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And then I went to the CEO's meeting yesterday. Sounds like we'll have 20-50 people laid off but they are offering some small perks for those who are thinking of retiring soon to encourage them, first. I miss that bunch by 3 years. :::heavy sigh::: Anyway, I think the Respiratory dept might be targeted because our director got reamed for poor productivity a couple of weeks ago. But they will be going by seniority so I think my job is safe this time. Mr CEO was doing the big crocodile tears about how tough it is to let go of people. Uh huh. He's been here a year and all he has done is trim, lay off and harp at productivity. He reminds me of that bear in Toy Story 3. He even has the same accent.
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It's such a bummer not being able to squee before going anyway now since it could attract misfortune to home and hearth. But now I'm back. Yay!

The con was good. It seems to have stablized at a reduced size. Most of the panels were good, but I've learned to avoid panels that have a certain personality as a moderator. The art show was a tad smaller but had some good pieces. I liked the Sherlock and there was a fab Rumplestiltskin. I bought three zines because I realized this might be the first MWC where I did not buy a zine and that was so sad because I used to dozens.

I did a Merlin door decoration. There's maybe 1 out of 6 doors with something on them, so that's kind of sad, too.

I swear the hotel was being passive aggressive about the con. I had a heck of a time using the masking tape on the door because they had spray waxed the door. The first two nights a notice was slipped under the door stating that if we moved the furniture, we would be charged $150/DAY for the wear and tear on it. Hummingbirds had a reduced menu but better prices and better service than last year. NO decorations were on the walls. They totally screwed up our hotel bill. My roomies checked out at 4am the day before and we were splitting the bill. I was charged close to $400 but thought, oh well, my roomies must have decided that was fair. Then I got an email saying they were charged close to $800 and the total bill should have been only $650ish. They charged us nearly double! My roomie called and said it is straightened out. We'll see.

I did co-mod a Merlin panel because even though there were about 6 suggested panels, non made it to the schedule. There were other shows that were totally shut out even though there were a lot of suggestions. There must have been six Strachey panels, lots of Sherlock and SPN ones, too. I very much enjoyed a Person of Interest panel and a Mentalist panel. The Once Upon a Time panel was okay. There was conflict so I missed a few I wanted to attend.

The flight there was fine, the flight back had delays and I had 13 minutes to make my connection in Atlanta and never would have made it except an airport guy with an electric cart saw me and asked if I needed help. Great, great guy! In contrast, we were in SeaTac a few years ago and I had arrange Mom to have transport to our connection. Not only did they not show up, empty electric carts drove by us and the drivers looked away and ignored us even though I was gesturing and calling to them. Such a difference.

I did not get a Chevy Cruz for a rental like I'd hoped (it was so much fun to drive last year and great milage!) This time it was Nissan Sentra. Yuck.

Buddy did nip my nose when I got back but then immediately licked it to apologize. He is such a sweetie!

Cat update

Jan. 28th, 2011 01:38 am
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Last night, Buddy went into the bedroom for an inspection and took longer than usual. I was in a hurry so I just shut him in with Coco. When Mom went to bed, he was settled in the window seat and had no desire to leave. I asked her how it went this morning and she said it was quiet. Once Coco got up on the bed for a little bit then went back under. Usually Buddy gets up at 7am and wants out to do his rounds but he slept in til noon. When she went to check on him, he finally got up, peered under the bed before he left and gave Mom a look like, "I'm trying but she's not making it easy." It's been a long while since we had a cat that was eloquent with just looks! He is such a sweetie.

I need to get more photos of Coco. She's very pretty.

Cat update

Jan. 22nd, 2011 03:12 am
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I *think* the Feliway is helping as the cats have gotten more affectionate but it hasn't helped our problem yet.
We've been leaving the door open but Coco just hides under the bed and Abby lurks about for hours until I shoo her out so Coco can have a bathroom break.

Last night the door was open but I was in the living room, fairly exhausted from 4 days of very little sleep and driving to Lompoc and back. I was drifting off when suddenly Buddy leaped off the cat tree. I put the mute on the tv and could hear yowling in the bedroom. By the time I got there, Buddy had his head and shoulders under the bed and was monitoring the situation. I got a broom and a flashlight and had a look. Abby was under the head of the bed and Coco was at the foot of the bed. I shooed Abby out of the room completely with the broom. She bounced out of their like a superball. Buddy looked upset. All Buddy wants is for everyone to get along. We shut Coco up so she could calm down and back we went into the living room. I really thought Abby would fear me after that, but within ten minutes she walked up to me and leaned on my leg. "We're good, aren't we?" Sure! Buddy felt better after that.

I *think* Abby might have just wanted to be with Coco and since she won't come out from under the bed, she went under it. Coco saw it as aggression. This is just gonna take a while. :(

I have mentioned lately how sweet and loving and playful Coco is? She is a darling cat. They are all wonderful cats but cats and their politics!
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Had a great time. Bought some lovely rocks, tools and a 'packable hat' for the up coming cruise. It looks like a straw hat with a five inch brim, quite graceful, but it's made of rag and nylon and it rolls right up to fit in the luggage. Cool. We stayed at the Rodeway Inn, the #2 motel in Blythe according to Trip Adviser. Honestly, I have no complaints about the lodging but last night when we drove up at 11pm, it looked creepy and slightly dangerous. It was fine in the daylight. It was just that 'desert town' vib.

Then we stopped at Agua Caliente, (Indian casino) for a seafood buffet. We're home now. The Feliway has been in use since Wednesday morning. I'm not seeing anything yet, but we were gone since Thursday. We'll let Coco out again tomorrow.

More cat politics:
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We got home late on Wednesday night. The boys ran out as we came in. Abby ran away from me, but within 30 minutes was plopped down on my lap, making biscuits and purring her secret little purr that you can only feel, not hear. She actually missed us! Not her servants or her roommates, but she missed her mummies that she loves! And she has been much more affectionate and relaxed around us. :)

Brindle also is very affectionate. Buddy seemed annoyed with us, upset. He did go to bed with me, but settled down at my feet. At some point during the night, he apparently forgave me and curled up in my arms for some cuddling and pattycake face (he likes to pat my face, headbutt it and stare deeply into my eyes.)

And since we've been home, lots of chores. And back to the grind tomorrow night.

Yosemite was wonderful. Cool and crisp, and smelling like Christmas and mulch. Beautiful colors, too. The forest was shadowy dark but the dogwoods were pink/yellow or bright yellow and brightened up the woods considerably. It rained most of Tuesday but that was relaxing, too. The falls had water in them, and in the morning the cliff sides were dusted with ice and snow. Tuesday night we drove to Tunnel View (or Inspiration Point) and parked. We watched the clouds coil and swirl around the cliffs, El Capitan in particular, and how the light from the setting sun provided dramatic and surprising effects. There was one brief moment when the last rays from the sun found a peep hole in the clouds. A small circle of rose lite the side of El Capitan while the clouds hovered at the top, giving the granite a circlet of whitish blue clouds. It only last a few seconds, so no photo. But you could easily imagine that that's where the mountain's heart is.

The drive home was stately with delays due to road works but as that gave us even more time to appreciate the forest and the views, it was all good. Then we stopped at a rock shop in Oakhurst and I found Mom a nice opal for Christmas.

Now it warmish and dry, and very clear. It's good to go away, but it's awfully nice to be home again. :)

Oh, I almost forgot. While we were driving around the valley floor, I pulled over near the bend in the river, looked down...and realized that I was looking at a naked man, posing, probably for a photographer I couldn't seen. This guy was covered in tattoos and had bits that glinted with metal piercings. Huh. I snapped a couple of photos and sped off, laughing with Mom. It was really too cold for stuff like that!
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In non varmit news, I went to the County Fair and had a great time. I tried the deep fried PB&J and it was really pretty good. I was chatting with some young men who were doing an Extreme Dining visit and they gave me the rundown on what deep fried was good and what wasn't. They also thought the PB&J was the best of the lot. Somores, avocado and cheeseburgers--yes. Twinkies, no.
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Here are three photos of the Award Winning Top Gear Door from the MediaWestCon competition, Buddy and the Monkey Flowers and two Momma raccoon photos...with nipples!

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...she's no longer a captive. She got out on Saturday and she wants to live out there even though it's cold (I'm in California so we're talking low 40s at night right now.) I'm leaving kibble out for her all day, but take it in at night as I don't want to draw other animals to her patch. She's living under a big lavatera bush, but as it was very windy today, she moved under the house...where I think a skunk or two might have moved to, too. Last week, I tried putting the screen back on the access but something punched it back out. I must have trapped something in there.

She was letting us both pet her, but I tried to pick her up on Monday. I have a scratched face now. Not bad at all, not like what Brindle did to me in 2003. Now she won't come near me. Well, she came out from under the house when I called for this afternoon and then veered under the bush. She started again towards me, caught herself and went to ground somewhere under that bush. Mom said she let her pet her a lot this morning so...we're back to trying to seduce a cat to come in on their own. Buddy comes out to visit with her. That first day/night, we called for her a lot and he went with us. He seemed very concerned and kept looking for her that day/night.

And now I'm wondering if Brindle is gay. He was so happy to have Buddy as a friend at first, but when she moved in, he got all grouchy and irritable and liked harassing her. Now that she is gone, he is relaxed and in a much better mood. I think he was jealous. Now he has his boyfriend to himself again.

But really, EVERYBODY loves Buddy. And he's so sweet he makes sure everyone gets face time with him. *g*

So, back to Abby updates. :::sigh:::
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Just a quick note, mainly for myself.

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I know, I know..."MORE cat photos?" This will be the last until they do something really cute. Everyone likes cute, right? These are just slightly cute. Read more... )
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Buddy brought in a lizard to give to us. We must have been upgraded to 'family.' Wasn't that sweet?

And yes, there is a live lizard (unknown injuries) in the dvd pile by the tv.

No, wait! As I write this, it darted under a chair. Didn't catch it. Good times, eh? *g*
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Things are still going well. Buddy came in a few minutes ago, damp from our first rain months. He was a little shook up (do you SEE what's happening out there?!) So, yeah, I bet he would have become our kitty by now even if he hadn't flipped on his own. Nearly all our strays have moved in around November when the weather gets cold and wet. I think we can deduce exactly why cats became "domesticated." Warm, dry, food and servants? Who wouldn't want a piece of that?

Last night Emma walked over while Buddy was eating and I stroked her a few times. She walked over to me and...I couldn't resist. I thought maybe she had flipped in her choice like Buddy did. I picked her up. She got the wiggles and I put her down on the bed. She before she jumped off the other side of the bed, she stopped and looked at me with such a look of betrayal! It was actually pretty funny, but I didn't laugh. Today, she was undecided if I was safe to be around but she did venture out when I put Buddy in with her. I think I will respect her space for a while and give her a few strokes a few days from now. I went in before bedtime last night and was having a lovefest with Buddy on the bed. She kept popping up to look at what was going on, making sure I was hurting him I'm sure. I think she wants that, too. There was an eagerness to her like she was just *this* close to hopping up on the bed, too.
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The skunk waddled out at midnight after many false starts. Big, big YAY!!! And no loss of pressure at any point, either.

And I found were the coyote had dug under the fence and filled the whole with rocks and branches. That should work for a while.

Buddy spent the night with me. He is very loving, very touchy touchy. But in the morning (and only about 4 hours after I went to bed) he was even more so. I think he's the sort that if he wants food or to be let out, he will kill you with love and affection. Well, it could be worse....

And now I must start on SG:U as I've been putting off watching the opener.
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Buddy and Emma were friendly back when they were on their own outdoors. Since Buddy was allowing us to pick him up, I took him in to see Emma. He was very spooked to see her, while she was eager for the company and they spent a while touching noses. He examined the whole room with the attitude of an Amnesty International worker examining a dungeon (food, water, toilet...everything they need to keep her here forever!) They chirped a lot to each other. He finally settled on a bookcase and she wanted in the worst way to go up there, too, but that would mean leaving her shelter (she did bounce up there briefly for a butt sniff but quickly left.) He looked like "what is your problem?" I think she was too hyper and acting like a kitty nerd.

We left them together for about one hour and when I checked, he wanted out of the bedroom. Then he was very antsy, darting about and looking under the furniture. He went to the sliding door but we coaxed him back to us. He lay down but couldn't settle and eventually ran back to Mom's bedroom door. I let him in. She was right on the other side and they play slapped at each other. I shut the door and let them have some quality time.

I'm sure his visit was a morale booster for her and maybe he will help her sort things out better. There is a reason for the term 'copy cat.'
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Buddy had his evening meal last evening and as I was putting out fresh water and kibble for the creatures of the night he came back into the courtyard complaining loudly. I went over to see what the problem was and he wanted to be petted. Mom came out and and joined the lovefest saying she could hear he sounded very lonely. He came in with us and the spent the evening testing his boundaries, starting with rolling on the carpet closer and closer to us to eventually spending 5 hours on the easy chair with me. He spent time between my legs and in a bold move (with encouragement from me) walked up on my stomach and settled down. Turns out he is quite the body buddy and is one of those cats that like to touch, using my hand or shoulder as a pillow. And it was important to him that he included Mom, too, and would walk over to her, head butt her and grab her hand to hold it close.

He followed me to bed and cuddled up to me there, too. He seems so happy and kept touching my face with his paw. Mom got up first and even though he could hear her moving about, he stayed with me until I got up, then he ran out to the kitchen for his breakfast. Mom said he was very affectionate first, then ate his food.

He's out now but hopefully he'll be the same this evening. :)

Brindle's skin is acting up and is currently spending 24/7 in the bathtub. He must know Buddy is in the house but he isn't making any trouble. They sorted out the pecking order a few months ago outside and Buddy won.

Anyway, it appears we have a new affectionate, gentle cat, and strangely enough, appears to be appropriately named. :)
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Where I update Emma, Buddy and stuff.

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Just a quick up date. It's hot, hot, hot outside--105. And I'll be driving off to a long weekend in Las Vegas where it is 106. Joy. But I will have friends and laughter and alcohol and fannish conversations. Indoors. It will all be indoors unless there's a pool involved. Better yet!

Saw Buddy last night. He was MIA for two days after we made the break though. We were feeling pretty tense about him missing, but he strolled back into the house complaining all the way.

Made a little break through with Emma last night. I hung upside down off the bed and using a flashlight and a mirror, was able to entice her to play a little bit with that cat toy on a stick. She looked yearning for a while and finally couldn't resist and batted it a few times. Then she looked a bit alarmed, turned around and wouldn't participate anymore. Then this morning when I opened the door to say hi, she was on the bed and gave me a belligerent look like 'you gonna make me leave?' That's great! She's feeling like she has rights, so that's a good step forward. But I'm leaving 5 days. I've encouraged Mom to keep interacting with her. Finger's crossed!

Hey, I've filled up my 16g iPod Touch. I guess that means I can move up to a new level of toys. *g* I was thinking about an Archos 5 or 7 or something. Anyone have any opinions about that? I thought I'd try something that isn't all proprietary.

Anyway, you all have fun this weekend!
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We were out having coffee at twilight tonight. It's a habit and the cats come around for dinner at the same time. It's the social hour at Sweetpea Manor. Anyway, Buddy walked under my chair and I trailed my fingers along his back as he passed. He paused briefly, stretched, and walked on to his dinner plate. When he came back, we repeated the process and he flopped over and stared me in the eye. I figured it was an invitation to be petted or an enticement that would bring me closer so he could punish me for being too familiar. I hoped for the best and his expression was, "About frigging time!" I scratched ears and chin, rubbed his back, gave him 'elevator butt' and even ran my fingers over his tummy since he kept displaying it. And then Mom came by and repeated the process. Buddy looked content and happy. So, I'd say he wants a home and affection but we needed to pass the tests first.

Brindle was okay with it at first, then he got agitated and hissed at Buddy. He acted like he was gonna jump up on the bird bath and give Buddy what for, but Buddy just looked like, "Oh really?" Brindle thought twice about it and ran off. I need to let them sort it out. At least I've heard no cat fights yet.

Okay, the next post WILL be fannish in nature!


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