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Emma photo

Nov. 1st, 2009 10:09 pm
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She was on top of the sofa tonight, "chasing a fly" which was really an excuse to show off. She kept glancing over at us to make sure we were watching. We praised her beauty, her prowessness and her speed. She preened. :)

I think you can see her face is a little less kittenish here, maybe her ears aren't so big? Her muzzle is bigger, definitely.

Doesn't she look like a little wild cat?

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We're giving Emma house privileges during the evening and that's working out pretty good. We shut her in the bedroom during the day and leave the patio screen door so the boys and come and go as they please. Come evening when they are in, we can shut the outside door and let her have run of the house. She is investigating everything and doesn't run from us. Buddy is a very calming influence on her and she takes all her cues from him. Of course, when I say calming, that doesn't include the 30 minutes they spent chasing each other all over the house. Gallomp, gallomp, gallomp!! Brindle looked eager. I think it will be a threesome after a while.

We're so amazed how all this worked out. A year ago, we had decided that when Scooter passed on, we'd need a friend for Brindle. Young, probably female so she wouldn't challenge him. And might as well get a pair that are bonded so they can interact with each other to give Brindle some space (since he is eight and not a youngster any more.) And then a month after Scooter passes, this pair of cats start hanging around in earnest. Brindle befriends Buddy before we're involved and now we've got two young cats, bonded, who are enticing Brindle into kitty friendship. Perfect timing, too, as we've got a trip planned next month. We won't be away that long, but I was worried about Brindle being locked up alone in the house. It's actually a little eerie how this fell together. I was expecting cat fights and angst for months. This could not have worked out better.

Oh, and Emma might get a name change. We're thinking Daisy. Ditsy Daisy. I know some were lobbying for a B name (Brindle, Buddy...etc...) but when we tried that for a day, I got all tongue tied and took forever to come up with the right name. And as her personality comes out, well, there's not a lot of dignity to her. Her name could change a few more times yet. *g* Besides, she's shown no interest in 'Emma.'

BTW, that new computer program at work is not suitable for Respiratory Therapy. To order a treatment, you have to order it six different ways. To chart that tx, you have chart four to five different ways. What works for nursing, does not work for RTs. It's frustrating, tedious and baffling. I told a nurse I'd rather get a full body tattoo than work with Cerna. I can accomplish about 2/3s of my work and I have a raging headache each night. Mind you, I hardly ever get headaches. And everyone seems to be getting them. I can't wait to see how this much stress messes up my body.

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I go back to work tonight and will try Day Two at using the new computer program. My horoscope for today is: "Exercise more caution than usual with anything -- or anyone -- new today. It's not like you're hading for disaster, but a little common sense can help you avoid the obvious pitfalls that await."

Well, that sounds like I could have my butt kicked again by it. No surprise there....

As for Emma, last night she was standing on the floor and she had tiny little happy feet as she looked at us and at Buddy. I put my fist down at face level and she head butted it then looked shocked and stepped back a little. The problem here is she's thinking too much. If she'd just go with her feelings, she'd be getting cuddled by now. I know she'll flip. It's just a matter of time.

And the lizard is still in the house....
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Things are still going well. Buddy came in a few minutes ago, damp from our first rain months. He was a little shook up (do you SEE what's happening out there?!) So, yeah, I bet he would have become our kitty by now even if he hadn't flipped on his own. Nearly all our strays have moved in around November when the weather gets cold and wet. I think we can deduce exactly why cats became "domesticated." Warm, dry, food and servants? Who wouldn't want a piece of that?

Last night Emma walked over while Buddy was eating and I stroked her a few times. She walked over to me and...I couldn't resist. I thought maybe she had flipped in her choice like Buddy did. I picked her up. She got the wiggles and I put her down on the bed. She before she jumped off the other side of the bed, she stopped and looked at me with such a look of betrayal! It was actually pretty funny, but I didn't laugh. Today, she was undecided if I was safe to be around but she did venture out when I put Buddy in with her. I think I will respect her space for a while and give her a few strokes a few days from now. I went in before bedtime last night and was having a lovefest with Buddy on the bed. She kept popping up to look at what was going on, making sure I was hurting him I'm sure. I think she wants that, too. There was an eagerness to her like she was just *this* close to hopping up on the bed, too.
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Buddy and Emma were friendly back when they were on their own outdoors. Since Buddy was allowing us to pick him up, I took him in to see Emma. He was very spooked to see her, while she was eager for the company and they spent a while touching noses. He examined the whole room with the attitude of an Amnesty International worker examining a dungeon (food, water, toilet...everything they need to keep her here forever!) They chirped a lot to each other. He finally settled on a bookcase and she wanted in the worst way to go up there, too, but that would mean leaving her shelter (she did bounce up there briefly for a butt sniff but quickly left.) He looked like "what is your problem?" I think she was too hyper and acting like a kitty nerd.

We left them together for about one hour and when I checked, he wanted out of the bedroom. Then he was very antsy, darting about and looking under the furniture. He went to the sliding door but we coaxed him back to us. He lay down but couldn't settle and eventually ran back to Mom's bedroom door. I let him in. She was right on the other side and they play slapped at each other. I shut the door and let them have some quality time.

I'm sure his visit was a morale booster for her and maybe he will help her sort things out better. There is a reason for the term 'copy cat.'
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Where I update Emma, Buddy and stuff.

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Tull / Emma

Sep. 9th, 2009 12:46 am
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Emma is the default name until we get something better -- which won't be until we can pet her, I think. So hard to get a read on her while glimpsing her thru a mirror, upside down. But she comes to the edge of the bed and we can see her little white toes. We play with the toys, wait, then she ventures out to play a little before she slips back to safety.

Those that know me, know I love Tull. Bunny made a comment about the duplicates of songs when I gave her a thumb drive full of my ipod songs. I really do like all those versions of the songs. In fact, I'd love to get the flute version of Aqualung, absolutely gorgeous and haunting. But I digress.

A song that is getting plenty of repeated play on the ipod of late is "Rosa on the Factory Floor." There are a few lyrics that remind me of Emma:

"Somewhere in her history is a lock without a key.
She doesn't trust the management--and she won't trust me.
We're two different animals. We live jungles apart.
She circles round her freedom and I circle round her heart."

Busy busy!

Sep. 8th, 2009 12:23 pm
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I worked the weekend, all three days in the NICU. It was like Whack-a-mole as I went from bed to bed as they were being persnickety. One little dude is the smallest we've had even though he wasn't that immature (IUGR-Intrauterine growth restriction.) He's 37 weeks old now but we can't get him off the ventilator. He weighed 460 grams and now is 1060, so he's gone from a pound to two pounds. "But he's doubled his weight!" I'd say and the nurse would just give me The Look. Yeah, yeah...I know a close to term baby shouldn't weigh two pounds. He's still perking along though. The latest admission is another small for gestational age baby (IUGR again.) She is 600gms but is 33 weeks and there for quite mature, relatively speaking. She's adorable and spunky and grabs your finger tip as she looks you in the eye, like "I will remember you for this!" as we change her diaper. She's got a winning hand as she is a black female and statistically speaking, she should breeze through the next few weeks and go home in great shape. Her parents couldn't be happier or goofier. It's sweet.

After this, I must go to the recycling center. I didn't last week because it was just too damn hot. Right now it's 81! It's only a two day break and will get hot again tomorrow. I'm so sick of this.

A good space shuttle/ISS viewing tonight out here. A full five minutes of space ship viewing! And then I need to clean out tivo in prep for the fall season. What are people looking forward to, aside from SPN, that is? Especially, the new stuff. There's buzz about Glee but I know nothing about it. Oh, Tivo just had a special ad for Glee; this is it's second year? Wow.

Still have helicopters buzzing the house, but it's down to about twice an hour. I went by the local airport yesterday morning on my way home and snapped a few shots. The fire is still burning, actually moving more east towards us but is far back, more towards the desert side. Words can not describe what has happened. :( The air is cleaner though, and I bet my car isn't ash covered today.

Made some headway with Emma last night. I bought her a few kitty toys and she really took to them. Last night she sniffed my finger and tapped my fingers a little. I dangled a toy mouse and she would bat at it--all with her mostly under the bed still. Progress! It's been a month now that she's been our captive. I was beginning to wonder if she was feral after all. If you're interested in which kitty toys, one was a mouse and I've found it all over the bedroom so she is carrying it around; her eyes light up when she sees it. The second is a pingpong ball in a donut shaped tube:


Photos of firefighting helicopters, on the ground at Brackett Field and a blurry one over my house:
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Just a quick up date. It's hot, hot, hot outside--105. And I'll be driving off to a long weekend in Las Vegas where it is 106. Joy. But I will have friends and laughter and alcohol and fannish conversations. Indoors. It will all be indoors unless there's a pool involved. Better yet!

Saw Buddy last night. He was MIA for two days after we made the break though. We were feeling pretty tense about him missing, but he strolled back into the house complaining all the way.

Made a little break through with Emma last night. I hung upside down off the bed and using a flashlight and a mirror, was able to entice her to play a little bit with that cat toy on a stick. She looked yearning for a while and finally couldn't resist and batted it a few times. Then she looked a bit alarmed, turned around and wouldn't participate anymore. Then this morning when I opened the door to say hi, she was on the bed and gave me a belligerent look like 'you gonna make me leave?' That's great! She's feeling like she has rights, so that's a good step forward. But I'm leaving 5 days. I've encouraged Mom to keep interacting with her. Finger's crossed!

Hey, I've filled up my 16g iPod Touch. I guess that means I can move up to a new level of toys. *g* I was thinking about an Archos 5 or 7 or something. Anyone have any opinions about that? I thought I'd try something that isn't all proprietary.

Anyway, you all have fun this weekend!
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I thought I might as well do an update.

Cutiepie might have had babies, but she is without them now. I never saw her with babies. She has spent the last month relaxing around the courtyard, grooming. I have seen two other mom's with babies, one with a pair, the other with four. They only come by a few times a week.

Cutiepie was by tonight so I snapped a few photos. She has a distinctive way of sitting. *g*

Two more can be found here:

Emma is being better about not fleeing under the bed when we're in the room. Baby steps.... Also Mom thinks Emma isn't the right name, so we're trying out new ones. This will take a while, too.

Lastly, the desktop computer was smelling 'hot' for the last few days. I took it to the guy that built it and we'll get it back on Tuesday (well, we did bring it by late on Friday.) He thinks the power supply is failing and of course, it's very dusty so it needs a good cleaning. And this seemed like a good time to add a bit more RAM.

So, I'll have Mom pick it up and then I'll have to hook it back up before I drive out to Vegas for next weekend's Girls Gone Wild (Shopping) Weekend. I work Mon/Tues/Weds night so things are getting compressed before I go. I guess I should pack this weekend....

Anyway, I am *so* looking forward to seeing my friends again!
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Newsflash!!! Cats are stubborn. *g*

I suppose one could say we've had some progress. She is eating well and using the litter box well. She's moving easily and looks very alert, so I must assume she is healing well.

For days, she would hide under the bed if we were in the room, otherwise she would be sitting on the 'window seat' -- a stack of boxes to provide a nice perch for kitties looking out the window. A few days ago she started meowing at us when we went into the room. Today, I went in there to lounge on the bed while I chatted over the phone to Bunny and she eventually came out, cautiously waited for me to grab her and when I didn't, tea cozied next to the window seat. I blinked at her a few times til she replied, then I looked away, ignoring her. Eventually, she curled up on the window seat only about four feet from me.

Of course she darted under the bed as soon as I got up on the far side of the bed, but still, I think that's progress.

I bought a toy that is feathers on a stick but so far she is immune to its call. She is a pretty girl. Her eyes look like they are surrounded by eyeliner that sweeps back from the corner, looking somewhat Egyptian.
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We brought her home around noon yesterday. Mom went to buy a leash and harness while I was out. I took her into Mom's bedroom, shut the door, and opened the cage. Like a flash she was out of that cage and under the bed. Oops. Later that night, I checked on her and she had her claw caught in the window screen (that Brindle had savaged a few years ago when he escaped while we were on a cruise.) I petted her for a few minutes until she started to tremble. It was when I went to pick her up that I realized she was stuck. She's totally non-violent; no hissing, yowling, scratching or biting...just a desperate desire to get away. She so small and slippery so back under the bed she went. I should have scruffed her. Instead when I went to pick her up with my hands under her, I felt the shaved tummy and let go because I didn't want to hurt her incision. She blinked at me and I blinked back (I think it means acceptance, but a website says "Slowly blinking is a reassuring signal between cats and between an owner and his or her cat. By slowly blinking you are telling them you are not a threat and are showing you care.")

She's eating well. She's come out a few times while Mom or I was in the room to eat. Tonight Mom said she meowed at her a few times from under the bed. It's gonna take a while to earn her trust again, but we're patient. I took a nap in there and we're trying to spend time with her.

She looks like she's weighs about 4 pounds and is maybe 8 months old. Mom likes the name Emma (I'd tossed out Vala, Teyla, Emma, Zeva, Kikki...we didn't want to name her Mittens.) It's a sweet name so it fits her. Emma it is unless something else seems more likely.

I searched twice more any kittens, hoping they might be noisy. Time wise, I thought she looked thicker in the middle about the third week in July which is when I asked to borrow the trap. Last week, I saw her tummy as she stretched up on her hind legs to eat some food on a chair. Her stomach was slender and the nipples were just little white nubs faintly disturbing her short fur. I remember I felt glad that she didn't look pregnant and her breasts weren't noticeable. I cling to the notion that while she was producing milk, she didn't have any living kittens.

The good news is that her tests were all negative and she appears to be healthy. It may be quite a while before I can get a photo of her. She's a grey tabby with white paws and a white belly. Huge eyes, like in those velvet paintings. Huge ears, too. She's very good about using her litter box, too. She seems quite content to be in that room--no dashing towards the open door. (and hopefully I just didn't jinx us.)

Again, thank you all for the support. You know how I feel about critters, and cats in particular. It's still upsetting but it's done now.


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