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Nov. 12th, 2009 08:13 am
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I've got one more night to go, then I'll apply myself to learn Movie Maker. Must go to bed now. I've just had my H1N1 first flu shot. We'll see how that goes!

Thank you all for your advice. I will get this up. :)
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Why I can dl at a 50 minute program and it is roughly 350mb in size and is an .avi, and that a 16 minute clip from my camera, also an .avi, is 1.68 gigs?

Megaupload doesn't want to cooperate, either. I did upload the first longish clip and got two links. The download link won't work unless you have a premium account because: "The file that you're trying to download is larger than 1 GB. Only premium users are entitled to download files larger than 1 GB from Megaupload."

The second link is this, and that sounds like a youtube type viewing experience? But it says that "This video is unavailable." Huh. Maybe it will play for someone else?

Instant video link:

So, it looks like it's back to youtube and figuring out how to cut the talk into less than 10 minutes bits. Or, someone can tell me what I need to convert the video to to make the size less than 1 gig.


Off to work to be abused by that new computer program at work.


Nov. 10th, 2009 12:14 pm
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I was a bad girl and went to bed last night. Tired. I'm getting Megaupload to hold the files, but it's taking longer than I wish it would. And I work tonight and have to go take a nap. I'll try to post something in a few hours, but it may have to wait until morning when I get home. Just to keep track of all the stuff, I'm copying what I will use at youtube.

I really do hate technology at times....

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So, patience, Grasshopper. I have to work for three nights. This will either trickle in or I'll get it sorted out on Friday night.

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Also stolen from [ profile] matociquala

I just about peed myself laughing at this one!

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Here's a very cute you tube vid where this guy sings puppies to sleep. It's very cute.

I was watching the debate and cleaning out my inbox at the same time. The vid was 4mg via email but I quickly found it on you tube. Much better that way.


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