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Castle...I guess odds are good that it will be renewed but we don't know yet? I really have enjoyed this show and do hope it gets picked up. Now, let's talk about the 'cliffhanger'...

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House. I've gone from being very interested in House to a much more casual viewer who perks up whenever House and Wilson are together on the screen. And Cuddy, too.
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Oct. 18th, 2008 11:16 am
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Supernatural: I really enjoyed SPN this week. The homage to black and white horror films was brilliant and just so enjoyable. We had lots of squeals from the fun of it all. There were some things that weren't quite right but they get high point for trying something new. I am enjoying the Dean storyline but I do think that they are leaving Sam's story too long. We really need to know what's going on with him.

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Primeval: I think I'm missing a few eps. Oh well. I find this show has about one or two genuinely fun moments and the rest of the time is filled with people being too stupid to survive. It is such a mishmash of genres. Is it a comedy? A monster flick? A evil conspiracy show? I get the action but all the quick edits actually bore me. I begin to think that men are wired different because I'm sure guys watch this and it really gets their hearts a pumping whereas I just go back to playing with the computer. And the dialogue! Anytime they try for profound it comes off as cheesy. I'm still watching though.... I think it's my new Smallville, a show I keep watching even though I know better. At least I did stop Smallville. Yay me. I'm just now watching the leech ep and can I say, Yeech!!

Pushing Daisies: OMG! The clown episode of Pushing Daisies was so funny!
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No Criminal Minds. Wah!

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In other news, I took Brindle to the vets to get him a steroid shot yesterday. He's been in the sink for two weeks, and had his flea meds a week ago. The itching and scabbing is worse now. I hate giving him steroids but he was so miserable. Hopefully, we'll be better soon. And Scooter continues to put on weight and going back to pestering us instead of being frail and somewhat dazed. The pest is back. *g*
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I just watched it. It ran over and tivo stopped before it was finished. I've a question, please:

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I'm talking in generalities here or at least not revealing any good plot points.

Eureka: Yes the pretty was in it, but not nearly as much as I had thought he'd be. He had what, three short scenes? He was just there for exposition. It was cool that "Makepeace" was there, too. At least they had Michael looking damn hot. Now, this is a two part episode; will MS be in part two?

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Boston Legal is the clear winner tonight. Good acting, interesting twists and it made me laugh out loud a half a dozen times.


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