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It's such a bummer not being able to squee before going anyway now since it could attract misfortune to home and hearth. But now I'm back. Yay!

The con was good. It seems to have stablized at a reduced size. Most of the panels were good, but I've learned to avoid panels that have a certain personality as a moderator. The art show was a tad smaller but had some good pieces. I liked the Sherlock and there was a fab Rumplestiltskin. I bought three zines because I realized this might be the first MWC where I did not buy a zine and that was so sad because I used to dozens.

I did a Merlin door decoration. There's maybe 1 out of 6 doors with something on them, so that's kind of sad, too.

I swear the hotel was being passive aggressive about the con. I had a heck of a time using the masking tape on the door because they had spray waxed the door. The first two nights a notice was slipped under the door stating that if we moved the furniture, we would be charged $150/DAY for the wear and tear on it. Hummingbirds had a reduced menu but better prices and better service than last year. NO decorations were on the walls. They totally screwed up our hotel bill. My roomies checked out at 4am the day before and we were splitting the bill. I was charged close to $400 but thought, oh well, my roomies must have decided that was fair. Then I got an email saying they were charged close to $800 and the total bill should have been only $650ish. They charged us nearly double! My roomie called and said it is straightened out. We'll see.

I did co-mod a Merlin panel because even though there were about 6 suggested panels, non made it to the schedule. There were other shows that were totally shut out even though there were a lot of suggestions. There must have been six Strachey panels, lots of Sherlock and SPN ones, too. I very much enjoyed a Person of Interest panel and a Mentalist panel. The Once Upon a Time panel was okay. There was conflict so I missed a few I wanted to attend.

The flight there was fine, the flight back had delays and I had 13 minutes to make my connection in Atlanta and never would have made it except an airport guy with an electric cart saw me and asked if I needed help. Great, great guy! In contrast, we were in SeaTac a few years ago and I had arrange Mom to have transport to our connection. Not only did they not show up, empty electric carts drove by us and the drivers looked away and ignored us even though I was gesturing and calling to them. Such a difference.

I did not get a Chevy Cruz for a rental like I'd hoped (it was so much fun to drive last year and great milage!) This time it was Nissan Sentra. Yuck.

Buddy did nip my nose when I got back but then immediately licked it to apologize. He is such a sweetie!
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We had a good time. The flight there was uneventful for me, but there were lots of canceled flights and delays caused by the weather for others. The Causeway Bay continues to upgrade pretty much everything. I heard the hotel higher ups talking and in the fall the hotel will be franchized to Best Western, while still being owned by Causeway Bay. The beds were really comfortable if half smothered by decorative pillows. *g* Hummingbirds was remodeled and opened on the Wednesday before the con. While I didn't eat there, my friends stated that the service was terrible. Seems like they might have hired waitresses with very limited experience. :(

The con was much the same except I think everyone now fits into the hotel now with rooms left over as there were some mundanes there also. Yet, the room lottery remains. Strange, eh? The art show was okay, with some nice stuff. Some good panels. The dealer's room continues to shrink though, as do new zines. Sherlock was the hot fandom but no zines available. The most panels seemed to be Supernatural and Sherlock.

I think there were more decorated doors this year, but they are less complicated. Our door was this one:
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Didn't win anything this year, though.

Oh! How could I forget the tornado! On Sunday a squall line of thunderstorms moved through Michigan. When it got to Lansing, the watch turned into a warning and the sirens went off. The hotel advised everyone to get into the service areas which had no windows. I went into the basement/pool area and waited with dozens of people for about 45 minutes until the warning was canceled. The tornado destroyed a house about 30 miles to the northeast. All we got was a downpour and some winds, which is fine with me!

The trip home was very uneventful, though apparently Mom didn't shut the door to my car when she used it last Friday and the battery was dead when she went to pick me up last night. The cool evening air was refreshing after the heat and mugginess of Michigan and Atlanta!
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MediaWest Con is vibrant this year. Not so much SG1 or Merlin, but am having a good time chatting with friends. Our door this year is a Top Gear door and I'll post a photo of it later. Haven't made it to the Art Show yet. Vid show had some excellent entries. The weather sucks, though--it's mid 80s and humid. The Dealer's Room is very hot!
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...so it's perfect timing that I'm off to Escapade tomorrow. Yay!

Have I packed? No.

Have I even done laundry? No.

Did I watch the UK vs Sweden curling match? Why, yes I did.

And I culled my flist for the new stories and recs.

I am a lazy sod. A lazy sod who will be having fun this weekend. Yay!

And to bullet point, everything else here is fine. The kitties are fine (Abby continues to charm and make the house hers.) But I found something unpleasant on the driveway this morning.

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I finally got around to watching last week's Supernatural and snorted when I saw that Dean is wearing the Suunto Vector, the wristwatch that SG1 wears. Ooooh, crossover!

Also, at the Stargate con, eh, two weekends ago?!, Joe Flanigan was wearing this Suunto Vector from SGA, and Ben Browder was wearing his SG1 Suunto (which is black while the SGA ones had teal parts on it.) I was glamored by Mr. Shanks and forgot to look at his wrist. If I ever get that vid footage up, I shall look.

Speaking of which, I had a schedule change at work and worked 6 out of 8, which is exhausting. The hospital has a lot of isolation patients (hmm...I wonder why?) and the lone baby on a ventilator is a handful (you have to be glued to her bedside all night trying to keep her on the straight and narrow.) Anyway, that's exhausting in another way. I just haven't had time to look at Movie Maker. :(

And right now I should be a whirling dervish cleaning the house in prep of leaving on a trip to Yosemite. The kitty nanny is coming by in less than two hours to meet the new kids and Buddy demanded to go out. :::sigh::: She won't be happy but as he is about to be locked in for days, it seemed like he should be allowed to go out and enjoy. At least Abby is cool about staying in. Oh, Emma = Abby. Mom likes Abby the Tabby. It's more of a tomboy name and she is that, not to mention a flake. Emma seems too serene for her.

So, yes, I have major guilt about not doing the con report. You've probably already seen con photos at MSOL:

And it sounds like she'll to a transcript, too. Marge wrote up her notes:


The footage will go up. I am sorry. It's not that I don't care, it's just that I have no time.

BTW, The Mentalist and Criminal Minds were riveting. Next week on CM...holy crap!


Nov. 10th, 2009 12:14 pm
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I was a bad girl and went to bed last night. Tired. I'm getting Megaupload to hold the files, but it's taking longer than I wish it would. And I work tonight and have to go take a nap. I'll try to post something in a few hours, but it may have to wait until morning when I get home. Just to keep track of all the stuff, I'm copying what I will use at youtube.

I really do hate technology at times....

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So, patience, Grasshopper. I have to work for three nights. This will either trickle in or I'll get it sorted out on Friday night.



Nov. 9th, 2009 09:32 pm
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I was trying to upload to Youtube the crappy quality video I shot at the con of Michael Shanks' panel. Turns out they now have a 10 minute limit. Great. I'm gonna have to figure out how to cut the footage into smaller segments. This might take a while....

The con was a lot of fun, btw. I took notes. I'm currently enjoying an evening of TV with Mom. We've watched Desperate Housewives, Dexter, Ugly Betty, House and now Castle. Merlin is next. THEN, I will try to figure out how to mess with Windows Movie Maker.

The video is out of focus. I was at the back of the room, trying to hide what I was doing because they don't allow vid to be shot. Anyway, the sound is okay. And Michael was very entertaining.

Also, sad news about the lizard. Read more... )
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Here are four photos of our door decoration. It was either called "Who and you" or "Who's Who?" The first is my choice.

The next three are what I found at different times when I returned to the room. Some are...disturbing. *g* In fact, the last one is sick!

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Combining posts here.

First, I found this on you tube. I figure the creator has got to be Richard, Hummingbird's old manager:

[personal profile] khek, I recognized your door from last year in this. In fact, there are a lot of doors in this 'vid.' And candid photos of fans.

Second, RDA's Malibu house is finally finished and is featured in Architectural Digest. It's in this month's issue (June.)


Of interest, when I was at the SG1 Continuum panel last summer at Comic Con, Michael Shanks through out that he'd been staying at Rick's helping to put in the deck. After seeing that deck, I'm impressed! Them little actor boys can do some fine work. Of course, maybe it was a deck down by the pool. *g*
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That was a good deal on the computer chair after all. The guy said it was a $850 chair but I was thinking, "yeah, right" but I liked how comfortable it was. I found out it is a Steelcase Leap, more than likely used/repossessed as it has a few scratch marks on it.

And I need to get off my butt do laundry and pack. The flight leaves at dawn. When I bought the ticket, the first class prices were really low so I thought, why not? I've never flown first class before. I'm a big girl and will appreciate the larger seats, and I'm just sick enough of all the crap they are putting people through to fly...and my tax refund had just came in. *g*

I hear the booze is free in first class. *g*

I'm taking the laptop so I'll give updates.

Ya all have fun.
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Apr. 3rd, 2009 10:38 am
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I'm three days behind in my flist and I need to step away from the computer and start packing for six days with three good friends. We've coaxed Bunny out of Vegas with the promise of our own fan con. We're having a badge contest, an art contest (where four paint by numbers will be decorated and then judged by our hostess' husband) and writing contest (haiku's about each other's fandoms--this one promises to be funny and cruel. *g*)

We're going to bring our fav eps of our shows to inflict on each other. I'm taking a selection of SG1 of course. I've narrowed it done to ones that have a bit of humor or good J/D or good hurt Daniel. Legacy, Crystal Skull, Beneath the Surface, Prometheus Unbound. There are others I like more but I think they involve too much back story or are too serious for showing to an audience of the mildly interested.

And I need to throw a bunch of music vids in the bag, too.

Anyway, I won't be around for a week. Have a good time while I'm gone.
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I had a good time. A relaxing time. I think I went to a total of 4 panels. I did go to the party, the vid show and the Sunday breakfast so I wasn't a complete hermit. I just chatted with friends a lot.

As for the health thing Read more... )

Brindle missed me. I feel very loved now. :)

Back to work tomorrow.

Oh, btw, the Escapade songvid dvd works on my 4 year old desktop PC.
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...and a couple of the shows I'm not bonzo over yet so feel free to correct me if I haven't got good panel name.

How about:

Criminal Minds: The BAU's finest are the walking wounded.
Criminal Minds: Where the team members are almost as messed up as the unsubs.

Leverage: The 21st Century's A-Team?
Leverage: Realism, smealism! Just give me the eye-candy!

Merlin: Camelot 90210.
Merlin: Did the myth have to be modernized for it to work as episodic tv?

The Mentalist: Where noticing the details will enhance your appreciation of the team.
The Mentalist: Where it's the writer's slight-of-hand that slowly reveals a charming cast of characters.

I need to think up one for SG1 and probably AS&J, too.
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I only went on Sunday. They ran two cons at once, Stargate with Firefly, separate admission fees and schedules. Both rooms seated about 400 and they were both filled, with SRO along the sides and back.

Apparently there will be a SG con in the LA area next year; it will share space with Farscape. November 6-8 at the LAX Marriott.

About SG Universe, they are building sets and casting at the moment. The sets are the most expensive yet to date for Bridge (duh.) Adam said the show would kick off with a 2 hour movie on TV and then continue with the 1 hour eps on SciFi during summer. I can't help but wonder how they will finish the effects so fast, don't those usually take months? Also, they would be visits from the cast members of the other two SG shows.

Movies? Two SG1 and one SGA films are planned. The actors haven't been contacted yet.

Rachel was sweet and beautiful and totally in love with her son. She said her son laughed at her Wraith make up and she has personal photos of her breast feeding her baby while acting all Wraithy.

Nothing was mentioned about new projects for her or Jason. David filmed an audition in the hotel bathroom the night before for a Disney film. Not quite sure why the bathroom.... He also talked about Starcrossed but really, nothing new on that front.

I was sitting waaaay in the back and couldn't really get a good look at Jason's face. The stitches aren't too noticeable so hopefully he's a good healer. Poor guy. He said he thought he'd lose his eye. Now he wonders if the scars will make him audition for a different type of character. He might go back to Hawaii as the ratio for actors to jobs is more in his favor there. He played a bit of blues on his guitar and auctioned it off for $500. He plays well. I taped it so I might put it up on youtube. People are obviously taping at Creation and no one was stopping them this year. Just a year ago I was tapped on the shoulder and told to stop.

David started off with a lot of Baz stories. He took his son down to the pool and he said, that one year olds have no buoyancy at all; the kid went straight to the bottom. After he retrieve him, pushed him around the pool for a bit and took him out and dried him off. He looked away for a second and the fell and split his lip. Blood was everywhere. He swished the blood off in the pool (really? David!!!) and told the kid what did he have to cry about? People pay lots of money to get lips like that. David told many very funny stories. He said he got a new haircut. He thought it was going to be Daniel Craig but it was more of a Forrest Gump look.

The best story was told by Jason. They had spent a long hard day at Norco and he was catching a ride in Joe's big truck. Suddenly, they saw David in his little Echo. They pulled up and Jason mooned David. David said he couldn't figure out what he was looking at a first, a dog or what? Guys....

Anyway, I paid $25 for a ticket and had a great three hours. I am glad that Creation will return next year. I briefly chatted to astrumporta and waved at margec01 who disappeared amazingly fast as I discovered when I followed her out of the auditorium. Teleportation??

I'm fighting a cold and have to go to work. If no one as posted tape by Thursday I'll put something up.
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I totally forgot that Richard Manning was a guest and he has a new webisode show at Froonium.com if you're interested. The show is called Fusion and if there is interest and financing, there will be more. The first ep was done with everyone volunteering their time. It was interesting. I do wonder if a show stays as a webisode, will the format be like the old serials, always ending on a cliffhanger?

He also said to check out strike.tv as that's where the writers were putting content while they were on strike.

Back to Fusion and Manning, he thinks the future won't have a division between content providers and fans. The site will welcome fanfic and fanart. And it's highly likely that the best fanfic could end up in a podcast with the actors reading the story.

My, my how things have changed!
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Tuesday: Yeah! Obama won!
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Here's a copy of what Brad Wright showed at the Continuum panel at
Comic Con. It was a very sad moment. I hope Bridge will put this on
the next DVD they release.

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First off, I came down with con crud on Sunday night. Red, raw, on-fire sore throat. Hurts to swallow, can't talk sometimes. My roomies both have it, too. It's definitely slowed me down.

Con report of SG, Dr. Horrible, Family Guy and Bones: Read more... )
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You may have noticed I skipped over Friday.  A lot happened on Friday--too much to put here in the few minutes before I must turn the lights out for the sanity of my roomies.

Today was a bit of a bust.  I had no desire to get up at the crack of dawn to run down to the cue for the Heroes panel.  Maybe youtube will be my friend.  Instead, I loitered about the room, went down for an early lunch of real food instead of snacks and got to the con by 11:30.  The mass of humanity wasn't too bad outside so they must have been all inside enjoying.  I wanted to do a little shopping but the crush made browsing near impossible.  Deej had told me about the publishers area where you could get free books on Friday; not so many today.  I saw a bodice ripper.  Pass.  Next I sat in the sails area and took a few pics of costumes for the folks at work.  They think everyone will be wearing Spock ears or something....

Then, I went to wait in the line for 6B, and got into the room for the panel before Pushing Daisies.  it was Grant Morrison and Gerard Way. I was definitely not on the same vib as everyone else in that room.  Self proclaimed cool--you know, I don't know them from Adam but it usually doesn't work that way.  When the room started to fill for the next panel, I had a bad feeling.  Why would all these teenage boys want to see a panel on Pushing Daises?  Yes, that's right.  They wouldn't.  A quick check of my program documented my blonde moment.  Pushing Daisies was in 6A, the very room where peals of spontaneous delight were currently emitting from.   Unfortunately, they were full and I wasn't getting in.  They seemed to be having a great time, though.

Totally disgusted, I got my sorry self down to the bus for the trip to the hotel.  I did manage to get a lovely shot (finally) of the Continuum bus ad.  Once back at the hotel, it was nap time, followed by dinner time (ribeye!) followed by my roomies trying to sleep as I tippytap on the laptop.  I'll put up the photo first. 

Tomorrow, I need to follow Deej (who will be getting up at the crack of dawn to get into the cue for Supernatural by 7:15, cause that is when they let people into the building to stand in line for the panels.  For SG, they let people into the Ballroom 20 an hour before the panel started) and join her in line by 9am--after I pack up my car and check out of the hotel.  Yech.

Sunday night, I'll try to write up Friday's report.  Michael Shanks seemed to be fairly lowkey.  I don't think the new haircut flatters him; it makes his forehead too large.  Oh well.  Maybe they will light him well in Burn Notice.

ETA:  Forget about the photo tonight. Photobucket shrunk it down to a postage stamp size!


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