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This photo is a bit large but you *really* have to see the detail. This was on a column proudly displayed in the town square of Schwerin, in the northern Germany. The people seem to have medival dress and I'm guessing the mooning is to be taken figuratively rather than literally? Any guesses on this one?

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I noticed that when Brindle kneaded me, he wasn't leaving a rash from his razor sharp claws. Curious, I finally examined them and found out that all the claws on his front feet, save for one dew claw, are now rough nubs. Like he used them on something rough and it 'sanded' them down more than halfway. He's virtually defenseless with no claws at this time. That probably explains why he is not wanting to leave the bedroom at all. He's a smart one. I really shudder to think what the hell happened to him.
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I'm gonna say the second one isn't work safe. Bizarre, yes.

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Brindle is still on my bed. He's happy enough, and fever free.
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Another from Jardin des Tuileries:

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Brindle is still on my bed. His nose is now cool and wet, and we're still bringing him his meals. His back paws are still quite sore but appear to be healing fine. Looks like he ripped out four claws and a fifth was snapped off. Ouch. He is still very loving and sweet.

This statue is also from Jardin des Tuileries.
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Back in November of 2003, we went to Germany and Paris for almost a month. I finally backuped my photos from a cd to a external hard drive and will post the occasional photo to amuse you all.

This statue is in the garden across from the Louvre. Somebody has a nice bum.


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