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...is now at Archive Of Our Own:


There you can find both gen and slash...and one lonely het Blake's 7 story.

Blake's 7 (15)
Stargate SG-1 (15)
Highlander: The Series (9)
Alias Smith and Jones (4)
Forever Knight/Highlander (3)

The website at http://www.devinemadness.com/tenaya/ will be shutting down in the future.
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My fanfic website will probably be removed by this weekend (or when Webmistress Bunny gets around to it.) Stats:

Have visited since:
June 17, 2001

These pages are copyright
© 1999-2011 by
DeVine Madness

Over half a million visits in 10 years. I'm sure it's chump change for some writers but I feel good about it. I'm saddened to see it go, but it was time. AO3 is a good home, and certainly more permanent.

Goodnight, sweet website. I will miss your greeness.
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Obligatory dreamwidth/lj cross post.

And to make it more interesting:

ETA story title: Crossed Paths

A gust of wind blew a flurry of snowflakes across Daniel Jackson's windshield. He tiredly rubbed his forehead; it was 3:30am and he now had doubts about his decision to push through and try to make it back to the Springs in one go. The weather had slowed his progress and now he'd be lucky to be home before dawn.

As he turned a blind curve and was startled to see a large car haphazardly parked by the roadside. Its doors and trunk were open, the headlights slicing a swath of illumination through the snow dusted forest.

Daniel slowly parked behind the car and turned his hazard lights on. He hastily noted the car's plates and model on a outside of a empty Starbuck's cup. Black Chevy Impala, Kansas license plates KAZ 2Y5. He leaned over and retrieved a small flashlight from his glove compartment.

He stepped out of his car and immediately the icy wind cut through his tweed coat. Snow crunched beneath his shoes as he cautiously approached the abandoned vehicle. Shinning his light into the cavernous trunk, he was alarmed to see a stunning collection of rifles, handguns...and was that a pile of wooden stakes? He nervously glanced at the woods as he walked up to the driver's door. There was no one in the front seat and he leaned into the car to check the back seat.

The car dipped and rocked. Daniel looked up and saw a furry mass on the hood of the car. A full set of canine teeth glistened in the beam of his flashlight. The creature snarled and snapped, drool splattering the glass between them.

Daniel jumped into the car and slammed the driver's door closed, then scrambled across the bench seat to grabbed at the passenger door. The creature bounced across the hood and gnarled fingers grasped the door as the misshapen head lunged into the cab. Daniel slammed back against the driver's door and held his flashlight straight out, the beam pointed into the creature's eyes.

"This is not good," Daniel breathed, his heart pounding. The creature bunched itself up, preparing to leap.

"Oh hell no! Not the paint! Get off the damn car!" A man skidded into the light, running full speed out of the forest. He raised a gun and shot. The creature yelped and sprung off the car, using a weird simian gait to race across the road. The man thundered after him, firing his gun again.

A second man burst out of the woods, quickly took in what had happened and jogged up to the passenger door. A shaggy brown-haired head peered in at Daniel worriedly.

"Hey man! You okay? It didn't get any slobber on you, did it?"

Daniel noted the stranger held a handgun at the ready but pointed downwards and he frowned. "Noooo...."

"Good, good." There was more shouting and gunfire. The man shot a worried glance towards the ruckus, then dipped back to look at Daniel again. "Well, I gotta go. You, you should go, too, alright?"

Daniel nodded. "Right," he repeated.

"Good, good," the man repeated and then raced across the road.

Daniel quickly opened the door and hustled back to his own car, pausing briefly to eye the contents of the trunk again. Assorted knives, rope, bags of salt, silver crosses and an assortment of odds and ends lay in an very organized display.

Safely in his own car again with all the doors locked, he took a minute to consider his choices. He was unarmed and totally out of his depth here. The two men seemed to have things in hand. While it was against his nature, he thought perhaps the best thing he could do was to leave.

Besides, Jack would not thank him if he left for a weekend of research and came back a werewolf.
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I started this a year ago. At least I got it posted this year and before Christmas Day. *g* Enjoy. Feedback is always appreciated.

That Christmas Spirit

by Tenaya

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Oooh, the writing meme that's going around.

Post the first lines from your last 25 stories. Do you see any patterns?

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Yesterday, I did one of those slowly awaken things, where the dream you're having turns into a daydream as you slowly regain consciousness. So, the dream was Jack and Daniel in an apple orchard, in the fall, necking in a pile of leaves. It was slow and languid with lots of slow kissing and hands under shirts caressing strong, warm chests. Then I thought they must be on a picnic and rode to this out of the way orchard on a motorcycle, and I enjoyed more of the necking as the details filled in. And of course, as I wake up further, the brain kicks in and says, "Oh! What's that I hear? A motorcycle gang looking for trouble just rides up and spots the solitary bike! Woe! And, Jack silences Daniel with a kiss and proceeds to cover themselves up with leaves, hiding in plain sight.

It's nice to know my muses are still amusing themselves.
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For your entertainment:
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Challenge: Loss
Rating: G
Pairing: J/D
Spoilers: Threads

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