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Mar. 16th, 2012 01:51 pm
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...does hurt. It was a 'ouch, ouch, ouch, OUCH!' type of thing. What follows is TMI. Unless you want to know what an Endometrial biopsy entails, I suggest you move along.

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I called off work last night because of the shoulder problem and if one is off more than 7 days (counting days off) you automatically get bumped into the Medical Leave of Absence and the tons of paper work with that. So, I went to doctor today. My doctor 'retired' to go manage the medical care in the CA prison system so the new guy is a D.O. and had been a medic in Operation Desert Storm. I must admit to being apprehensive...would I be faced with a ex-Marine who would immediately give me grief about my weight? Turns out he's a very nice man, and very down to earth (no Doctors=God complex.) I am fortunate in that he is also knowledgeable in sports medicine (being a doctor for a hockey team.) He twisted my arm this way and that until he got the 'oh, eh, erm, ah-AH-OUCH!' he wanted. Decided I needed about two weeks of physical therapy and since I have to be cleared with zero restrictions, I'm off for two weeks approximately. I have sprained a few of my rotator cuff tendons.
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Canada vs. Great Britain. :) Wow. Who to root for?? I like 'em both! And am loving the accents. :)

My arm is a bit better. I can now move the arm to the side by about 4 inches, and have just some discomfort when I raise the arm up over my head, so Yay!

We had a man come out and give an estimate on replacing the garage door. The current door is failing due to metal fatigue with the middle strip of metal that holds the sections in place separated from the door. It dangles and those panels pop when the door goes up. We have only used the door a handful of times since before the trip to Alaska. So they will replace it on Saturday morning. It'll be good to get that done.

So, I've working a little on the MWC door idea and continuing to catch up on the flist.

And I feel in the mood to watch some SG1. :) Early stuff, I think. Jack, of course, would love the curling. Carter could really get into the physics of it. Not sure what Daniel would think. Teal'c understands patience but would think sweepers are undignified. He'd probably opt for some explosives at some point in the game.
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I had a tough night at work on Sunday. Busted my buns for 10 hours straight before I begged for relief and finally got to eat and drink something. As a result, I was knackered. When I got home, I went to sling my purse over my shoulder and something went POP! just below my shoulder. The left arm wouldn't go forward or to the side after that; went backwards just fine though. So, I had to call in 'sick' to work for the last two days since I couldn't drive and certainly couldn't perform my job. This morning the arm can go forward again so I have hope that this is something that will heal up on it's own. Yay!

So, I've caught up on TV. In fact, I'm currently watching one of the Olympic Curling games I tivo'd but didn't have time to watch. Mens, Denmark vs. Canada. I have 4 more to go. *g*

I'm catching up on my flist. Don't be surprised if I answer old posts. Maybe I'll try the AO3 next since yard work is definitely out.

And playing with the cats. Hey, I saw Abby growl at *Brindle* when he was trying to block Buddy from coming in the house! Our little girl is growing up. Brindle just looked very pained and and stomped away with a wave of his tail that said, "oh, the indignity of it all!" Since then he's been very sweet so I have hopes that in a couple of years the three of them will be very happy together. *g*
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Where I update Emma, Buddy and stuff.

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I was thinking about this last night and wanted to make note of it. Move along now to something more interesting. *g*

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I had a good time. A relaxing time. I think I went to a total of 4 panels. I did go to the party, the vid show and the Sunday breakfast so I wasn't a complete hermit. I just chatted with friends a lot.

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Brindle missed me. I feel very loved now. :)

Back to work tomorrow.

Oh, btw, the Escapade songvid dvd works on my 4 year old desktop PC.


Feb. 20th, 2009 03:48 pm
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It rained last week and that was wonderful. Out here in Southern California, the winter (if we're lucky) means rain and the rain causes everything to turn green and the native type plants flower. It's rejuvenation, rebirth and so, so refreshing!

Work was eh.

In culling stories to read from my flist, I saw a rec for Scarification by
[livejournal.com profile] green_grrl and that is such a fantastic story. Well worth a reread:

The economy is still in a death spiral. I *think* the hospital is okay, but the ratio of patients has definitely changed. Gone are a lot of the elective surgeries and up are admissions of people without health insurance. What exactly will happen when all the hospitals fold? Oh, who cares? They're all evil money grubbers, right?

Anyway, I had been neglectful of my own health care for the past 4 years so I thought I'd get everything checked while I'm still employed with health care. So, yesterday was the mammogram. The hospital has a new Woman's Center where they do those now. It's in an adjacent building that has gone through many uses. The Woman's Center is up on the third floor from with fantastic views of the mountains (which are all snow covered right now.) The waiting room was very classy with black lacquer furniture, grey upholstery and blood red highlights. In the back room where you change, there was a big walnut cupboard to store the gowns and the room is what I called, bordello chic. The beige wallpaper was designed to look like thick cloth that had been quilted with large buttons. More black lacquer, black checked curtains with big tassels, more blood red accents. Very sumptuous. I'm just glad the interior designer decided against pastels, bows and hearts. Definitely not girly, and a lot of fun.

Then we went out to dinner at a popular Chinese buffet. We were there at 6pm and there was only two other parties there. Very scary. Three other pairs of people had come by before we left but still!

For NCIS, I know the folks that like Tony will be happy but I thought it a strange ep. Okay for a change but please don't make a habit of it. Afterwards, Mom and I tried without much success to figure out who did what and finally gave up. And what's with that scene with Palmer? Tony doesn't like geeks. It works okay as a strange dream ep but not really as a regular ep. Imho, of course. *g*

Criminal Minds. Rossi's arrogance comes back to smack him in the ass, eh? I do admit that I now like Rossi where I didn't for most of last season. The main thing is that the actor isn't trying to take over the show like LaPaglia did with Without a Trace. Rossi has made specific connections with the rest of the cast and his character has made a space for himself within the balance of the team. And the episode was really good, as always. That moment when they go to tell Zoey's mom the bad news was so real, I had tears. That cry of devastating loss was so real.

I'm still catching up but the tv watching has been impaired by me needing to finish Sovereign by CJ Sansom. A mystery that takes place in 1541 (?) when Henry VIII goes to York. I love how rich the details are. And I'm quite familiar with York so I can easily see the settings.

So much to do, so little time.


May. 11th, 2008 11:42 pm
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Last night at work about 4am, I got on the elevator just as a Russian Orthodox priest got off, looked around, then turned back stating he was trying to find his way out and could I please help him. Have you ever been suddenly confronted with someone so attractive you lose the power of speech? And a priest at that!! I actually had to look at the ground to be able to put two words together and then still had a few wrong words at that. The directions were complex enough I had to accompany him part of the way which was both a blessing and curse as I sort of blathered and pointed. *g* Boy, that woke me up good! Embarrassing but let me tell you that was one attractive man!

One of my co-coworker's 90 year old grandmother died. She was head of a big Hispanic family. As they were going through her stuff (she still lived in her own little home still she broke her hip and that had to be sorted through) they would find little post it notes that said things like, "Love each other," and "Family always comes first." But they also found a few "Vote for Hillary." That still makes me laugh.

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And lastly, I ended up getting Mom a selection of books and dvds for Mother's Day. One book that is particularly nice is Valley of the Kings, an enormous coffee table book filled with fantastic photos. I got it from the Barnes and Noble discount section for $25 (it appears on the online bookstores as out of stock.) It's listed on Amazon as $125. You Egyptophiles need to see if you can pick up a copy.
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We had a room addition built 15 years ago and it has two sky lights. It seemed like a good idea at the time.... Yeah, one of them leaks. Read more... )

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I've got a few days off; will put up Xmas lights and do Xmas cards. I hope. I also need to tackle the kitchen floor. :(

It rained today! Wow. A whole inch or two. I walked down the hill to get the mail and slipped on some wet leaves, it was like hitting ice on a down hill slope. I thought I was in a cartoon as I over corrected, twisted one way, pirouetted, teetered, grabbed at a bush and finally landed on my right side, mostly on my right side. It smarted, and was cold and wet, not to mention quite leafy. That was about six hours ago and now my right upper arm is sore, shoulder too, and a little bit about the elbow. We shall see what the morning brings. Maybe I won't be doing the Xmas lights after all.

Uh, as for LJ, I decided I'm not that corrupting (more's the pity) and will leave my lj as not adult content and hopefully remember to change that rating for a post should I ever get around to posting something wicked.

I'm being a good lil' voter and am currently watching the Republican YouTube debate on Tivo. :::sigh::: Oops, I guess it ran over time and it cut off Rudy. Too bad. *g* I have to roll my eyes at all the shots they took at Hilary. When they do that, they remind me of little dogs barking a big dog on the other side of a strong fence. Yeah, yeah, yeah...you're bad. :::snort:::

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Criminal Minds was very interesting what with the whole graphic novel look and the confusion in the reality thing. Read more... )

I now watched two eps of Blood Ties. I just don't get the attraction for it! Enlighten me.


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