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The Colbert Report
‎"We all know that, due to cutbacks, air travel has become a trip up the devil's butthole in a flying aluminum suppository." - Stephen Colbert http://bit.ly/hAatuQ
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I was over at Colbertnation trying to see if they had a better link to vote for naming the ISS node and then started to browse. A few weeks ago, Paul McCartney was a guest and there's this very funny outtake from that interview.

By the way, the guest on Monday will be Neil Gaiman, Author, "The Graveyard Book."
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The stock market is like a roller coaster, only you vomit your money.

The upside of the economic meltdown: Do you know you can survive for weeks just by drinking your own tears?

TV recap

Apr. 11th, 2008 05:57 pm
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So, we're finally getting some post strike eps.

Boston Legal--it was fine; I always love it when Denny and Alan declare their love for each other. :)

NCIS--it was okay. Nice to see the team again but I'd figured the mystery out.Read more... )

Criminal Minds--boy the first post strike ep tied up the Rossi arc. I wonder how much angst we missed by having less episodes? I wonder how many supporting character centered eps we missed, too. Read more... )

CSI is the usual entertainment but I was surprised by the tag last night. Read more... )

Without a Trace. Can this show go any further downhill? I'm already to the point of FF though the Jack-ass parts in the fading hope that they will actually let the others act, especially Martin. Read more... ) Jeeze. I really wish Eric Close would leave that show.

Stephen Colbert is delightful as usual. That one book was fascinating. It dealt with the arm patches from black ops groups (where was the SGC, huh?) "I Could Tell You But Then You'd Have To Be Destroyed By Me" by Trevor Paglen.

Go to Amazon and look at the patches. There's one from the Stealth Bombers that looks to have a Thor type alien clutching a stealth bomber. The top line of text is "To Serve Man." The bottom line of text is "Gustatus Similis Pullus" which is Latin for "tastes like chicken." Oh, there's a Daniel Jackson joke in there screaming to get out. *g*
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A music vid of Stephen Colbert: I don't feel like dancin


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