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Emma's doing a lot better. Buddy spends evenings and night times with her and they adore each other. His calm attitude has helped a lot. Half the time she still slips under the bed when I open the door to say hello, but twice now I've been able to stroke her back a few times as she come to eat beside Buddy. She and Buddy also wrestle a lot which I think is helping her with her self confidence. She's also grown by at least 50% and is quite leggy now. I'll try to take some photos of both of them tomorrow.

About a week ago, Emma got out of the bedroom. She went into the front room where Brindle was sleeping on the tv console. He apparently said rude things to her, making her hide for most of the day. After he went out, I discovered she had got back into Mom's bedroom and was under the bed again! So, she has discovered it's good to have your own little kingdom where you can relax and play and not have to deal with a great big, fuzzy orange bully.

I was going to say the varmits are getting scarse, which happens each autumn, but tonight was busy. Skunks and opossums, not to mention Cutiepie, the old raccoon and a family of three siblings. I don't know if they are on their own now or if Momma was somewhere else.

Of course, the thing that freaked me out was a saw a coyote in the courtyard about 20 minutes before the raccoons showed up! I opened the door and the coyote ran up the hill. I heard something a few minutes later and I thought he was back but there was raccoons instead. I just hate that. I'll have to go look at the back fence and see if I can see where he got in. :(

And lastly, I'm hesitant to add, but there's a skunk in the house. Mom said it snuck in Wed night when I was at work and she thought it had gotten out. But tonight, she went into the bathroom and froze when she saw the skunk in there drinking from the water bowl. The skunk just walked past her! I thought that a very odd story but then the same thing happened to me tonight. I could hear it's little nails clicking in the hallway, investigated and found the critter in the bathroom again. I got a cat carrier and put a few peanuts in it, not knowing if that was a brilliant choice or a really, really bad choice. When the skunk left, it walked between the cage and my leg and just waddled into the front room and settled down under the couch! It was almost like it was really old and didn't see or smell me. Very, very odd. And I have to add Buddy was right with me during this, offering to be of help. Luckily, he didn't get aggressive; he was concern but happy to just observe my efforts.

So, I barricaded the skunk in the front room and I'm going to go to bed. I tired and I don't want the cats to go out if I leave the door open so the skunk can get out. I'll have to try something tomorrow. I guess that's my number one chore tomorrow. *g*

And right now I'm watching two coons up in the tree playing with each other. And Buddy is beside me and Brindle is at my feet.

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Date: 2009-10-09 12:28 pm (UTC)
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Best of luck with the skunk!

I'm glad Emma's continuing to slowly come around. :-)


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