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When I was on vacation, I missed all my shows due to a glitch. The ABC shows I could watch on their website, but I had a harder time finding The Mentalist (I don't torrent.) I found a place and just watched the two show I missed. http://tvshack.net/ They have many different shows, though not all by any means.

I also watched SGU tonight. :::sigh:::: I like Rush more than any of the others and feel contempt towards Young. They can all succumb to their stupidity any time now.

Doctor Who. I know you've all heard this before..."well, I didn't hate it." But that does not mean that I liked it. Any new show needs to be give a break for at least six eps but currently it's at the bottom of my list to watch. After SGU.

My most enjoyed show this week was Top Gear's Bolivian adventure. I had now idea there was a place in the world where you could drive at an elevation of 17,000 feet! Holy crap! And James was a bit testy, wasn't he? I had the feeling we missed seeing lots of stuff and that show could have been a couple of hours longer.

I'm having to keep this brief as Brindle is sleeping in front of the monitor. He's decided to take back his human (this one at least.) He naps, then crawls into my arms for some intense biscuit making. Repeat. I think he's decided he's not Greta Garbo, and he doesn't want to be alone any more.

Had a tough loss at work this week. A perfect term baby that was failing from bacteria meningitis less than two days after birth. He had a massive brain bleed the next day, and he was taken off the ventilator after a relative arrived from overseas. It's the unexpected ones that leave you feeling gutted. The parents were such nice people, too.
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