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...already sold out for next year except for day passes.

Well, scratch that convention off my yearly list of Fun Things to Do.
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I must thank [livejournal.com profile] littleheaven70 for helping me to get these suckers up on you tube finally. A word of warning: I was not expecting to put these up for the public and the camera work is quite shaky at times. I'm putting them up because these have some close ups where you can see the expressions of the guests and I haven't seen that on you tube yet. And I'm missing a minute here and there as I needed to change memory cards, so, yeah, that's a little frustrating.

Enjoy them for what they are. There are eight files altogether.

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Here's a copy of what Brad Wright showed at the Continuum panel at
Comic Con. It was a very sad moment. I hope Bridge will put this on
the next DVD they release.

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First off, I came down with con crud on Sunday night. Red, raw, on-fire sore throat. Hurts to swallow, can't talk sometimes. My roomies both have it, too. It's definitely slowed me down.

Con report of SG, Dr. Horrible, Family Guy and Bones: Read more... )
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You may have noticed I skipped over Friday.  A lot happened on Friday--too much to put here in the few minutes before I must turn the lights out for the sanity of my roomies.

Today was a bit of a bust.  I had no desire to get up at the crack of dawn to run down to the cue for the Heroes panel.  Maybe youtube will be my friend.  Instead, I loitered about the room, went down for an early lunch of real food instead of snacks and got to the con by 11:30.  The mass of humanity wasn't too bad outside so they must have been all inside enjoying.  I wanted to do a little shopping but the crush made browsing near impossible.  Deej had told me about the publishers area where you could get free books on Friday; not so many today.  I saw a bodice ripper.  Pass.  Next I sat in the sails area and took a few pics of costumes for the folks at work.  They think everyone will be wearing Spock ears or something....

Then, I went to wait in the line for 6B, and got into the room for the panel before Pushing Daisies.  it was Grant Morrison and Gerard Way. I was definitely not on the same vib as everyone else in that room.  Self proclaimed cool--you know, I don't know them from Adam but it usually doesn't work that way.  When the room started to fill for the next panel, I had a bad feeling.  Why would all these teenage boys want to see a panel on Pushing Daises?  Yes, that's right.  They wouldn't.  A quick check of my program documented my blonde moment.  Pushing Daisies was in 6A, the very room where peals of spontaneous delight were currently emitting from.   Unfortunately, they were full and I wasn't getting in.  They seemed to be having a great time, though.

Totally disgusted, I got my sorry self down to the bus for the trip to the hotel.  I did manage to get a lovely shot (finally) of the Continuum bus ad.  Once back at the hotel, it was nap time, followed by dinner time (ribeye!) followed by my roomies trying to sleep as I tippytap on the laptop.  I'll put up the photo first. 

Tomorrow, I need to follow Deej (who will be getting up at the crack of dawn to get into the cue for Supernatural by 7:15, cause that is when they let people into the building to stand in line for the panels.  For SG, they let people into the Ballroom 20 an hour before the panel started) and join her in line by 9am--after I pack up my car and check out of the hotel.  Yech.

Sunday night, I'll try to write up Friday's report.  Michael Shanks seemed to be fairly lowkey.  I don't think the new haircut flatters him; it makes his forehead too large.  Oh well.  Maybe they will light him well in Burn Notice.

ETA:  Forget about the photo tonight. Photobucket shrunk it down to a postage stamp size!
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It started off well.    Only was half hour late leaving the house, traffic okay, got to Deej's motel without problems.  There, the guy behind the desk carefully scanned his computer, his spreadsheet and room roster and after about five minutes decided they didn't have the guests who I was looking for.  Thank god for cells phone.  Jeeze.

The trip south was complicated by a truck accident that caused a brush fire around the Camp Pendelton area that had caused 'major slowing.'  After traveling two miles in thirty minutes, we took an exit, reversed our direction, stopped at an Arby's for a potty break and a sandwich, and took the Ortega Hwy to Lake Elsinor.  That was a very pretty drive (also that of "ROAD WORKS! BE PREPARED FOR SLOWING" every couple of miles --- we only had one one-lane event.)  That took an extra hour but the next hour went by at 85 mph; no visible gas shortaged 'let's drive a sensible speed' on I-15! 

That got us to the con at noon instead of ten like we'd planned.  Deej missed the delectable Keanu Reeves and I missed the Doctor Who panel and ten minutes of the Torchwood panel (registration? We walked right up to a desk and had finished in under a minute.  I was very impressed!)  We hustled to Hall 20 and then were very entertained by the lovely, but sex on the brain John Barrowman, Gareth David-Lloyd , Naoko Mori and producer Julie Gardner.  John is, of course, quite a quick wit and twice had to tell the tech to NEVER turn off his mic.  Very stern. *g*  He kept saying things that made Gareth's face turn quite red--very adorable.  Not much in the way of spoilers, though.  Season three will be five very intense episodes that will change everything and they will start shooting soon.  I think they said it would show after Doctor Who and would also be shown in the US after that.  In the Q&A, John replied to a couple of questions by saying "buy my book." 

From there, we went down onto the dealer's room floor, cruised the SciFi booth where no give aways were happening (there are these humonguous purple bags around though that state "frackin big bag" and I so want one!"  WB stated to just get in line hour hour before for their scheduled autographs.  Across from SciFi at the Holtzheimer booth, John and Garth were signing autographs.  I bought a couple of pics, John's book *g* and got them signed.  The booth was terribly disorganized, but the guests were smooth and friendly.

Next we tried to get into the room to see Wizard's First Rule but were put off by the line and the fact that the panel had already started.  We found an even longer line for True Blood panel but that wasn't going to start for over an hour so we got in the cue.  It went fairly fast considering the line almost made a complete circle through the hallways.  We sat through a Street Fighter IV panel (I know it's 'action' but it just looks very violent to m-- though the graphics were pretty and very artsy at times.) 

True Blood had producer Alan Ball, novel writer Charlaine Harris and the cast.  Ball was very excited by the books and was trying to stay true to them while making the necessary changes for episodic tv.  Harris seemed sweet and thrilled and happy with the production even with the changes.  The teaser looked very interesting with lots of simmering sex, some violence and like it might take me a few eps to warm up to it but ultimately worth it.  They gave out tickets and when redeemed gave us a very cool bag with a True Blood beverage ad, a copy of the first book in the series and a comic thing.  VERY cool!

The Dexter panel followed with Anthony C Hall, Julie Benz, and the exec producer.  Hall kept snacking on chocolate and they said he had gotten stuck in a five hour traffic jam! (so glad we turned around!)  The teaser looked fantastic.  They said if the theme of the first series was about finding Dex's roots, the second was about good and evil, the third is that Dex gets a friend.  The event that fuels the season is that Dex spontaneously kills someone--possibly someone who isn't guilty of killing. 

Then, back to the hotel, meeting our roomie, Astrumporta, dinner and bed.  Thank god!
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If I'm lucky, I'll post from the hotel.  Otherwise, I catch you next week.
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Thanks to our good friends at MSOL.

"Michael to appear at Comic Con

The San Diego International Comic Con website has been updated with the details of Friday's schedule, confirming that Michael, Chris Judge, Ben Browder, Amanda Tapping and Robert Cooper will be participating in the SG-1 panel. Per the website:

12:15-1:15 Stargate SG-1: The Movie - It's been barely a month since television's longest-running sci-fi series aired its final episode, yet the SG-1 team is already embarking on a perilous new mission-to recover the Ark of Truth with the hopes that the power locked inside the ancient artifact will loosen the grip of the Ori army on our galaxy. Never-before-seen footage from the new direct-to-video movie (from Fox Home Entertainment) will be followed by a Q&A session. Participants nclude SG-1 stars Ben Browder (as Cameron Mitchell), Amanda Tapping (as Samantha Carter), Michael Shanks (as Daniel Jackson), Christopher Judge (as Teal'c) and executive producer/director Robert Cooper. Ballroom 20"

Life is good. :) So, yeah. I have a lot less reservations about calling in for THAT line up. Yay!!


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