Wind event

Dec. 1st, 2011 06:25 pm
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Sorry for the spam to come. I gotta catch up so I can refer back to this.

So, we're at the end of some rather brisk Santa Ana winds. Some places were hammered with 100 mph winds, but it was just at the border of worrisome here. We had no damage to our trees but the yard is thick with eucalyptus leaves, twigs and boughs. For a while last night, it sounded like hail on the roof as it just kept raining tree debris on us. I did here a tree fall somewhere. It sounded big. And the power went off twice.

Now, to back track, on Oct 13 and 27 we had The Arborist come back. He, and his crew of six or seven, removed three trees, trimmed three others and cut up and hauled away that half of eucalyptus that fell a couple of years ago up in the north forty. And ground out two stumps, removed some St. Augustine grass and tidied up the front yard. It was a big hunk of money but it kept them very busy for two full days and a huge amount of plant matter went to the dump.

And I am so glad we did that before this wind storm hit. I'm sure two of the trimmed trees would have had damaged, if not fallen over.

New rule

Jul. 23rd, 2010 02:49 pm
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Whenever I buy a new thing that is electronic, I will now immediately find the manual on line and download it to the computer. Just did that with my new cheap work wrist watch (they get knocked around too much to buy a decent watch.) Because you KNOW by the time you want to read up on it, it will be obsolete and the company will have pulled the manual from on line. I had a Canon Camera that was a year old and they had done that. Found it eventually on line, but still.
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Canada vs. Great Britain. :) Wow. Who to root for?? I like 'em both! And am loving the accents. :)

My arm is a bit better. I can now move the arm to the side by about 4 inches, and have just some discomfort when I raise the arm up over my head, so Yay!

We had a man come out and give an estimate on replacing the garage door. The current door is failing due to metal fatigue with the middle strip of metal that holds the sections in place separated from the door. It dangles and those panels pop when the door goes up. We have only used the door a handful of times since before the trip to Alaska. So they will replace it on Saturday morning. It'll be good to get that done.

So, I've working a little on the MWC door idea and continuing to catch up on the flist.

And I feel in the mood to watch some SG1. :) Early stuff, I think. Jack, of course, would love the curling. Carter could really get into the physics of it. Not sure what Daniel would think. Teal'c understands patience but would think sweepers are undignified. He'd probably opt for some explosives at some point in the game.

Busy busy!

Sep. 8th, 2009 12:23 pm
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I worked the weekend, all three days in the NICU. It was like Whack-a-mole as I went from bed to bed as they were being persnickety. One little dude is the smallest we've had even though he wasn't that immature (IUGR-Intrauterine growth restriction.) He's 37 weeks old now but we can't get him off the ventilator. He weighed 460 grams and now is 1060, so he's gone from a pound to two pounds. "But he's doubled his weight!" I'd say and the nurse would just give me The Look. Yeah, yeah...I know a close to term baby shouldn't weigh two pounds. He's still perking along though. The latest admission is another small for gestational age baby (IUGR again.) She is 600gms but is 33 weeks and there for quite mature, relatively speaking. She's adorable and spunky and grabs your finger tip as she looks you in the eye, like "I will remember you for this!" as we change her diaper. She's got a winning hand as she is a black female and statistically speaking, she should breeze through the next few weeks and go home in great shape. Her parents couldn't be happier or goofier. It's sweet.

After this, I must go to the recycling center. I didn't last week because it was just too damn hot. Right now it's 81! It's only a two day break and will get hot again tomorrow. I'm so sick of this.

A good space shuttle/ISS viewing tonight out here. A full five minutes of space ship viewing! And then I need to clean out tivo in prep for the fall season. What are people looking forward to, aside from SPN, that is? Especially, the new stuff. There's buzz about Glee but I know nothing about it. Oh, Tivo just had a special ad for Glee; this is it's second year? Wow.

Still have helicopters buzzing the house, but it's down to about twice an hour. I went by the local airport yesterday morning on my way home and snapped a few shots. The fire is still burning, actually moving more east towards us but is far back, more towards the desert side. Words can not describe what has happened. :( The air is cleaner though, and I bet my car isn't ash covered today.

Made some headway with Emma last night. I bought her a few kitty toys and she really took to them. Last night she sniffed my finger and tapped my fingers a little. I dangled a toy mouse and she would bat at it--all with her mostly under the bed still. Progress! It's been a month now that she's been our captive. I was beginning to wonder if she was feral after all. If you're interested in which kitty toys, one was a mouse and I've found it all over the bedroom so she is carrying it around; her eyes light up when she sees it. The second is a pingpong ball in a donut shaped tube:

Photos of firefighting helicopters, on the ground at Brackett Field and a blurry one over my house:
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Blah, blah, blah...where Tenaya crosses a few things off the To Do list.
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Castle is quickly maturing into a very good show. Nathan Fillion is 90% of the draw, and he's well up to the task.

Top Gear continues to be a hoot.

NCIS, The Mentalist, Bones, Criminal Minds all bring me joy. :)

I get the feeling that Mr. Colbert is over in the Middle East this week--wasn't it all reruns?

Since the San Andreas has been frisky down towards the Salton Sea, I bought some more disaster canned food and water while down at Costco. FEMA says to keep 3 days of supplies on hand, but also mentions that utilities could be out for a week. I figure that doubling that number should be sufficient.

Oh, hey! My California Tax Refund came in! I totally expected not to see it until May, if at all.

I bought Paintshop and have been fiddling about with it, getting ready for BunnyCon 2009. I'm getting better at it. It's not too bad to figure out while refusing to RTFM.

Bump keys

Feb. 13th, 2009 05:43 pm
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If your house is protected by a deadbolt, you need to see this video. Basically, there is a a technique where unskilled people can use a filed down key to open most deadbolts in seconds. A quick google of bump key offers a lot of sites where you can get them cheap, making them accessible to many.
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Yay! I was never called for jury duty this week and now I'm free! Actually, this is the third time in a row I was not told to report. At least that's over for now.

Yesterday and today I weed whacked the front yard so it is now minimally presentable. It rained pretty good tonight and we're to get more of the same over the next two days so that will stimulate the weeds to shoot up again. Oh well; I'll deal with that when things dry out again.

In a more anxious front, last night and tonight I've caught a few glimpses of a little white dog outside. I think he's drawn to the free food that out for the varmits. Brindle is freaked that he's about--I think he's very anti-canine since he survived that attack by a coyote. Mom saw the little dog run by the window and we discussed possibly taking him in but we just can't with the kitties. Plus, when the dog sees me, he runs away; it's not like he's begging to come in. I just feel like I should do something for the guy as he was soaking wet and dirty. I imagine he was abandoned. People are jerks.

I acquired all the episodes of Merlin tonight but I feel too tired to watch any! Plus, I will be working the next three nights. Not fair.

Supernatural was very good. Niiiiiice twist! I do doubt that the brothers will ever be the same again though.

Busy day

Feb. 4th, 2009 12:11 am
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We started off intending to partake of Denny's offer of a free breakfast but when we got to the restaurant, the line was at least 40 deep outside the door. Oh, I don't think so! So we went to IHOP instead. *g*

I got my car it's smog check and just renewed the registration online. The website works pretty good.

I also finished my taxes. I will mail the Federal return because I am cheap enough to pick the 42 cent option over whatever they were gonna charge me to efile. I did the Calfile tonight also. There were a few pauses with their system. The first thing that gave me pause was having to tell them I had a form for interest income, when I don't. It's not that much but it was the only way to get the form to add the interest onto my income. The second thing was that near the end, you are suppose to review it and the info will come up in an Adobe PDF file that you print, except in Firefox 3, the data was in a note pad document! So, I closed it down and redid the whole thing in Internet Explorer where it worked perfectly. I tried to take their survey to let them know that but it said I was timed out which I certainly wasn't. Uh huh.

And the important thing is I get a tidy sum back from the Feds (nearly double what I usually do) and even some back from the state, but they made it plain that the refunds would only be sent out after a budget was passed and then only if there was money available to cover the refunds. In other words, don't hold your breath.

And lastly I finally went to Circuit City to use up my $10 gift card. I just hated going there and seeing all the people that will be out of job. I bought my ipod touch there just a few months ago and it was a vibrant, busy store. It just sucks.

Tomorrow it will still be sunny and warm and I think I should weed whack the front yard. It is supposed to rain on Thursday and Friday and I'm looking forward to that.
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I was browsing through the works of Patrick McGoohan and found that Disney had recently released Dr. Syn: The Scarecrow of Romney Marsh. In fact, it was a limited release last November and it's already out of print with the price on ebay close to double of its release price. Snooze you lose. Anyway, better to buy it now because it will only go up in price. Interestingly, it's a 2 disk set, the first set being the three episodes originally televised and the second disk it the movie they cobbled together and is the version they rarely repeated on tv. Just a heads up in case you're interested.

I also found an old British film about corruption in a trucking company called Hell Drivers. It stars Stanley Baker, Patrick McGoohan, William Hartnell, Gordon Jackson, David McCallum and Sean Connery. 1957. Wow. I'm looking forward to watching this tonight.

On the FiOS front, Verizon sent us a new set top box with no reason. We hadn't requested it, and when we phoned, they didn't know why it was sent. After mulling it over, I went ahead and switched it out. Would it kill them to include an explanation? And while I was futzing about with the electronics, I changed out my dvd recorder with one that works. Now I can burn some disks and clear out the tivos!

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Criminal Minds: Heh heh, thank you for making my life a Cher song. *g* Read more... )

No Top Gear, no NCIS, no The Mentalist, no SGA.... ::::sigh::::

On the other hand, I turn the news on and instead of busting a blood vessel while Dumbshit smirks and sits on this thumbs (do you know that Bush had 77 vacations over the past 8 years?!?) I see Obama doing whatever and even if I don't quite like what he's doing, I still get a little grin because he's smart and he's got a plan and the first thing he is doing is going through the metaphorical refrigerator and throwing out all the moldy stuff. What a relief!

Oh, I also have to mention a clip they showed on the Daily Show. It showed Hillary Clinton walking through the State Dept on her first day on the job. She was surrounded by hordes of happy, applauding people. Stewart labeled it as Hillary liberating the State Dept and that is exactly what it looked like. What the hell was Condoleezza Rice doing to those people? They were all but sobbing with relief.
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I finally went out to take photos. They don't do it justice but.... I think I'm going to have to hire someone to deal with this.

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We were going to go out to Quartzsite, AZ last Sunday for a overnight shopping trip to the gigantic swapmeet out there in the desert. But I got another of my sore throats and had to cancel. I feel a bit better today so we decided to do an overnight to a casino resort south of Laughlin later this week. They also have a rock and gem show going on which is what we were interested in out in Quartzsite.

In preparation of the trip, I took mom out today and got her a rollator (like this: ) This should help with her need to sit down every 40 feet as there is a seat on this contraption, and she should have more stamina.

It was dark when we got home and I had just sat down when a huge snap!CRASH! was heard. That eucalyptus tree that is barely inside the property and keeps shedding branches (usually landing on the fence and damaging it) lost the eastern half the tree. I'll have to take a photo of it tomorrow but by flashlight, there's a lot of tree laying on the ground up there. It was only last week that I finished cutting up the last widow-maker that fell. It just never ends....

At least I got to watch another funny episode of Top Gear. Jeremy tossing Richard over a horse, and James fearing for his virtue when his Rolls runs out of gas in front of a bunch of construction workers. :)
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I set up the new printer, then on to gardening. I weeded a small garden area in the front yard. I'd bought some plants via mail order and it was high time to get them in the ground. Around a bird bath I put five "Northern Lights Grass: A delightful and unique ornamental grass— each narrow blade is variegated with gold. In spring, new leaves are tipped in pink, then fade to creamy white." Then there are three "Dwarf Gaillardia; Showy little semi-double blooms add vivid color late spring till frost. Two-toned, red and gold flowers burst from compact 12-15'' tall clumps." Lastly, behind everything else I planted three "Black-Eyed Susan; Multitudes of golden, daisylike flowers with shiny black centers. Flowering starts in midsummer."

Now, I'm gonna try to put the finishing touches on a SG1 Christmas story that I started a year ago. Tis the season to get that puppy posted!
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It's probably a good idea for me to take a moment and go through the Total Perspective Votex, modified, because "...the one thing sentient life cannot afford to have is a sense of proportion."

I am thankful for:

Being in reasonably good health. There's room for improvement though.

That Mom is in reasonably good health. Yadda yadda about the improvement.

That Scooter has put on weight and is back to teasing us again.

That Brindle, even though he has decided he's an Outdoor Cat now, is sweet and loves us very much...and is staying close to the house.

That we have a house that protects us from the weather and is an oasis of peace and serenity.

That Momma Coon is still coming around with all three of her kids who are getting close to her size now.

That I've a job that is relatively secure and where, on good days, I feel I am making a difference in people's lives, that it's a job worth doing.

That the electronic gadgets that I've acquired have simplified my life. Music is on the ipod, fanfic is on the PDA, my tv shows are on Tivo and not on dozens of video tapes in piles around the TV. Minimalism = good.

That Obama won the election and now maybe the middle class--and America--will make a recovery. That there might be a return to personal responsibility, tolerance and being guided by ideals. And that perhaps more will be done to help the planet out. It always irritated me in the campaigns that "hope" and "change" were the buzz words because what change I hope for isn't what others may hope for. Trusting a politician to get it right according to my world view seems a bit optimistic, but at this point, nearly anything is better than what we have/had.

That my corner of fandom is rich in talented, thoughtful and imaginative people. You keep me entertained but more than that, I am grateful there *are* wonderfully talented, thoughtful and imaginative people out there I can interact with. You are a cool glass of water to a thirsty soul.

Thank you.

And finally, I'm thankful that the turkey is done!
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...and this is the part that had to be replaced.

I find that extremely funny for some reason.
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The fridge repairman ran a diagnostic (yeah, I know) on our fridge and says it needs a new computer board or something like that, and a new fan because GE says it's best to replace them at the same time. The good news is it is covered by the warranty--and it would have cost about $800 if I hadn't bought the extended warranty. Wow. I have to say I bought it because Bunny's 2 year old fridge had just went out on her prior to us buying the GE, so that turned out to be a lucky for us. He will order the parts, and in 3-5 working days, he'll get them and then make an appt to replace them. Just before a holiday. Isn't that always the way of it?

By the way, when asked he felt Kitchen Aid and Whirlpool had less repairs for refrigerators, and Bosch washers and dryers rarely needed his services. He seemed very frustrated by the poor quality of appliances in general.

Brindle got treated for ear mites, another blood test to check his liver and a steroid shot for his scabby skin. Steroids make him the most affectionate kitty ever. Less than two hours later, he jumped on my bed and did happy feet on my head. Luckily, he settled down before too long and *cuddled my hand to his chest* purring madly and that's how we fell to sleep. It's been since Wed and he is still sleeping on my bed, but needing less physical contact now. It's like he's on ecstasy.

Scooter had bad breath and on Friday tossed his head and something fell out of his mouth. Not a tooth but it's hard and among other unidentifiable structures, is textured with papillae like rows of ribbed nubs. I'm scared to look inside there. He's eating fine and the bad breath has left...but what the hell body part did he lose?!

The momma coon with three cubs is still coming by, and they are out there right now in fact. We still get the odd lone coon or a pair of them at times. I quit writing about them for awhile because this momma coon was not willing to share the yard and there were nasty sounding fights. Frightening sounds. I was quite worried and not sure what was gonna happened. All the drama is gone now though.
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First off, Hillary gave a fantastic speech. I hope you got a chance to see it. And it's painfully apparently she should have been on the ticket. There's a lot of big reasons why she should have (which I won't go into) and I have to say the only reasons I can come up with why not have to do with hurt feelings and jealousy. Come on, it's a political office; you have to deal with people you don't like if you want to get things done. Oh well....

Brindle. He spent four days in his kitty cage refusing to come out because he didn't want his medicine. He'd sneak out and race back if he caught him out. Sunday, he decided he wanted the bathtub--while I was taking a bath. He sat there looking stern until I vacated it. Wanting the lie on the cold porcelain means it's time for his flea meds again so we did give him that. He's gone out for a few hours in the evening and is slowly getting his strength and confidence back. Oh, and I'm taking him for a check up in one hour.

Our refrigerator is two years old and now it's having temperature instability. Turns out the extended warranty I bought will come in handy. We have an appt for Friday after noon so hopefully I can catch a couple of zzzz after work before they show up. And hopefully the freezer will keep things frozen til then.
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I went to my city website and signed up for the Code Red alert system.

"The CodeRED system gives City Officials the ability to notify City residents by telephone about emergency situations or critical community alerts. The CodeRED system is capable of contacting specific targeted areas or the entire City at a rate of up to 60,000 calls per hour. The CodeRED system will only be used when situations arise that the community should be aware of (i.e. severe weather, wildfire, water main breaks, alerts concerning a missing child or adult, road closings, law enforcement emergencies and hazardous material spills)."

I remember seeing on the news how during those wildfires in San Diego last year, how a couple of families were alerted by the phone call to find the fire was at their homes and barely escaped the flames.

You might check to see if your community has signed up for the service.
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Huzzah! The roof--and sky lights--did not leak! Wow, that's the first time in about ten years that sky light didn't leak and as it was right above the computer, it really is a wonderful thing.

It did rain quite a bit over the last few days, but today is glorious. The handy man guy came out 15 minutes early and replaced the door knob. Currently, he is in and out putting weather stripping on it and doing some other jobs. His buddy had to go home because he had the flu. But I'm just really happy to get this stuff done and by someone who shows up on time.

Last week Brindle had decided to be quite the cuddle bug and wanted to be out in the living room between Mom and I. He'd climb into our arms and when he got too hot, he'd lay between us. When the work on the house started, he fled to under Mom's bed. Now he's staying under there, only slipping out for a quick bite, looking for all the world like a someone lost behind enemy lines, sneaking out of his foxhole for emergency provisions. Mom and I have decided he has PTSD and when something stresses him, he reverts to a bunker mentality. Last night he snuck out and I grabbed him, and hugged him until he relaxed, but then he demanded to sit in front of the monitor and gnawed at me until I turned the computer off. Bossy boots.

Oh, I was playing with Tivo to figure out if I'd be able to watch the Jane Austen stuff that starts this Sunday on Masterpiece Theater (I can if Desperate Housewives isn't playing.) I found AFN (armed forces network) and that was fascinating. They talked about solar flares, and many other things, very in depth.
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We had a room addition built 15 years ago and it has two sky lights. It seemed like a good idea at the time.... Yeah, one of them leaks. Read more... )

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