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It's all good news behind the cut.

Last Monday when I was at work, Mom called up to say she'd got Abby back in the house. She said about 7pm it sounded like a pack of coyotes were in the backyard. Alarmed, she went to the front door to see if she could get Buddy in. Both Buddy and Abby were on the front porch, Buddy looking desperate and Abby looking scared. She opened the door and called. Both started in, but then Abby baulked then Buddy stopped, too. Mom felt that Buddy wasn't going to leave Abby out there alone. So, Mom reached down and scruffed her with one hand as she had to get the screen door open again. She said Buddy looked surprised and shocked to see Abby dangling like that, but after a brief pause, came inside, too. With everyone safe, Mom took a moment to try to calm/apologise to Abby, who accepted it for a few seconds then ran under the bed.

Since then, she has progressed even more than before her week of independence. She comes to us frequently for pets. She actually laid at my feet tonight and enjoyed a good bit of stroking, and she's been sleeping with me, but on the corner of the bed. She has more ownership to the house and is asserting her rights. I think she no longer thinks of herself as a prisoner but that living here is now her choice.

Having said that, she may escape again in the future, but I think for now she feels that the outside is too cold, too dangerous. She barely lifts her head to watch the boys come in or go out--just not interested right now.

She is obviously trying to figure out how she fits in here. I keep telling her it's as "Benevolent Goddess." *g*

Here is a photo of her on her pillow on the couch. Her new nickname is "Feral Fawcett." She's observant and athletic, but she may actually be a blonde under all that stripping.

Also, I want to wish all my flist that their 2010 is filled with good times and good things. Happy New Year!
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