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And then I went to the CEO's meeting yesterday. Sounds like we'll have 20-50 people laid off but they are offering some small perks for those who are thinking of retiring soon to encourage them, first. I miss that bunch by 3 years. :::heavy sigh::: Anyway, I think the Respiratory dept might be targeted because our director got reamed for poor productivity a couple of weeks ago. But they will be going by seniority so I think my job is safe this time. Mr CEO was doing the big crocodile tears about how tough it is to let go of people. Uh huh. He's been here a year and all he has done is trim, lay off and harp at productivity. He reminds me of that bear in Toy Story 3. He even has the same accent.
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When I was on vacation, I missed all my shows due to a glitch. The ABC shows I could watch on their website, but I had a harder time finding The Mentalist (I don't torrent.) I found a place and just watched the two show I missed. http://tvshack.net/ They have many different shows, though not all by any means.

I also watched SGU tonight. :::sigh:::: I like Rush more than any of the others and feel contempt towards Young. They can all succumb to their stupidity any time now.

Doctor Who. I know you've all heard this before..."well, I didn't hate it." But that does not mean that I liked it. Any new show needs to be give a break for at least six eps but currently it's at the bottom of my list to watch. After SGU.

My most enjoyed show this week was Top Gear's Bolivian adventure. I had now idea there was a place in the world where you could drive at an elevation of 17,000 feet! Holy crap! And James was a bit testy, wasn't he? I had the feeling we missed seeing lots of stuff and that show could have been a couple of hours longer.

I'm having to keep this brief as Brindle is sleeping in front of the monitor. He's decided to take back his human (this one at least.) He naps, then crawls into my arms for some intense biscuit making. Repeat. I think he's decided he's not Greta Garbo, and he doesn't want to be alone any more.

Had a tough loss at work this week. A perfect term baby that was failing from bacteria meningitis less than two days after birth. He had a massive brain bleed the next day, and he was taken off the ventilator after a relative arrived from overseas. It's the unexpected ones that leave you feeling gutted. The parents were such nice people, too.

Busy busy!

Sep. 8th, 2009 12:23 pm
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I worked the weekend, all three days in the NICU. It was like Whack-a-mole as I went from bed to bed as they were being persnickety. One little dude is the smallest we've had even though he wasn't that immature (IUGR-Intrauterine growth restriction.) He's 37 weeks old now but we can't get him off the ventilator. He weighed 460 grams and now is 1060, so he's gone from a pound to two pounds. "But he's doubled his weight!" I'd say and the nurse would just give me The Look. Yeah, yeah...I know a close to term baby shouldn't weigh two pounds. He's still perking along though. The latest admission is another small for gestational age baby (IUGR again.) She is 600gms but is 33 weeks and there for quite mature, relatively speaking. She's adorable and spunky and grabs your finger tip as she looks you in the eye, like "I will remember you for this!" as we change her diaper. She's got a winning hand as she is a black female and statistically speaking, she should breeze through the next few weeks and go home in great shape. Her parents couldn't be happier or goofier. It's sweet.

After this, I must go to the recycling center. I didn't last week because it was just too damn hot. Right now it's 81! It's only a two day break and will get hot again tomorrow. I'm so sick of this.

A good space shuttle/ISS viewing tonight out here. A full five minutes of space ship viewing! And then I need to clean out tivo in prep for the fall season. What are people looking forward to, aside from SPN, that is? Especially, the new stuff. There's buzz about Glee but I know nothing about it. Oh, Tivo just had a special ad for Glee; this is it's second year? Wow.

Still have helicopters buzzing the house, but it's down to about twice an hour. I went by the local airport yesterday morning on my way home and snapped a few shots. The fire is still burning, actually moving more east towards us but is far back, more towards the desert side. Words can not describe what has happened. :( The air is cleaner though, and I bet my car isn't ash covered today.

Made some headway with Emma last night. I bought her a few kitty toys and she really took to them. Last night she sniffed my finger and tapped my fingers a little. I dangled a toy mouse and she would bat at it--all with her mostly under the bed still. Progress! It's been a month now that she's been our captive. I was beginning to wonder if she was feral after all. If you're interested in which kitty toys, one was a mouse and I've found it all over the bedroom so she is carrying it around; her eyes light up when she sees it. The second is a pingpong ball in a donut shaped tube:


Photos of firefighting helicopters, on the ground at Brackett Field and a blurry one over my house:
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Jul. 7th, 2009 02:31 am
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Just an update, maybe I'll do this in bullet points...except I don't know how to in lj. *g* So, since I last updated:

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Gotta go. I hear Momma coon snorting in the courtyard. There's probably one or two other coons there. Maybe a few more peanuts will calm them down.
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I've been at the same job for 30 years. On the five year anniversaries of your hiring on, you get invited to the Awards Banquet. Prime rib dinner, fancy chocolate moussy thing with raspberries and lots of wine.

This year, they really fancied it up. The invitations were of a winter theme (stark bare white branches on deep blue with white snow flakes.) They took an unused area of the hospital (was the Chemical dependancy unit but insurance companies don't cover that any more) and decked it out in the same colors and icy crystals and had a cocktail reception where we got our photos taken. They had live music (percussion, keyboards and a sax.)

There were 90 odd people who had been there 15, 20, 25, 30 and 35 years, and one that'd been there for 40. For the 25 and ups, they gave a little bio while you went up on stage to collect your hugs/handshakes and little bonus ($500! Hey, it's a community hospital that is still independent and solvent. Those are hard to find anymore.) I'd had some wine and was trying not to trip up the stairs so I didn't catch it all. They did mention stuff like my extra credentialing for the NICU and that I like to work with the babies. I also heard something about skunks and raccoons...and being a Trekkie. :::sigh:::

When I got to the table I shook my head at my director who had wrote the bio. He said, "What?" I said, "Trekkie? Not for YEARS!" He just pinned me with a look and said with conviction, "Trekkie." So, I suppose if one still knows the T stands for Tiberius and that Spock's mother's name is Amanda, one will always be a Trekkie. It's an indelible label and will appear on our obituaries. At least he didn't add, "Slash Writer." *g*

And the skunks. Even I, who think they are very cute and entertaining, still cringed when I heard the word. Talk about words having baggage! BTW, the guy that did the repair work on the house a few weeks ago said he had a descented skunk as a pet when he was kid. He loved them. Nevertheless, I still kinda think they're a secret and was shocked to hear it in front of all those VERY professional people.

So, we got to go to the fancy party, eat, drink and be merry, AND come home with some extra dough. The bottom line is that those that know me, know me. Those that don't, probably think they didn't hear it right...or were daydreaming on where the $500 was gonna be spent.

So, what was name of McCoy's nurse? What rank was Chekov? What was the Enterprise's source of power? Uh huh. Trekkie!
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First, when I went to work on Sunday, T was there. I said hi to all as I breezed through, glanced at T and thought she looks ready to burst into tears. I took my work load and retreated to the NICU where I was pleasantly busy for the first half of the shift. Later, I went down to the dept to socialize. T was there, not looking tearful and we participated in the conversation without trouble. When they were all talking about wanting Superbowl Sunday off, I mentioned I only watched for the commercials. T looked at the schedule and asked if I was willing to work for her on that day. Huh. I'm not opposed to that but when I looked at the schedule, they are terribly understaffed on that day. If I do it, I'd have to carry the ER beeper, the NICU backup beeper and have responsibility for all the treatments in the non critical areas unless they get in some registry people (which I think is unlikely because it's Superbowl Sunday.) I'd be friggin' foaming at the mouth crazy to volunteer to take that on!

I told T I'd think about it.

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I now have the last two Torchwoods to watch. Maybe later tonight. Please, someone write and tell me they aren't Gwen heavy.
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Well, my brain is full and dribbling out my ears. There was too much to remember I'm afraid to say. I go there to find out new ways of treating sick babies and bring that info home. Among other things, I learned that's there is still too much we don't know. That we need randomized clinical trials on just about every aspect of treatment so we'd know what actually works as opposed to 'this is what we do because it seems to work.' 40% of our graduates have chronic lung disease and there are no studies being done on how we can help them, what works for them and their families. ARGH!!

I know this is late, but let me quote you our conversations from Halloween night:

"Hey Mom! We've got more trick or treaters!"

"Are they dressed as skunks?"

"Let me check...yep, they are!"

"Well, give them some peanuts then."

And we'd laugh, and repeat the same thing about 15 minutes later. Yes, we are easily amused, why do you ask?


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