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I went up to visit a friend whose husband is currently in Kabul for a year. We went to give support and companionship during Thanksgiving. Unfortunately, she has even more than an absent husband to deal with. I know we were one more ball to juggle, but we did have a good time and it was really good to see her again. And her cats were great fun.

While we were there, we bugged out for a three day stay at the awesomely beautiful Yosemite. I love this time of year up there. It had snowed in the high country the day before and the drive up there was, well the trees were heavy with thick snow. They looked like they belonged on a Christmas card.

The valley floor is a lower elevation so it was clear of snow. Everything was covered with frost in the morning yet was warm enough in the sunshine later on. We didn't see much wildlife, ravens mostly. The waterfalls had just a tickle of water. Some of the oaks still had yellow leaves but most of the other trees had lost their color already.

It was a short visit but that place always renews me, reminds me of the grandeur of the Earth, wakes me up for a while. *g*
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We got home late on Wednesday night. The boys ran out as we came in. Abby ran away from me, but within 30 minutes was plopped down on my lap, making biscuits and purring her secret little purr that you can only feel, not hear. She actually missed us! Not her servants or her roommates, but she missed her mummies that she loves! And she has been much more affectionate and relaxed around us. :)

Brindle also is very affectionate. Buddy seemed annoyed with us, upset. He did go to bed with me, but settled down at my feet. At some point during the night, he apparently forgave me and curled up in my arms for some cuddling and pattycake face (he likes to pat my face, headbutt it and stare deeply into my eyes.)

And since we've been home, lots of chores. And back to the grind tomorrow night.

Yosemite was wonderful. Cool and crisp, and smelling like Christmas and mulch. Beautiful colors, too. The forest was shadowy dark but the dogwoods were pink/yellow or bright yellow and brightened up the woods considerably. It rained most of Tuesday but that was relaxing, too. The falls had water in them, and in the morning the cliff sides were dusted with ice and snow. Tuesday night we drove to Tunnel View (or Inspiration Point) and parked. We watched the clouds coil and swirl around the cliffs, El Capitan in particular, and how the light from the setting sun provided dramatic and surprising effects. There was one brief moment when the last rays from the sun found a peep hole in the clouds. A small circle of rose lite the side of El Capitan while the clouds hovered at the top, giving the granite a circlet of whitish blue clouds. It only last a few seconds, so no photo. But you could easily imagine that that's where the mountain's heart is.

The drive home was stately with delays due to road works but as that gave us even more time to appreciate the forest and the views, it was all good. Then we stopped at a rock shop in Oakhurst and I found Mom a nice opal for Christmas.

Now it warmish and dry, and very clear. It's good to go away, but it's awfully nice to be home again. :)

Oh, I almost forgot. While we were driving around the valley floor, I pulled over near the bend in the river, looked down...and realized that I was looking at a naked man, posing, probably for a photographer I couldn't seen. This guy was covered in tattoos and had bits that glinted with metal piercings. Huh. I snapped a couple of photos and sped off, laughing with Mom. It was really too cold for stuff like that!

I'm back!

Nov. 26th, 2009 08:17 pm
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We're home. Had a very relaxing time. It is so beautiful up there. I will fiddle with the photos later and put them on photobucket. We took up Mom's rollator and she did quite well with it. As long as she can sit down every so often, she's good. She was much more active with it.

The cats missed us! We knew Brindle would, but it was nice to see the new ones did, too. Buddy was unsure and needed much petting. He woke me up at some point to touch my face, request some pets, then fell asleep holding my arm and his head pillowed on my hand. Abby watched intently while Buddy got his welcome home pets, then lay down on the bed to get some herself. She lost courage though, and jumped down to the food bowls where she is accustomed to receiving her pets. And then she was quite affectionate (in her own way.)

We stopped on the way out of Yosemite Valley to watch some climbers on El Capitan. I thought, "I'll have to look up what route they were one when I got home." Well, I tried! It's amazing how many there are! And I found this very interesting (if sometimes too techincal) account of a climb to the top. Be sure to look at the photos, too. Un-be-livable!

ETA the url!:


Gotta go get the bird out of the oven now! I hope my 'merican friends had a great Thanksgiving.
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Probably in the most photographed place on Earth.
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And a selection of photos from our first day in Yosemite is here:


I'm back.

Mar. 16th, 2007 12:48 pm
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We came, we saw, we drank wine and sniffed tree trunks. All was joyful, relaxing and lovely.

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Now, I get to work for three nights in a row, then go to a certain Stargate con in a certain country to the north!

I did download the last ep of Stargate, but I haven't watched it. It will be over if I watch it and I don't want it to be over. For those that have watched it, do I need to see it ASAP?


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