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I kinda got away from fannish stuff for a while. I blame my kindle. I started reading a lot more books. I read all the Dresden books, and the Longmire books, along with a few other series. I finally hit an annoying book the same time Escapade happened. Hanging out with fans and going to panels of shows I like really jazzed me up again. I found some decent Person of Interest fic at AO3. I had been reading the occasional Merlin fic but I'm not happy with how the show ended, so I don't have much interest in reading more Merlin fic.

I like The Good Wife and got a giggle out of last Sunday's ep. There was a reconciliation scene between Peter and Eli. I was thinking, "if this were fanfic, they'd hug and kiss right about now." Well, we did get a very emotional, but still manly, hug. Made me happy. :)

Everyone at home is pretty good, mostly. Brindle is an insulin dependent diabetic. I need to do another post and log the details for history sake.

And in ten days I will go from full time to part time mainly because I'm getting burned out and grew weary of hearing myself bitch about the job. I will need to be more frugal, and I think the era of the Big Vacation Trips is over. Mom is getting more infirm and I need to be home more for her, too. Basically it's two nights a week instead of three. Two twelve hour night of running about, getting coughed on by sick people and being very stressed out by having too many people to care for. Who do you see first?? Who do you skip? This is the 36 year I've doing this job. There's a honors banquet in a few weeks but I'm not going. After they froze our pension, I don't feel very civil. Best to skip it.

I've been watching a lot of TV. Shows I look forward to seeing are: Big Bang Theory, Person of Interest, Grimm, Castle, Good Wife, Once Upon a Time, Mentalist, Arrow and now Supernatural again. Can't forget keeping up on The Daily Show, Colbert Report and the Rachel Maddow Show. And then there are shows I used to like more but still watch: Bones, NCIS, Criminal Minds.... And then there are shows I watch just to keep up on the conversation--that's mostly Elementary. Hawaii Five O switches catagories depending on what they are doing. :(
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Why is it I've seen two great interviews of the country leaders, King Abdullah of Jordan and PM David Cameron of the UK...and they were both on "frivolous" shows: The Daily Show and Late Night with David Letterman.

News programs are either full of fluff or are propaganda machines that are full of commentary. They have to generate ratings so there is no way they'd give a minimum of 15 minutes to a world leader. Yet comedy/variety shows can. Isn't that interesting?

Other round up:
Castle, Yay!
H5O, okaaay....
NCIS, Ducky's back. Yay!
Criminal Minds, had to finish it the next day as I couldn't stay awake. That's sad.
Elementary, totally underwhelmed. I'll give it a few more eps.
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I've finally succumb to all my friends that said, "You need to watch the Big Bang Theory." I finally have and yes, it is good. This is the first sitcom I've watched since...since...since I can't remember. Mom even likes it.

Currently I'm watching Obama's State of the Union speech. I'm doing a drinking game and am quickly getting tipsy. A drink for every time Boehner tears up, there's a standing O, the camera finds someone reading something...but what is really increasing my blood alchohol level is taking a tiny, tiny sip every time Biden nods his head. I've taken 12 sips just writing this far.

Criminal Minds...Read more... )

Castle! Read more... )

Oh jeez, he's getting standing O after standing O. I may have to get another drink. Boehner looks like he's got hemorrhoids.

The American Being Human. SO NOT IMPRESSED. But I was pretty negative about Merlin and Now I love it so I'll stick with it for a while. Read more... )

Ohh! He's gonna veto any bill with earmarks! Now that was a itsey bitsy standing O. *g*

Hawaii 5-0 is getting better.

Oh look. The Indipendant guy fianlly quit reading that paper and stood up and clapped. American Muslins got a standing O. Hillary is nodding--that's not gonna count cause I've got very little left! Boehner now looks like he's trying not to throw up. Is it that hard to just sit quietly and listen?.

Ha ha ha! :::looks at the little drunken mood rabbit.::::

Just drained my glass and there's 25 minutes left!
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Impressed with:

Last week's Glee, Grilled Cheesus :Read more... )

SPN's Weekend at Bobby's:Read more... )

The Mentalist, Red Carpet Treatment:Read more... )

Bill Maher really surprised me on the last latest show. During his new rules, he had this weirdly reasoned out premise that started with Brett Favre and his sexting scandal. How an entitled white dude is the only one that would think anyone else would want to see a picture of his penis. But in the past, our culture was owned by white men and they are going a little crazy now that they are seeing their position eroding with a black President, a woman Secretary of State, and this year for the first time the birth of white babies is in the minority column. This is why they think the country needs 'restoring.' That white men are the only ones solidly in support of candidates like Sarah Palin and Christine O'Donnell (women and minorities don't like 'em.) He called them MILF's and said white men liked them because they represent something they miss dearly -- the traditional idiot housewife. It's certainly an interesting point of view.

House--a lot more than I thought I would. Read more... )

Castle still delights. It's the first show I catch up on.

The Good Wife also continues to surprise me. It is so well written. I find myself quite liking the campaign manager. And Colinda is deliciously mysterious.

Top Gear always makes me chuckle. I can't imagine how the Reliant Robin wasn't recalled immediately. I think the boys are getting along better this year; last year I felt there was tension, like they had been together too long and were getting irritated with each other.

Criminal Minds has been stressed by the casting change. I hear there will be more Reid this year. I think that's a good plan. We've had more of his backstory than anyone else's but it's been ignored now for a few years. It's time to revisit it.

Still on trial: Undercovers, Hawaii Five-O. Both are pretty to look at but really need less polish and more heart. I like all the actors on Five-0 but find all the !ACTION! annoying. The stuff with Dano and his daughter is very nice though.

Gave up on or haven't even watched: Nikita, Defenders, Blue Bloods (no interest, no interest, not enough free time to try it.)

And then there's SG:U. Read more... )

ETA: Merlin! How could I forget that? I've been loving it. Read more... )
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He passed away last night from complications of melanoma. He was 69. Very sad.

I loved a lot of his shows, and was tickled by those card games on Castle he was a part of.
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Eureka: Read more... )

White Collar Read more... )

Being Human Read more... )

Merlin Read more... )

Too funny!

Sep. 8th, 2010 08:35 pm
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Referencing that last post. The genre listed for SGU? They have it listed as "Reality." LOL!
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...can be found here:


I think I'll be recording way too much TV for a while until shows take themselves out of the running.

Monday is House, The Event, Castle and Hawaii Five-0. Five-0 has lots of familiar faces and the ads look good (possible buddy show maybe?) James Marsters is a bad guy who I *think* I might have heard was recurring. The Event, well, it's got a mystery that is SF-ish, but honestly if they tease for too long, I'm gone. Lost has ruined me--I just don't like the constant tease. Castle is one of my Top Five shows. House is uneven but I'm still keeping up with for now.

Tuesday is NCIS, Glee, The Good Wife and NCIS: LA but only if my flist is all "oooh! Did you see last night's episode!!" The Good Wife I've really enjoyed but I was flummoxed by Alicia even considering to leave her husband right in the middle of an important event without a head's up and for her womanizing co-worker that she's in lust with? She's been so smart and that is just so dumb. As for NCIS, I like Gibbs and I'm not real happy with some of the choices he's made though the years. Good thing I like Abby and Ducky so much.... Oh, I almost forgot SG:U. With no temptation of Shanks, I feel less likely to make the effort. I hear McKay will be showing up though I know not for how long. I can't imagine McKay in that loser environment. I have to say that Jack and Daniel didn't mix well there--just being in their plot line kinda soiled their characters. White Collar (Top Five) and Covert Affairs are just ending their run.

Wednesday is Criminal Minds (which really had the dole drums last year and I wince at the changes this year but I hope this Top Five show can keep it together.) Undercovers looks fun and has Gerald McRaney in a supporting role. The Defenders...well, I picked that cause it takes place in Vegas and that might be fun. I'm still watching Chasing Mummies. I like seeing all the Egyptian stuff in a behind the scenes way.

Thursday is Bones (again with the changes and we'll see how that is managed.) CSI cause it's a habit. Nikita because I liked La Femme Nikita (and isn't that a lame reason?) and The Mentalist (a Top Five.) I almost never watch sitcoms but will give that Shatner show a chance and also Big Bang Theory (which I have seen one ep but I just wasn't impressed, but all my friends keep gushing about it.)

Friday, SPN (again with the changes!) Eureka and Haven are finishing up. Will give Body of Proof a chances (Dana Delany and Jerri Ryan--who is hated by all, but :::shrug:::)

Saturday is download day for Merlin (Top Five.) Being Human is finishing up this week I think.

Sunday, Dexter. :) Dexter will have changes so it could squeeze it's way back into my Top Six if they do it right, or not.

So, that's eight new shows. Anybody want to pimp a show I've not noticed? Thanks!

Oh! Can't forget to mention The Colbert Report and The Daily Show! Those are musts!

ETA: Top Gear!! That's definitely a Top Five (which is now Top Six or Seven.)
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Eureka. They really stepped up to the plate this season. I love what they are doing. Not crazy about the last episode but that's because I don't watch Warehouse 13. But I'm really enjoying this show this year.

White Collar. Again, I like it. I think the show has found its rhythm. Very enjoyable.

Haven. I still find it odd but like the character Duke (and his actor.)

Being Human. Am enjoying this one, too. Lots of cards in play. Fun stuff. I love meta in a show when it's down well.

Pillars of the Earth. Very enjoyable! I wish I could watch this mini-series all at once. And I want all the bad guys' karma to bite 'em in the ass as quickly as possible, please!

Covert Affairs. I was turned off by the ads (not attracted to the starlet looking all hunted, confused and helpless.) But a friend told me that's not the show and the main character is actually quite competent. I've seen three eps now and really like it. I don't have to work at paying attention. It has interesting plots, interesting characters and some good actors. I'm not a fan of main actress as she emotes a little too loudly but that could be the directors. Hopefully that will settle down after a few more eps. I do find it interesting that most of the male characters have been untrustworthy or at least have an agenda except for Auggie. I do like him and like his relationship with Annie. And I like that Annie is good at her job, and that her concerns of having some interaction with her sister and nieces is desired and not a burden. They're up to ep number four or five right now but are rerunning the earlier eps a lot so you can catch up. Oh yeah, the one I watched tonight had Oded Fehr in it (it's called No Quarter if you are just an Oded Fehr fan.)

Just told Tivo to get Rubicon. Another spy show. I wonder why all the spy shows suddenly?

Also have to mention Top Gear and James May's Toy Stories. Very entertaining.

Finished watching the bronze medal Curling game finally. Sweden vs. Switzerland. Excellent game! Amazing shots. Just one more to go now.

I think I've given up on The Gates unless someone cares to defend its honor?
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Loved White Collar.
Read more... )

Am intrigued by Eureka (again, SPOILERS!)
Read more... )

Haven and The Gates are proving to be difficult to concentrate on. I'll continue for now.

Doctor Who is both better and worse.

Read more... )

Persons Unknown was too irritating to continue with. Lost has totally ruined my tolerance for The Tease. I must watch some Twin Peaks as that was a mystery but I don't recall being so annoyed by that.

And season two of Being Human starts next week. I know that's old news to some of my flist, but it's new here. :)
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Read more... )
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When I was on vacation, I missed all my shows due to a glitch. The ABC shows I could watch on their website, but I had a harder time finding The Mentalist (I don't torrent.) I found a place and just watched the two show I missed. http://tvshack.net/ They have many different shows, though not all by any means.

I also watched SGU tonight. :::sigh:::: I like Rush more than any of the others and feel contempt towards Young. They can all succumb to their stupidity any time now.

Doctor Who. I know you've all heard this before..."well, I didn't hate it." But that does not mean that I liked it. Any new show needs to be give a break for at least six eps but currently it's at the bottom of my list to watch. After SGU.

My most enjoyed show this week was Top Gear's Bolivian adventure. I had now idea there was a place in the world where you could drive at an elevation of 17,000 feet! Holy crap! And James was a bit testy, wasn't he? I had the feeling we missed seeing lots of stuff and that show could have been a couple of hours longer.

I'm having to keep this brief as Brindle is sleeping in front of the monitor. He's decided to take back his human (this one at least.) He naps, then crawls into my arms for some intense biscuit making. Repeat. I think he's decided he's not Greta Garbo, and he doesn't want to be alone any more.

Had a tough loss at work this week. A perfect term baby that was failing from bacteria meningitis less than two days after birth. He had a massive brain bleed the next day, and he was taken off the ventilator after a relative arrived from overseas. It's the unexpected ones that leave you feeling gutted. The parents were such nice people, too.
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I'm feeling vaguely guilty about not writing here more. It's that damn FB....

Anyway, I've really enjoyed Supernatural lately, especially #100. #100 on Bones was good too. Can I say I liked South Park's #200 twice as much as the others? *g* That Streisand monster! Too much! Castle continues to delight. And Stargate...well, they've managed to finally make all their characters unlikeable. I'm kinda rooting for some aliens to wipe them out now. You know, I can put up with plot holes and bad SF if they just give me characters I can like. I keep thinking it's a ship load of Mallozzis, Coopers and Wrights. I'd have either gone catatonic or stroked out after a week if I was on that ship.

Finally saw Changleling on the tv. Amazing how they took over the town for a week and probably ended up with less than two minutes of screen time. Hmph. I'm still holding a grudge against Clint for calling my town dumpy (he was more diplomatic than that, but that's what he meant.) Hmph!

While we were up in Alaska, the people on the other side of the hill put chain link around all their property so it's a strip that goes up over the hill and down on my side and right against our wrought iron fence. That makes our gate up to the hill useless. There's been a lot less raccoons in our yard now. And I've not seen Cutiepie since we got back. The fence must have upset the routes the wildlife used. Maybe this will keep the coyotes out?? I need to go up there and find out what it looks like and if it will keep them from digging under the fence.

I have seen one raccoon, in fact, she was taking a little nap on the step tonight. Cutiepie's tail hung limply and this one stretches out for balance. She's doing some things that Cutiepie used to do, but I don't think it's her. No grey eyes, either. Well, usually this time of year is when the coons are most scarce so I can't say she's MIA for another few months.

Abby, the feral cat we've got in the house, is wonderful. She's now to the point that if you pat your leg and call her, she'll come running up to be petted. She's slept on our laps and is very interactive now. Brindle, due to skin issues, has given up the cat tree for a while. Abby loves it and she and Buddy race up and down it, back and forth, until they are so tired they each take a perch for a nap. Of course, she'll still run away from us about 20% of the time, but it's getting better. She's confident and playful...a real joy to have around the house. And Buddy is great, too. Cuddlesome and playful, he has an amazing personality. Poor Brindle is sulking a bit I fear, but I make a point to interact with him often. Silly boy.

And now I'm going to watch the first ep of the new Doctor Who.
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Just a quick note before I run off to bed. The paper mentioned a new show with apparently very steaming sex scenes (and I know that would appeal to many of my flist--I'm just saying!)

Spartacus: Blood and Sand. It's on the Starz channel and is being run repeatedly. I haven't seen any ads, but this is the website:

It says:

Betrayed by the Romans. Forced into slavery. Reborn as a Gladiator. The classic tale of the Republic’s most infamous rebel comes alive in the graphic and visceral new series, Spartacus: Blood and Sand. Torn from his homeland and the woman he loves, Spartacus is condemned to the brutal world of the arena where blood and death are primetime entertainment. But not all battles are fought upon the sands. Treachery, corruption, and the allure of sensual pleasures will constantly test Spartacus. To survive, he must become more than a man. More than a gladiator. He must become a legend.

Starring Australian actor, Andy Whitfield (McLeod's Daughters) as Spartacus, Lucy Lawless (Xena: Warrior Princess) as Lucretia, John Hannah (The Mummy, Four Weddings and A Funeral) as Batiatus and Peter Mensah (300, The Incredible Hulk) as Doctore, this unique mix of live action, graphic novel effects and brutal battle sequences is set to make "Spartacus: Blood and Sand" an epic television event."

It could be worth a look.
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First, White Collar is renewed:

Second, for those that like Colbert, the outtakes of his cover shoot can be found here:


Third, the cats are doing good. The relationships are fluid and of course are complicated by jealously induced naughtiness. Sometimes it's just better if we leave them to it.

Forth, Cutiepie, the aged raccoon is still ambling into the courtyard. Her eyes look grey, her walk is arthritic and her features a bit sunken like old animals get. She's still getting by though. We buy grapes just for her.

Fifth, Merlin, Criminal Minds and Dexter are what TV should be about. Castle and the Mentalist are wonderfully solid shows. The Good Wife is a show I shouldn't like but it's so well done; I feel they have an arc here, planned for the whole season and that is so cool that a show is so carefully crafted. I've changed my mind about Glee and I don't really like musicals. Go figure.

SG:U. There will be a longer post about that later.

I'm behind in everything and I blame Facebook. Do not get on Facebook. They have games there that are designed to keep you coming back multiple times a day, thus eating up all your extra/creative time. I KNOW how they are manipulating me and I have faith I will burn myself out and walk away at some point. Remember computer solitare? I played that A LOT, hours and hours until I got the perfect game, then I stopped cold turkey. I'm way behind in the seasonal stuff and still have about 300 posts on my flist to catch up on, and I have one more day off. :::sigh::: I'm pretty irritated with myself...but wait, let me go check my Fairygarden to see if that Snowy Owl has come by yet, and I've got my crops coming in tomorrow on Farmville and Farmtown (just need 20 more gifts on the tree to 'fill' it and then I wonder what it will do?) See? Just time killing games but I feel obligated to continue to farm and water and such. I haven't got the extra time to spend on this stuff. It would be different if I were chained to a computer all day and had intermittent periods of downtime, but I don't. I've wasted another day here. :(

But I digress....


Oct. 25th, 2009 04:00 am
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Finally got around to watching the new Wallace and Gromit DVD. I think I laughed only twice. And I didn't care for the fat jokes. I am disappointed. It seemed thin and a bit mean in parts. Oh well.

Criminal Minds was creepy. Reid was looking fine though. VERY interesting change to the team. I look forward to seeing what happens next.

SGU. Read more... )

But hey, Merlin was fun! Beauty and the Beast. Read more... )

And even though it's repetitive, I adore Castle. I love the writing and the writer's jokes. And the characters. It is such fun. :)

I gave the pilot to White Collar a try this weekend. It's on USA and is repeating a bunch this week. It's a buddy show, with two likable characters, one who is quite attractive and it has a nice dynamic. The FBI agent says to the con man/art forger that is paroled into his custody, "You're mine for the next four years. Is that a problem?" Heh heh heh. Have to see where it goes from here but it's worth checking out.

Well, I've got ten minutes left on the SGU ep and it will be finished. It really shouldn't be this much work to watch a tv show, right?
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Castle continues to delight. I think the reason why I like it so much (aside from how adorable Nathan is) is the witty dialogue. And I really appreciate the changes they've made this season (backing off of the intense flirtation between Castle and Beckett, changing Beckett's style off from the clubbing look and giving the two cops on her team more of a presence.) I went out today and bought Heat Wave. *g* Do you know that Nathan Fillion is doing a book signing at the Grove in Farmer's Market at a B&N next Monday as Richard Castle? Too funny. I'd say it was product placement but the book is part of the show. Read more... ) I like this show more and more with each episode.

I still like House but not as much as I used to. It's interesting that Read more... )

And...I still haven't watched SG:U yet.
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It's been interesting trying to figure out what Tivos are assigned to record which shows. I can record three things at once. Only on Thursdays at 8 is there four shows: Bones, Ugly Betty, Vampire Diaries and FastForward. Vampire Diaries drew the short straw for now.

Read more... )

Being Human:
Read more... )

Merlin--The Curse of Cornelius Sigan:
Read more... )

Criminal Minds:
Read more... )

Read more... )

The NCIS':
Read more... )

Read more... )

I still haven't seen House or The Forgotten or the Good Wife. Wow. I'm gonna be swamped. I'm hoping for some duds actually.

Busy busy!

Sep. 8th, 2009 12:23 pm
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I worked the weekend, all three days in the NICU. It was like Whack-a-mole as I went from bed to bed as they were being persnickety. One little dude is the smallest we've had even though he wasn't that immature (IUGR-Intrauterine growth restriction.) He's 37 weeks old now but we can't get him off the ventilator. He weighed 460 grams and now is 1060, so he's gone from a pound to two pounds. "But he's doubled his weight!" I'd say and the nurse would just give me The Look. Yeah, yeah...I know a close to term baby shouldn't weigh two pounds. He's still perking along though. The latest admission is another small for gestational age baby (IUGR again.) She is 600gms but is 33 weeks and there for quite mature, relatively speaking. She's adorable and spunky and grabs your finger tip as she looks you in the eye, like "I will remember you for this!" as we change her diaper. She's got a winning hand as she is a black female and statistically speaking, she should breeze through the next few weeks and go home in great shape. Her parents couldn't be happier or goofier. It's sweet.

After this, I must go to the recycling center. I didn't last week because it was just too damn hot. Right now it's 81! It's only a two day break and will get hot again tomorrow. I'm so sick of this.

A good space shuttle/ISS viewing tonight out here. A full five minutes of space ship viewing! And then I need to clean out tivo in prep for the fall season. What are people looking forward to, aside from SPN, that is? Especially, the new stuff. There's buzz about Glee but I know nothing about it. Oh, Tivo just had a special ad for Glee; this is it's second year? Wow.

Still have helicopters buzzing the house, but it's down to about twice an hour. I went by the local airport yesterday morning on my way home and snapped a few shots. The fire is still burning, actually moving more east towards us but is far back, more towards the desert side. Words can not describe what has happened. :( The air is cleaner though, and I bet my car isn't ash covered today.

Made some headway with Emma last night. I bought her a few kitty toys and she really took to them. Last night she sniffed my finger and tapped my fingers a little. I dangled a toy mouse and she would bat at it--all with her mostly under the bed still. Progress! It's been a month now that she's been our captive. I was beginning to wonder if she was feral after all. If you're interested in which kitty toys, one was a mouse and I've found it all over the bedroom so she is carrying it around; her eyes light up when she sees it. The second is a pingpong ball in a donut shaped tube:


Photos of firefighting helicopters, on the ground at Brackett Field and a blurry one over my house:
Read more... )
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I finally got around to watching the season three ender of Primeval. I take it there will be a season 4? Read more... )

Being Human. This one got off to a slow start and I'm aware of a few of my friends that gave up on it. I'm so glad I didn't. I've got one more ep to go and I'm finding it very exciting and fun. Will there be a season 2? Read more... )

Defying Gravity continues to be a real groaner. Why do I do this to myself?

Merlin ended. How do people feel about it that were watching it for the first time?

Oh, and I hear Colbert is going to address the next space shuttle as it is carrying up the C.O.L.B.E.R.T. for deployment. Should be entertaining. *g*


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