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First, White Collar is renewed:

Second, for those that like Colbert, the outtakes of his cover shoot can be found here:


Third, the cats are doing good. The relationships are fluid and of course are complicated by jealously induced naughtiness. Sometimes it's just better if we leave them to it.

Forth, Cutiepie, the aged raccoon is still ambling into the courtyard. Her eyes look grey, her walk is arthritic and her features a bit sunken like old animals get. She's still getting by though. We buy grapes just for her.

Fifth, Merlin, Criminal Minds and Dexter are what TV should be about. Castle and the Mentalist are wonderfully solid shows. The Good Wife is a show I shouldn't like but it's so well done; I feel they have an arc here, planned for the whole season and that is so cool that a show is so carefully crafted. I've changed my mind about Glee and I don't really like musicals. Go figure.

SG:U. There will be a longer post about that later.

I'm behind in everything and I blame Facebook. Do not get on Facebook. They have games there that are designed to keep you coming back multiple times a day, thus eating up all your extra/creative time. I KNOW how they are manipulating me and I have faith I will burn myself out and walk away at some point. Remember computer solitare? I played that A LOT, hours and hours until I got the perfect game, then I stopped cold turkey. I'm way behind in the seasonal stuff and still have about 300 posts on my flist to catch up on, and I have one more day off. :::sigh::: I'm pretty irritated with myself...but wait, let me go check my Fairygarden to see if that Snowy Owl has come by yet, and I've got my crops coming in tomorrow on Farmville and Farmtown (just need 20 more gifts on the tree to 'fill' it and then I wonder what it will do?) See? Just time killing games but I feel obligated to continue to farm and water and such. I haven't got the extra time to spend on this stuff. It would be different if I were chained to a computer all day and had intermittent periods of downtime, but I don't. I've wasted another day here. :(

But I digress....


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