what deep fried was good and what wasn't. They also thought the PB&J was the best of the lot. Somores, avocado and cheeseburgers--yes. Twinkies, no.
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2010-06-23 01:19 am
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Pic Spam time!

Here are three photos of the Award Winning Top Gear Door from the MediaWestCon competition, Buddy and the Monkey Flowers and two Momma raccoon photos...with nipples!

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2010-05-22 02:47 pm
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For my fellow 'mericans.

I need you to call/write/email your U.S. Representative to stop 'crush'videos. Recently, the U.S. Supreme Court has invalidated the 1999 federal law banning the commercial sale of videos depicting animal cruelty. If you want to know more about the vids:


I'm not gonna explain them, but these need to be stopped. I just made a quick phone call to support important new federal legislation to crack down on animal cruelty. I hope you will join me in supporting H.R. 5092. It only takes a minute.

Please call your Representative. You can find out who your Rep. is at this website:


From there, you may be given an email form or the phone number and website of your representative (and from there you can find their email if that is your preferred method of communication.)

Please help. And feel free to send this on to your friends.

Thank you.
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2010-05-13 12:12 am
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Someone having way too much fun with squirrels.

They mentioned this on the news tonight. Seems that there is someone in Santa Monica who is very creative when she feeds the squirrels. Think what mischief can be accomplished with dolls and other props and a cam. A chuckled a few times. :)

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2010-04-18 04:54 am
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TV update and stuff

I'm feeling vaguely guilty about not writing here more. It's that damn FB....

Anyway, I've really enjoyed Supernatural lately, especially #100. #100 on Bones was good too. Can I say I liked South Park's #200 twice as much as the others? *g* That Streisand monster! Too much! Castle continues to delight. And Stargate...well, they've managed to finally make all their characters unlikeable. I'm kinda rooting for some aliens to wipe them out now. You know, I can put up with plot holes and bad SF if they just give me characters I can like. I keep thinking it's a ship load of Mallozzis, Coopers and Wrights. I'd have either gone catatonic or stroked out after a week if I was on that ship.

Finally saw Changleling on the tv. Amazing how they took over the town for a week and probably ended up with less than two minutes of screen time. Hmph. I'm still holding a grudge against Clint for calling my town dumpy (he was more diplomatic than that, but that's what he meant.) Hmph!

While we were up in Alaska, the people on the other side of the hill put chain link around all their property so it's a strip that goes up over the hill and down on my side and right against our wrought iron fence. That makes our gate up to the hill useless. There's been a lot less raccoons in our yard now. And I've not seen Cutiepie since we got back. The fence must have upset the routes the wildlife used. Maybe this will keep the coyotes out?? I need to go up there and find out what it looks like and if it will keep them from digging under the fence.

I have seen one raccoon, in fact, she was taking a little nap on the step tonight. Cutiepie's tail hung limply and this one stretches out for balance. She's doing some things that Cutiepie used to do, but I don't think it's her. No grey eyes, either. Well, usually this time of year is when the coons are most scarce so I can't say she's MIA for another few months.

Abby, the feral cat we've got in the house, is wonderful. She's now to the point that if you pat your leg and call her, she'll come running up to be petted. She's slept on our laps and is very interactive now. Brindle, due to skin issues, has given up the cat tree for a while. Abby loves it and she and Buddy race up and down it, back and forth, until they are so tired they each take a perch for a nap. Of course, she'll still run away from us about 20% of the time, but it's getting better. She's confident and playful...a real joy to have around the house. And Buddy is great, too. Cuddlesome and playful, he has an amazing personality. Poor Brindle is sulking a bit I fear, but I make a point to interact with him often. Silly boy.

And now I'm going to watch the first ep of the new Doctor Who.
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2010-02-25 04:15 am
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I'm in need of a change...

...so it's perfect timing that I'm off to Escapade tomorrow. Yay!

Have I packed? No.

Have I even done laundry? No.

Did I watch the UK vs Sweden curling match? Why, yes I did.

And I culled my flist for the new stories and recs.

I am a lazy sod. A lazy sod who will be having fun this weekend. Yay!

And to bullet point, everything else here is fine. The kitties are fine (Abby continues to charm and make the house hers.) But I found something unpleasant on the driveway this morning.

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2010-02-07 04:51 am
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Cat and varmit update

Wet skunks look really pitiful.

Cutiepie, the old raccoon is still with us. There's also another raccoon that is notable. On Wed and Thursday, I saw it stretch like it was waking up from sleep from the center of our backyard in late afternoon. It came down to the courtyard to drink and eat. It looked like a yearling and was thin-ish. It looked like maybe it was recovering from an illness; I know everyone leaps to rabies but an abscess from a scuffle/injury is probably more likely, or even pneumonia from poor nutrition. Other than that, it acted okay. It's been raining the last two days and I haven't seen it. I'm wary about it. The cats have all had their rabies shots and they would be much quicker than this fellow. Anyway, they've been staying in. But still....

Brindle has been diagnosed with asthma. We took him in for a pre-op for teeth cleaning on next Saturday. They did blood work and since he has an occasional cough, we okayed a chest x-ray (still spooked from Reggie's cancer.) Brindle has a narrowing of his trachea due to a 'mass' but the young vet said it could be the thymus or a fat tumor or cancer. She sent it to a cat x-ray expert and he noted the asthmatic changes but said nothing about the mass. Anyway, he gets a quarter of a pill of terbutaline twice a day sprinkled in his food. He's been on it since Tuesday and it's going well. No adverse reactions and perhaps he feels better.

While he was in the back room getting the blood drawn and such, they also decided to clean his right ear as it looked infected. Whatever is going on with that ear it's been stable for years. Never any mites. She felt it might be fungal. When they came out of the back room, Brindle's ear/neck was all wet and he looked victorious. The vet looked harried, but would only say that it was difficult to clean all the way down and they would try again when the cat was under anesthetic. I didn't see any blood so maybe...no...I know he went off on them. I'm just glad they weren't savaged.

Abby is quite affectionate if one is stationary. She likes her ear scratched and her back rubbed. She sleeps cuddled up to our legs. Of course, if one walks towards her, she's quite likely to run away with a "OHMYGOD!!" expression. We find her toy mice everywhere and she seems quite content to be indoors for now. Things continue to progress. :)

Still researching photographing the auroras.
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2009-12-19 01:25 am
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A couple of things

First, White Collar is renewed:

Second, for those that like Colbert, the outtakes of his cover shoot can be found here:


Third, the cats are doing good. The relationships are fluid and of course are complicated by jealously induced naughtiness. Sometimes it's just better if we leave them to it.

Forth, Cutiepie, the aged raccoon is still ambling into the courtyard. Her eyes look grey, her walk is arthritic and her features a bit sunken like old animals get. She's still getting by though. We buy grapes just for her.

Fifth, Merlin, Criminal Minds and Dexter are what TV should be about. Castle and the Mentalist are wonderfully solid shows. The Good Wife is a show I shouldn't like but it's so well done; I feel they have an arc here, planned for the whole season and that is so cool that a show is so carefully crafted. I've changed my mind about Glee and I don't really like musicals. Go figure.

SG:U. There will be a longer post about that later.

I'm behind in everything and I blame Facebook. Do not get on Facebook. They have games there that are designed to keep you coming back multiple times a day, thus eating up all your extra/creative time. I KNOW how they are manipulating me and I have faith I will burn myself out and walk away at some point. Remember computer solitare? I played that A LOT, hours and hours until I got the perfect game, then I stopped cold turkey. I'm way behind in the seasonal stuff and still have about 300 posts on my flist to catch up on, and I have one more day off. :::sigh::: I'm pretty irritated with myself...but wait, let me go check my Fairygarden to see if that Snowy Owl has come by yet, and I've got my crops coming in tomorrow on Farmville and Farmtown (just need 20 more gifts on the tree to 'fill' it and then I wonder what it will do?) See? Just time killing games but I feel obligated to continue to farm and water and such. I haven't got the extra time to spend on this stuff. It would be different if I were chained to a computer all day and had intermittent periods of downtime, but I don't. I've wasted another day here. :(

But I digress....
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2009-11-05 02:40 pm
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I got the lizard out of the house! Let's see, that only took since...Oct. 15. Three weeks! And the interesting thing is he didn't look that thin, either. Hmmmm....

Want to know how the mighty lizard catcher trapped the wily critter? I had my purse on the floor cause I was gonna do my online banking last night. I just looked down to get my checkbook and saw Mr. Lizard sitting on top of the purse. I picked up the shoulder strap and carefully took everything outside. Mr. Lizard didn't want to get on the tree though. He climbed onto my arm and scurried up to my shoulder. "Mom? Can you come here please?" I thought my voice was pretty even, all things considered. She hustled up and brushed him off, and he slithered under a bush.

So, YAY! Mr. Lizard is healthy and now free. And I don't have to look everywhere all the time.

BTW, fannish content coming soon. There's a Ian Anderson concert tonight and a Stargate/Farscape con this weekend. Guests are Michael Shanks, Claudia Black, Ben Browder, Joe Flanigan, and Paul McGillion, among others. I should have stories to tell by Sunday or Monday.
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2009-10-10 02:01 am
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Brief varmit update.

The skunk waddled out at midnight after many false starts. Big, big YAY!!! And no loss of pressure at any point, either.

And I found were the coyote had dug under the fence and filled the whole with rocks and branches. That should work for a while.

Buddy spent the night with me. He is very loving, very touchy touchy. But in the morning (and only about 4 hours after I went to bed) he was even more so. I think he's the sort that if he wants food or to be let out, he will kill you with love and affection. Well, it could be worse....

And now I must start on SG:U as I've been putting off watching the opener.
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2009-10-08 10:12 pm
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Kitty / varmit update.

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2009-08-21 09:14 pm
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Varmit report

I thought I might as well do an update.

Cutiepie might have had babies, but she is without them now. I never saw her with babies. She has spent the last month relaxing around the courtyard, grooming. I have seen two other mom's with babies, one with a pair, the other with four. They only come by a few times a week.

Cutiepie was by tonight so I snapped a few photos. She has a distinctive way of sitting. *g*

Two more can be found here:

Emma is being better about not fleeing under the bed when we're in the room. Baby steps.... Also Mom thinks Emma isn't the right name, so we're trying out new ones. This will take a while, too.

Lastly, the desktop computer was smelling 'hot' for the last few days. I took it to the guy that built it and we'll get it back on Tuesday (well, we did bring it by late on Friday.) He thinks the power supply is failing and of course, it's very dusty so it needs a good cleaning. And this seemed like a good time to add a bit more RAM.

So, I'll have Mom pick it up and then I'll have to hook it back up before I drive out to Vegas for next weekend's Girls Gone Wild (Shopping) Weekend. I work Mon/Tues/Weds night so things are getting compressed before I go. I guess I should pack this weekend....

Anyway, I am *so* looking forward to seeing my friends again!
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2009-07-14 08:46 am
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Baby coons!

I worked last night so I didn't get to see them, but Mom said she looked out and saw Cutiepie (Momma Coon) with two babies. She thought they looked larger than they usually do when she brings them down. Maybe they were behaving and staying up in a tree until now.

I have to say just a few hours earlier I was speculating at work that maybe she'd murdered them when they wouldn't let her have a moment's peace. *g* Glad to see I was wrong.

I'll try to snap some photos later in the week when I have some nights off.
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2009-07-13 01:03 am
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Opossum and her babies

Lookie what we saw tonight. She has four babies with her. Below the cut is two photos and a little bit of video. Enjoy!
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2009-06-30 03:07 am

Varmit report

First off, let me say everybody is okay. Oh wait! That's a real life 'fic warning!'

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And the reason I was up last night at 3am was to see what I could see of the Vandenburg launch of a Minuteman missile. Right on schedule I saw a point of light about as bright as Venus when it's close. It was definitely flame colored and rose into the sky for a minute or two before it just blinked out. I understand they were aiming at an island that is part of the Marshall Island group, and it had three dummy warheads in it.
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2009-06-11 12:58 am
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Skunk family movies!

A momma skunk and her five babies were marching all over the place this evening. She'd bring them down into the courtyard, then she'd leave, then she'd turn right around and bring them back down. They were so funny as they trailed behind her and when she'd stopped, they'd all pile up behind her. And I have film!

Movie Spam!
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