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And then I went to the CEO's meeting yesterday. Sounds like we'll have 20-50 people laid off but they are offering some small perks for those who are thinking of retiring soon to encourage them, first. I miss that bunch by 3 years. :::heavy sigh::: Anyway, I think the Respiratory dept might be targeted because our director got reamed for poor productivity a couple of weeks ago. But they will be going by seniority so I think my job is safe this time. Mr CEO was doing the big crocodile tears about how tough it is to let go of people. Uh huh. He's been here a year and all he has done is trim, lay off and harp at productivity. He reminds me of that bear in Toy Story 3. He even has the same accent.
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I had the screen door closed, but it has a rip in the corner and it allows the cats to come and go. It's been lovely outside in the morning so they've been having fun. I heard something odd so I thought I'd better close the glass slider as there has been baby skunks about lately and they will come in. As I approached the door, Buddy shot in with a lizard in his mouth. He dropped it, it hid in a dvd pile in front of the TV. Abby rushed in, caught the poor unfortunate and rushed into the depths of the house. When I found her, she was on my bed darting about.

Great. Just...great.

I can't find Mr. Lizard. I assume I will be hearing him for days as he lurks about in my room.

ETA: Found him, caught him and tossed him out! Yay!
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Mar. 16th, 2012 01:51 pm
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It's going well. No more accidents on the bed. Yay! I think the kitten is a girl. She's adorable and very affectionate. After a 'hanging over the bed for ear rubs and head butts' she started playing with a fuzzy stuffed animal I bought her. She was kicking it, hugging it and eventually pulled it under the bed. I had a feeling she is young enough that she is missing a warm body to cuddle up to. I think in a couple of days she will be hopping up on the bed for the luv sessions. She's a seal point but all the dark points are a little muddled with some white splotchy marks. She's in good shape. And Mom is saying things like, "we're so lucky to have you." I was feeling guilty about putting another cat in her bedroom, especially after it was messing on her bed. She's okay, though.
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The kitten is sequestered in Mom's bedroom since Wednesday morning. It's coming along pretty good. By that night she/he was sticking its head out from under the bed enough so we can rub its ears. Very skittish but very soft fur. We've been doing this every few hours and have let Buddy in a couple of times a day. He peers under the bed, checks out the amenities and leaves. I think of it as an Amnesty International audit. Buddy has a lot of calm energy and he did wonders for Abby. The kitten is in a hyper vigilent state of mind so eventually it should calm down now that it's safe, getting regular food and is warm. It's been very cold outside the last few days. The only down side is that it's been using Mom's bed as a toilet. She has that waterproof covering over the mattress so, it's been a lot of laundry but no harm done. I put the last poop in the litter box and the next time I checked there was a piddle in there, too. And tonight, two piddles and two poops! I think that means he/she's figured it out. We'll forgive it a bit because it's been traumatized, but it really needs to get that sorted out.

It's seems in good shape for living rough for at least six weeks. Plus the kitten still has kitten teeth so it's not yet five months old.
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When I came home, I saw the Siamese kitten on the porch looking hungry. So I set the trap and voila! I caught me a kat! Right now he/she is still in the cage but I got it in Mom's room which is where Abby was sequestered. I'm thinking to let it calm down and then let it out. About the fourth time I stuck my finger in the cage, it sniffed it. Then twice later I was able to rub its forehead. So, not feral. But Siamese. They have the loudest voices! Whose idea was this again? Both Abby and Buddy were right up at the cage. I think Buddy was more, "what sort of evil plans do you think you're doing!" He's such a police man. Abby was alarmed. 16 months ago, it was her in that cage. She doesn't seem to have any PTSD though, and she leaned into my hand for an ear rub. Brindle? Pretending to sleep in through the racket. I think he would rather just read about it in a memo.
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We got home late on Wednesday night. The boys ran out as we came in. Abby ran away from me, but within 30 minutes was plopped down on my lap, making biscuits and purring her secret little purr that you can only feel, not hear. She actually missed us! Not her servants or her roommates, but she missed her mummies that she loves! And she has been much more affectionate and relaxed around us. :)

Brindle also is very affectionate. Buddy seemed annoyed with us, upset. He did go to bed with me, but settled down at my feet. At some point during the night, he apparently forgave me and curled up in my arms for some cuddling and pattycake face (he likes to pat my face, headbutt it and stare deeply into my eyes.)

And since we've been home, lots of chores. And back to the grind tomorrow night.

Yosemite was wonderful. Cool and crisp, and smelling like Christmas and mulch. Beautiful colors, too. The forest was shadowy dark but the dogwoods were pink/yellow or bright yellow and brightened up the woods considerably. It rained most of Tuesday but that was relaxing, too. The falls had water in them, and in the morning the cliff sides were dusted with ice and snow. Tuesday night we drove to Tunnel View (or Inspiration Point) and parked. We watched the clouds coil and swirl around the cliffs, El Capitan in particular, and how the light from the setting sun provided dramatic and surprising effects. There was one brief moment when the last rays from the sun found a peep hole in the clouds. A small circle of rose lite the side of El Capitan while the clouds hovered at the top, giving the granite a circlet of whitish blue clouds. It only last a few seconds, so no photo. But you could easily imagine that that's where the mountain's heart is.

The drive home was stately with delays due to road works but as that gave us even more time to appreciate the forest and the views, it was all good. Then we stopped at a rock shop in Oakhurst and I found Mom a nice opal for Christmas.

Now it warmish and dry, and very clear. It's good to go away, but it's awfully nice to be home again. :)

Oh, I almost forgot. While we were driving around the valley floor, I pulled over near the bend in the river, looked down...and realized that I was looking at a naked man, posing, probably for a photographer I couldn't seen. This guy was covered in tattoos and had bits that glinted with metal piercings. Huh. I snapped a couple of photos and sped off, laughing with Mom. It was really too cold for stuff like that!
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I really enjoyed this film. It's very well written and has some of my favorite character actors (James Cromwell, Scott Glenn, John Malkovich.) Diane Lane really should be nominated for a Oscar. Loved how the horses were filmed. So much power and grace. Anyway, I just wanted to rec the film.

So...kitten issues. There is a Siamese kitten hanging about for the past week. Probably about 4 to 5 months old. He/She is small enough that the male cats Buddy and Brindle just sniff its nose like, "Really? Aren't you a little young to be all alone?" It's very skittish. I've been putting out canned food, which it woofs down. Wed night, Abby was at the screen door and the kitten was rubbing up and down in front of her with lots of kitten squeaks. Tonight, I left the door open and kitten came in (and out and in and out). It climbed up on the couch where Buddy was and just kept butting its head against his tummy; Buddy left because it was just too needy. Then the kitten kept approaching Abby. She kept growling at it but let it get within a few inches. When it got closer than that, she left. Then, the big mistake. The kitten walked on her pillow. She jumped off the couch and went towards the door. The kitten followed and she jumped on it and there was much screaming. When I arrived the kitten was on it's back, showing it's tummy in complete submission. Abby stopped and the kitten fled into the night. :::sigh:::

I called for Buddy to come back in a few hours later and I could hear the kitten squeaking in the bushes. It's so lonely and wants to be adpoted by a kitty family. I'm hoping I can try again tomorrow and perhaps trap it in the house. It would be a fourth cat, but the three current ones are only needy when they are in the mood. The tough part is getting the my furry companions to accept it, and that is 2/3s done. It's too bad Abby is territorial and doesn't give a flying crap how young the new one is. One the other hand...she was defending her home which means we are her home. She is really coming along. :)

Speaking of which, we now let her out every day during the day. When Buddy goes out, she comes running, "wait for me! Wait for me!" and usually bounces out the door ahead of him. But she wants to come back in within a 1-3 hours. She comes running if we call (particularly Mom--she's bonding very well with Mom.) We still can't pick her up, she she come regularly to us to be petted and adored.

Lastly, just getting caught up on tv. Am watching NCIS and just saw Tony dressed as Travolta. My, my, my but those white pants sure showed off his package.
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In non varmit news, I went to the County Fair and had a great time. I tried the deep fried PB&J and it was really pretty good. I was chatting with some young men who were doing an Extreme Dining visit and they gave me the rundown on what deep fried was good and what wasn't. They also thought the PB&J was the best of the lot. Somores, avocado and cheeseburgers--yes. Twinkies, no.


Aug. 8th, 2010 03:30 am
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The summer hasn't been too bad here this year with just a smattering of days above 90. That's so unusual! My bank account appreciates that the electric bill isn't crippling high as it tends to be in July and August.

I planted one cucumber plant and it is doing well. Very well. We have cukes in our salad, cukes soaking in vinegar and pepper...I've even tried cucumber sandwiches (didn't have squishy white bread so I made 'em with squaw bread. Was pretty good.) I'll be taking a half dozen foot longs into work tomorrow to give us some breathing room! I had no idea cucumbers were that vigorous! I also bought a zucchini but it's not doing much. A few blossoms and it looks healthy enough but I thought zucchinis were supposed to be the overwhelming plant.

The cats are good. Abby ran out with Buddy a few nights ago, but then looked worried. We just had to prop the screen door open and wait quietly. She snuck right back into the house. As a reward, the next day when I was doing choirs, I let her out. She crept about for about ten minutes then wanted back in. I'm so pleased that she prefers the house and wants to come back.

Lots of skunks and coons this summer. One momma with four babies, one mamma with a skinny tail with one slightly bigger baby, and two adults that pal around. The crawl space screen 'door' has been vandalized by skunks (pulled away from the frame) and thus...we have coons under the house sometimes. No sure what to do about that.

Mom wants to go on a cruise to the Mediterranean next spring. I need to conserve vacation time for that. I've spent a lot of time googling as I'm trying to figure out how it will work since she'll need a rollator or a wheelchair or scooter. We're talking going a week early to see Rome and Florence, then the ship will go to Sciliy, Naples (Pompeii), Athens, Ephesus, Crete and Rhodes. Mom also has IBS and never knows when she'll desperately need a bathroom. Complications.... But, it should be a wonderful trip if I can figure it out. Any advice?
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Nothing exciting, just journaling to kept track of stuff.

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I had a tough night at work on Sunday. Busted my buns for 10 hours straight before I begged for relief and finally got to eat and drink something. As a result, I was knackered. When I got home, I went to sling my purse over my shoulder and something went POP! just below my shoulder. The left arm wouldn't go forward or to the side after that; went backwards just fine though. So, I had to call in 'sick' to work for the last two days since I couldn't drive and certainly couldn't perform my job. This morning the arm can go forward again so I have hope that this is something that will heal up on it's own. Yay!

So, I've caught up on TV. In fact, I'm currently watching one of the Olympic Curling games I tivo'd but didn't have time to watch. Mens, Denmark vs. Canada. I have 4 more to go. *g*

I'm catching up on my flist. Don't be surprised if I answer old posts. Maybe I'll try the AO3 next since yard work is definitely out.

And playing with the cats. Hey, I saw Abby growl at *Brindle* when he was trying to block Buddy from coming in the house! Our little girl is growing up. Brindle just looked very pained and and stomped away with a wave of his tail that said, "oh, the indignity of it all!" Since then he's been very sweet so I have hopes that in a couple of years the three of them will be very happy together. *g*
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I'm feeling vaguely guilty about not writing here more. It's that damn FB....

Anyway, I've really enjoyed Supernatural lately, especially #100. #100 on Bones was good too. Can I say I liked South Park's #200 twice as much as the others? *g* That Streisand monster! Too much! Castle continues to delight. And Stargate...well, they've managed to finally make all their characters unlikeable. I'm kinda rooting for some aliens to wipe them out now. You know, I can put up with plot holes and bad SF if they just give me characters I can like. I keep thinking it's a ship load of Mallozzis, Coopers and Wrights. I'd have either gone catatonic or stroked out after a week if I was on that ship.

Finally saw Changleling on the tv. Amazing how they took over the town for a week and probably ended up with less than two minutes of screen time. Hmph. I'm still holding a grudge against Clint for calling my town dumpy (he was more diplomatic than that, but that's what he meant.) Hmph!

While we were up in Alaska, the people on the other side of the hill put chain link around all their property so it's a strip that goes up over the hill and down on my side and right against our wrought iron fence. That makes our gate up to the hill useless. There's been a lot less raccoons in our yard now. And I've not seen Cutiepie since we got back. The fence must have upset the routes the wildlife used. Maybe this will keep the coyotes out?? I need to go up there and find out what it looks like and if it will keep them from digging under the fence.

I have seen one raccoon, in fact, she was taking a little nap on the step tonight. Cutiepie's tail hung limply and this one stretches out for balance. She's doing some things that Cutiepie used to do, but I don't think it's her. No grey eyes, either. Well, usually this time of year is when the coons are most scarce so I can't say she's MIA for another few months.

Abby, the feral cat we've got in the house, is wonderful. She's now to the point that if you pat your leg and call her, she'll come running up to be petted. She's slept on our laps and is very interactive now. Brindle, due to skin issues, has given up the cat tree for a while. Abby loves it and she and Buddy race up and down it, back and forth, until they are so tired they each take a perch for a nap. Of course, she'll still run away from us about 20% of the time, but it's getting better. She's confident and playful...a real joy to have around the house. And Buddy is great, too. Cuddlesome and playful, he has an amazing personality. Poor Brindle is sulking a bit I fear, but I make a point to interact with him often. Silly boy.

And now I'm going to watch the first ep of the new Doctor Who.
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...putting together a cat tree we bought to give Abby some 'environmental enrichment.' Brindle was all over the parts as I was constructing it on the front porch, and Buddy hopped up on the lower level to check it out. Since it's been in the house, Abby has peered at it warily and check it out to see if she can hide under it. The boys have ignored it.

I'm gonna be annoyed if no one ever uses this!

Here's what I bought:

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BTW, you will want to see this adorable vid of a cat being gift wrapped:

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It's all good news behind the cut.
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Also, I want to wish all my flist that their 2010 is filled with good times and good things. Happy New Year!
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...she's no longer a captive. She got out on Saturday and she wants to live out there even though it's cold (I'm in California so we're talking low 40s at night right now.) I'm leaving kibble out for her all day, but take it in at night as I don't want to draw other animals to her patch. She's living under a big lavatera bush, but as it was very windy today, she moved under the house...where I think a skunk or two might have moved to, too. Last week, I tried putting the screen back on the access but something punched it back out. I must have trapped something in there.

She was letting us both pet her, but I tried to pick her up on Monday. I have a scratched face now. Not bad at all, not like what Brindle did to me in 2003. Now she won't come near me. Well, she came out from under the house when I called for this afternoon and then veered under the bush. She started again towards me, caught herself and went to ground somewhere under that bush. Mom said she let her pet her a lot this morning so...we're back to trying to seduce a cat to come in on their own. Buddy comes out to visit with her. That first day/night, we called for her a lot and he went with us. He seemed very concerned and kept looking for her that day/night.

And now I'm wondering if Brindle is gay. He was so happy to have Buddy as a friend at first, but when she moved in, he got all grouchy and irritable and liked harassing her. Now that she is gone, he is relaxed and in a much better mood. I think he was jealous. Now he has his boyfriend to himself again.

But really, EVERYBODY loves Buddy. And he's so sweet he makes sure everyone gets face time with him. *g*

So, back to Abby updates. :::sigh:::
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First, White Collar is renewed:

Second, for those that like Colbert, the outtakes of his cover shoot can be found here:


Third, the cats are doing good. The relationships are fluid and of course are complicated by jealously induced naughtiness. Sometimes it's just better if we leave them to it.

Forth, Cutiepie, the aged raccoon is still ambling into the courtyard. Her eyes look grey, her walk is arthritic and her features a bit sunken like old animals get. She's still getting by though. We buy grapes just for her.

Fifth, Merlin, Criminal Minds and Dexter are what TV should be about. Castle and the Mentalist are wonderfully solid shows. The Good Wife is a show I shouldn't like but it's so well done; I feel they have an arc here, planned for the whole season and that is so cool that a show is so carefully crafted. I've changed my mind about Glee and I don't really like musicals. Go figure.

SG:U. There will be a longer post about that later.

I'm behind in everything and I blame Facebook. Do not get on Facebook. They have games there that are designed to keep you coming back multiple times a day, thus eating up all your extra/creative time. I KNOW how they are manipulating me and I have faith I will burn myself out and walk away at some point. Remember computer solitare? I played that A LOT, hours and hours until I got the perfect game, then I stopped cold turkey. I'm way behind in the seasonal stuff and still have about 300 posts on my flist to catch up on, and I have one more day off. :::sigh::: I'm pretty irritated with myself...but wait, let me go check my Fairygarden to see if that Snowy Owl has come by yet, and I've got my crops coming in tomorrow on Farmville and Farmtown (just need 20 more gifts on the tree to 'fill' it and then I wonder what it will do?) See? Just time killing games but I feel obligated to continue to farm and water and such. I haven't got the extra time to spend on this stuff. It would be different if I were chained to a computer all day and had intermittent periods of downtime, but I don't. I've wasted another day here. :(

But I digress....
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Just a quick note, mainly for myself.

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