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Went in for a Luv Time a few hours ago. She's quit darting under the bed. And it ended with her cuddling the soft stuffed animal as she drifted off to sleep. It's a stupid looking Christmas elephant, but it was soft and about her size. I stuck it in my shirt for a few hours before I gave it to her. A curious fact is at work, we stick 'ghosts' (a square of cloth with a rubberband around the 'head') in with the babies, then give it to the mom to take home and snift. It helps their milk to come down when they pump their breasts.

Abby is all stripes and athletic grace, and there's something snake-like about her when she goes on the hunt. She is Feral Fawcett sometimes and the words to describe her are handsome and wild. But this new kitty? She is incredibly cute. She's gonna have to have a girly name. Names that somewhat apply now are Freckles and Dusty. Neither is too girly. A friend (who likes SPN, go figure) suggested Misha. And then there are a ton of Asian type names which I know nothing about. Suggestions?
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It's going well. No more accidents on the bed. Yay! I think the kitten is a girl. She's adorable and very affectionate. After a 'hanging over the bed for ear rubs and head butts' she started playing with a fuzzy stuffed animal I bought her. She was kicking it, hugging it and eventually pulled it under the bed. I had a feeling she is young enough that she is missing a warm body to cuddle up to. I think in a couple of days she will be hopping up on the bed for the luv sessions. She's a seal point but all the dark points are a little muddled with some white splotchy marks. She's in good shape. And Mom is saying things like, "we're so lucky to have you." I was feeling guilty about putting another cat in her bedroom, especially after it was messing on her bed. She's okay, though.
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The kitten is sequestered in Mom's bedroom since Wednesday morning. It's coming along pretty good. By that night she/he was sticking its head out from under the bed enough so we can rub its ears. Very skittish but very soft fur. We've been doing this every few hours and have let Buddy in a couple of times a day. He peers under the bed, checks out the amenities and leaves. I think of it as an Amnesty International audit. Buddy has a lot of calm energy and he did wonders for Abby. The kitten is in a hyper vigilent state of mind so eventually it should calm down now that it's safe, getting regular food and is warm. It's been very cold outside the last few days. The only down side is that it's been using Mom's bed as a toilet. She has that waterproof covering over the mattress so, it's been a lot of laundry but no harm done. I put the last poop in the litter box and the next time I checked there was a piddle in there, too. And tonight, two piddles and two poops! I think that means he/she's figured it out. We'll forgive it a bit because it's been traumatized, but it really needs to get that sorted out.

It's seems in good shape for living rough for at least six weeks. Plus the kitten still has kitten teeth so it's not yet five months old.
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I really enjoyed this film. It's very well written and has some of my favorite character actors (James Cromwell, Scott Glenn, John Malkovich.) Diane Lane really should be nominated for a Oscar. Loved how the horses were filmed. So much power and grace. Anyway, I just wanted to rec the film.

So...kitten issues. There is a Siamese kitten hanging about for the past week. Probably about 4 to 5 months old. He/She is small enough that the male cats Buddy and Brindle just sniff its nose like, "Really? Aren't you a little young to be all alone?" It's very skittish. I've been putting out canned food, which it woofs down. Wed night, Abby was at the screen door and the kitten was rubbing up and down in front of her with lots of kitten squeaks. Tonight, I left the door open and kitten came in (and out and in and out). It climbed up on the couch where Buddy was and just kept butting its head against his tummy; Buddy left because it was just too needy. Then the kitten kept approaching Abby. She kept growling at it but let it get within a few inches. When it got closer than that, she left. Then, the big mistake. The kitten walked on her pillow. She jumped off the couch and went towards the door. The kitten followed and she jumped on it and there was much screaming. When I arrived the kitten was on it's back, showing it's tummy in complete submission. Abby stopped and the kitten fled into the night. :::sigh:::

I called for Buddy to come back in a few hours later and I could hear the kitten squeaking in the bushes. It's so lonely and wants to be adpoted by a kitty family. I'm hoping I can try again tomorrow and perhaps trap it in the house. It would be a fourth cat, but the three current ones are only needy when they are in the mood. The tough part is getting the my furry companions to accept it, and that is 2/3s done. It's too bad Abby is territorial and doesn't give a flying crap how young the new one is. One the other hand...she was defending her home which means we are her home. She is really coming along. :)

Speaking of which, we now let her out every day during the day. When Buddy goes out, she comes running, "wait for me! Wait for me!" and usually bounces out the door ahead of him. But she wants to come back in within a 1-3 hours. She comes running if we call (particularly Mom--she's bonding very well with Mom.) We still can't pick her up, she she come regularly to us to be petted and adored.

Lastly, just getting caught up on tv. Am watching NCIS and just saw Tony dressed as Travolta. My, my, my but those white pants sure showed off his package.


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