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Mom said it perfectly. "This is the only show I know of where one hour seems like three."



Jan. 3rd, 2010 12:48 am
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Musings and spoilers to follow. Well, when I say spoilers, I'm talking about what's been aired. I've not read anything about future eps, except for some casting choices.

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If only someone other than Cooper was in charge of this. :(

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And because this is a SGA post, I'll just add that I read Wright's Q&A on Mallozzi's blog. Nothing is ever their fault, is it? His contempt permeated his answers; hello, it IS possible to answer a question politely or if you don't want to give away that info, simply say that. I swear The Spin is something these people live and breathe until they couldn't give an honest answer if their life depended upon it.

I think the most tragic part of all this is that the concept of a Stargate is appealing no matter who is turning out the product. They had the luck to cast some good actors who really added to what was written and made us like and care for the characters. And then the lazy, egotistical writers don't put any real effort into the shows to fulfill their potential. They aren't telling stories they need to tell, but writing whatever they can think of at the last minute to fill in the time between commercial breaks. How on earth do they think this technique will produce a more mainstream show in SG:U? Something tells me they will aim for the more basic common denominator--maybe they will have a brainstorm and finally put in a few fart jokes cause we know how their target audience of young men feel about those.
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I only went on Sunday. They ran two cons at once, Stargate with Firefly, separate admission fees and schedules. Both rooms seated about 400 and they were both filled, with SRO along the sides and back.

Apparently there will be a SG con in the LA area next year; it will share space with Farscape. November 6-8 at the LAX Marriott.

About SG Universe, they are building sets and casting at the moment. The sets are the most expensive yet to date for Bridge (duh.) Adam said the show would kick off with a 2 hour movie on TV and then continue with the 1 hour eps on SciFi during summer. I can't help but wonder how they will finish the effects so fast, don't those usually take months? Also, they would be visits from the cast members of the other two SG shows.

Movies? Two SG1 and one SGA films are planned. The actors haven't been contacted yet.

Rachel was sweet and beautiful and totally in love with her son. She said her son laughed at her Wraith make up and she has personal photos of her breast feeding her baby while acting all Wraithy.

Nothing was mentioned about new projects for her or Jason. David filmed an audition in the hotel bathroom the night before for a Disney film. Not quite sure why the bathroom.... He also talked about Starcrossed but really, nothing new on that front.

I was sitting waaaay in the back and couldn't really get a good look at Jason's face. The stitches aren't too noticeable so hopefully he's a good healer. Poor guy. He said he thought he'd lose his eye. Now he wonders if the scars will make him audition for a different type of character. He might go back to Hawaii as the ratio for actors to jobs is more in his favor there. He played a bit of blues on his guitar and auctioned it off for $500. He plays well. I taped it so I might put it up on youtube. People are obviously taping at Creation and no one was stopping them this year. Just a year ago I was tapped on the shoulder and told to stop.

David started off with a lot of Baz stories. He took his son down to the pool and he said, that one year olds have no buoyancy at all; the kid went straight to the bottom. After he retrieve him, pushed him around the pool for a bit and took him out and dried him off. He looked away for a second and the fell and split his lip. Blood was everywhere. He swished the blood off in the pool (really? David!!!) and told the kid what did he have to cry about? People pay lots of money to get lips like that. David told many very funny stories. He said he got a new haircut. He thought it was going to be Daniel Craig but it was more of a Forrest Gump look.

The best story was told by Jason. They had spent a long hard day at Norco and he was catching a ride in Joe's big truck. Suddenly, they saw David in his little Echo. They pulled up and Jason mooned David. David said he couldn't figure out what he was looking at a first, a dog or what? Guys....

Anyway, I paid $25 for a ticket and had a great three hours. I am glad that Creation will return next year. I briefly chatted to astrumporta and waved at margec01 who disappeared amazingly fast as I discovered when I followed her out of the auditorium. Teleportation??

I'm fighting a cold and have to go to work. If no one as posted tape by Thursday I'll put something up.

Dear Flist

Sep. 27th, 2008 09:58 pm
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I just want to thank you for posting reviews of First Contact. I should be asleep but I read all your reviews, closing my eyes at the plot points of course, and I'm so excited that you all enjoyed the ep so much. I don't want my trip to end, but I also want to go home and see the lovely and talented MS play with DH.

Also, I got an email from my Critter Sitter that Brindle opened a window, sliced open the screen and escaped the house. She got him back in, but reports he is very vocal about wanting OUT!! He'll probably chew a hole in the wall if we don't get home soon enough for him.

THANK YOU all for your reviews!
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I must thank [livejournal.com profile] littleheaven70 for helping me to get these suckers up on you tube finally. A word of warning: I was not expecting to put these up for the public and the camera work is quite shaky at times. I'm putting them up because these have some close ups where you can see the expressions of the guests and I haven't seen that on you tube yet. And I'm missing a minute here and there as I needed to change memory cards, so, yeah, that's a little frustrating.

Enjoy them for what they are. There are eight files altogether.

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Apparently they will go the movie route, too. The first one is being paid for by Sci Fi and will run there before it goes to DVD.

Ain't that just sucky? What's worse is that M&M will probably write the script.

What a waste.
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Here's a copy of what Brad Wright showed at the Continuum panel at
Comic Con. It was a very sad moment. I hope Bridge will put this on
the next DVD they release.


Catching up

Aug. 4th, 2008 11:49 pm
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I'm finally feeling almost normal from the post Comic Con con-crud. So much to do....

Right now I'm watching Bones and skimming Mallozzi's blog. From July 27, Robert Cooper said this, "Without his support I never would have become showrunner in season seven." He is referring to RDA.

Very interesting. Feather that into whatever theory you have for the upset of Season six. (Fits into mine perfectly.) *g*

Doctor Who. I avoided spoilers and agree it was pretty good. Very imaginative. Read more... )

SGA: I enjoyed last Friday's episode more than any so far this season.
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Oh the Tru Blood site is kinda fun.
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Commentary with Executive Producer/Writer Brad Wright and Director Martin Wood.

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First off, I came down with con crud on Sunday night. Red, raw, on-fire sore throat. Hurts to swallow, can't talk sometimes. My roomies both have it, too. It's definitely slowed me down.

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Have you all heard it yet?  In the second segment he says the character that is easiest for him to write is Daniel.  He's kind of the heart and soul of Stargate.  His opinions are often his (Wright's) own in terms of how they should approach a situation.

Also, that RDA would always refuse to say a purposefully written funny line, even if you asked him to.

Re Jack/Sam:
If you think they're together, then go ahead and imagine it.

Having said that, there is a scene he's writing in the script for the 3rd Stargate movie that is, shall we say, romantic.


So, heart and soul, eh?  I wonder where he heard that?  :::snerk:::
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I'm just heartsick to hear the news that he passed away. The man had such warmth and strength and gentle humor. He was perfect as Scully's dad, Major Briggs and General Hammond. I imagine his friends and family are devastated. What a terrible loss.
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The fine folks over at MSOL have finished transcribing Michael Shanks' appearance. They also have some excellent photos.

The transcription with some photos is here:

More photos can be found here:

I was extremely lazy and did not write up a con report. However, Margec01 did a pretty good report. Parts one and two are:



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Well, I'm taking a little break before Mr. Shanks is up on stage. Today I saw the Digital Effects Supervisor Bruce Woloshyn. He had a cute little person montage of his time with Stargate, but nothing new. He is now back at work on season five of SGA and COTGs -- trying to match effects created by software that is long out of date and not supported anymore. In fact, they rebuilt the oldest computer they had so they could run that old program on it for something to do with the puddle effect.

Rainbow Franks was next but I needed to be somewhere else. Then I was back for N. John Smith. When asked what was the most expensive ep to make was, he said Trio in at quarter of a million (the set was very expensive) when it was supposed to be an inexpensive ep. Also The Storm because of the rain effects. Next, if SAG strikes, it will shut down production because they have three actors with SAG contracts (Joe, David and ????) He felt there wouldn't be a strike though. With respect to production, he said they currently shoot about 25 shots/day and he would like to see more like 40/day. When PDL was here, he'd get done 80/day. With regards to Sanctuary, it was supposed to be a project to keep people busy when SGA isn't in production. Down in San Diego at the Navy submarine base, there will be a party for all the people that were up in the Arctic last year I believe when the Bridge people will be down at Comic Con. Continuum will be released July 29 and Bridge will have a Continuum and SGA (Gero will be there for SGA) panel at Comic Con this year. The Navy has invited them back to the Arctic for either 2009 or 2010 and they will be filming something there though they haven't figured that out yet. At Norco studios, they let the props people use the facilities for free in the off season (they just need to pay for supplies) and that keeps them from loosing their expertise should they need to find another job off-season and not be available to come back to work for them.

And to recap briefly from what Wright and Wood said yesterday, things have gone very well for Ark of Truth. Walmart sold out of 60% of their stock on the first day of release and MGM had to start immediately to producing more. MGM wants them to do more movies. They apparently have been greenlighted to make Universe but they are unsure how they want to launch it. Do they want to do another SG1 film (and if they do one film, they will do two at once because the business model is cheaper that way) or an SGA film or should Universe be a film first? They say it's too much to do both two series and a movie at the same time. It sounded like they wanted to get to all projects but they didn't know the order yet. When Brad Wright was ticking off the different movies, he added in a SG1/SGA crossover and that got the biggest applause. He looked quizzically at Martin and said from the sound of that, maybe we should be doing that.

Gotta go.
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I forgot to mention there were a couple of direction signs pointing their way into Bridge Studios. Two just said "Infinity" with an arrow, the other (same color) said "Crew Park."

Infinity was the comic series I believe.

SG meme

Mar. 21st, 2008 03:11 pm
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From all over:

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I've always wondered what the actors on SG get paid. UTA is sueing Joe Flanigan:

"The agency claims Flanigan entered into an oral contract with it in 1998, agreeing to pay 10% commissions on projects, including his deal to play Lt. Col. John Sheppard on the Sci Fi Channel series.

Flanigan paid the agency for Seasons 1-3 of the series but has not paid commissions on his $992,250 salary for Season 4, UTA claims.

The agency alleges it also is entitled to commissions for upcoming Seasons 5-6."

So, Flanigan is the lead so his pay is highest. And this is year four. Is that speculation on Season 5-6 just hopeful or do they know something? Hopeful, I'd guess. I bet the SG1 actors were over a million by season ten. Probably. Sure is a lot less than series actor in the US make. I did the math and this is almost $50,000 per episode. Huh.

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Yes, this means I've finally put my con photos up. Sixty of them and those are only the most interesting. You can find them here:

I also put my photos of Jack's Cabin, the area around it and Lynn Canyon online at: http://s3.photobucket.com/albums/y98/kelpster/Vancouver2007/
Lots of green mossy stuff there. *g*

By the way, Judicial Indiscretions, the new Michael Shanks LifeTime movie will be on this Monday evening; check your tv guides! Mild spoiler to follow; Read more... )
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Spoilers below!
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