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I know, I know..."MORE cat photos?" This will be the last until they do something really cute. Everyone likes cute, right? These are just slightly cute.

Anyway, here is a photo of Buddy laying between Mom and I. It's hard to get a good picture of a black cat. They are so...black.

Emma. She was bold enough to perch on the window sill, without Buddy being in the house. I think she is very social creature at heart. She getting easier to pet, too, but food has to be involved for her to allow it. She purr meowed to me today, too, to call me in to pet her.

Two nights ago there was a little set back courtesy of Brindle, the Jealous. When we were going to bed, I noticed that Brindle was sitting in the litter box, which is situated at the crossroads of the house. I thought, "odd" but you know cats, they are weird at times. What I should have realized is that was a strategic move and he was preventing cats relocating from one area of the house to another. After I turned out the lights, there was a cat fight, one of the noisy, quick ones. One that was probably a surprise attack. I, and Buddy--who had been in Mom's room, ran to see what was going on.

Buddy was suspicious and his tail was fuzzed. His head slowly zeroed in on Brindle. Brindle was now beside the litter box and looked the other way. He tea cosied and said, "I don't know anything about it."

Buddy and I looked about and found Emma underneath a desk, tucked away in a corner, all huge eyes. Brindle was still tea cosied at the crossroads looking completely innocent. Since I figured Emma wasn't going to be able to get into Mom's/her room, I went and got her litter box and some kibble and put it near her. Buddy, still looking stern and suspicious, settled down in that room. I think he was keeping her company and keeping Brindle from pursuing her again. I do believe Buddy will be a policeman between those two and that's unbelievably marvelous. Again, I couldn't have requested a custom made cat that's more perfect for the job than Buddy is.

We're in a difficult position with Brindle. He has rejection issues and anger issues. He has to believe he is first in our hearts and has nothing to worry about. And we can't reprimand him (saying "no" to him can send him into a violent rage--a leftover from his previous family.) But Buddy telling him to cut it out? That is perfect!

And last night there was no shenanigans. Yay! :)


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