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It's such a bummer not being able to squee before going anyway now since it could attract misfortune to home and hearth. But now I'm back. Yay!

The con was good. It seems to have stablized at a reduced size. Most of the panels were good, but I've learned to avoid panels that have a certain personality as a moderator. The art show was a tad smaller but had some good pieces. I liked the Sherlock and there was a fab Rumplestiltskin. I bought three zines because I realized this might be the first MWC where I did not buy a zine and that was so sad because I used to dozens.

I did a Merlin door decoration. There's maybe 1 out of 6 doors with something on them, so that's kind of sad, too.

I swear the hotel was being passive aggressive about the con. I had a heck of a time using the masking tape on the door because they had spray waxed the door. The first two nights a notice was slipped under the door stating that if we moved the furniture, we would be charged $150/DAY for the wear and tear on it. Hummingbirds had a reduced menu but better prices and better service than last year. NO decorations were on the walls. They totally screwed up our hotel bill. My roomies checked out at 4am the day before and we were splitting the bill. I was charged close to $400 but thought, oh well, my roomies must have decided that was fair. Then I got an email saying they were charged close to $800 and the total bill should have been only $650ish. They charged us nearly double! My roomie called and said it is straightened out. We'll see.

I did co-mod a Merlin panel because even though there were about 6 suggested panels, non made it to the schedule. There were other shows that were totally shut out even though there were a lot of suggestions. There must have been six Strachey panels, lots of Sherlock and SPN ones, too. I very much enjoyed a Person of Interest panel and a Mentalist panel. The Once Upon a Time panel was okay. There was conflict so I missed a few I wanted to attend.

The flight there was fine, the flight back had delays and I had 13 minutes to make my connection in Atlanta and never would have made it except an airport guy with an electric cart saw me and asked if I needed help. Great, great guy! In contrast, we were in SeaTac a few years ago and I had arrange Mom to have transport to our connection. Not only did they not show up, empty electric carts drove by us and the drivers looked away and ignored us even though I was gesturing and calling to them. Such a difference.

I did not get a Chevy Cruz for a rental like I'd hoped (it was so much fun to drive last year and great milage!) This time it was Nissan Sentra. Yuck.

Buddy did nip my nose when I got back but then immediately licked it to apologize. He is such a sweetie!
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Here are three photos of the Award Winning Top Gear Door from the MediaWestCon competition, Buddy and the Monkey Flowers and two Momma raccoon photos...with nipples!

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I got home with only a few hours delay due to a lightening storm over Atlanta while I was there changing planes. I do hate flying....

The con was good. I changed roommates this year and while I hung with my old gang, I slept very, very well with the new ones. It makes an incredible difference! I did attend panels on Bones, Top Gear, Castle, Criminal Minds and co-modded one on Merlin. When we found we missed a panel we wanted to see, we held our own at dinner. *g* As I said before, we did well with the door contest. The art show was pretty good but a little smaller than last year. There was little SG1 or Merlin...plus I was feeling very, very poor since I've had a couple of paychecks that were less than a third of usual since I've been out of work because of my shoulder. There were some lovely pieces though. That also explains why I went on a solitary room crawl about 2pm on Saturday; I was hoping most of the room dealers were closed and I just wanted to look at the doors. I got 6 SG1 zines, and a couple of mouse pads and prints and that was about it.

We had a fine meal at Sahara's, ate many meals at Bob Evans', a couple at Grumpy's and even went for a few late night shake runs at Steak and Shake. My car was upgraded to full size so I had a Mercury Grand Marquis. I kept hearing Clarkson in my head, "that is cheap, this is poorly designed and it handles like moribund boat. Absolute rubbish!" I do like that it had two bench seats so I crammed 6 people in it. :) "Move along officer, nothing to see here." And it had a very good A/C unit. That made me very forgiving!

The Vid Show was pretty good, too. Longer than last year, too. There was a lovely Jack/Daniel one. :) And a lovely Merlin one set to Celtic music.

I don't really have any news from the con; just a lot of happy memories of friends, laughs and good conversation (and watching Firefly DVDs.)

Now for the cat report. The bottom line is that Abby got out and two days later she's safely back inside. The details for my own enjoyment are behind the cut:

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It's Monday and most people are bugging out. Said goodbye to my N. Carolina friends, had a nice chat with Obelix about Merlin and am now waiting for my friends to finish up with business. While I was out to breakfast, housekeeping took down my door decoration and our award. :( I had already took photos of it so that's not so bad. We won Best Multi-Fandom, so Yay! Will post photos when I get home. Must remember to get a decent photo editor on the laptop....

I only bought about 5 SG1 zines and some Merlin, Castle and Castiel merchandise from Cat's Meow. This will make it easy to pack.

It has started to rain a bit and looks like maybe a thunderstorm later on.
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Here are four photos of our door decoration. It was either called "Who and you" or "Who's Who?" The first is my choice.

The next three are what I found at different times when I returned to the room. Some are...disturbing. *g* In fact, the last one is sick!

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...and a couple of the shows I'm not bonzo over yet so feel free to correct me if I haven't got good panel name.

How about:

Criminal Minds: The BAU's finest are the walking wounded.
Criminal Minds: Where the team members are almost as messed up as the unsubs.

Leverage: The 21st Century's A-Team?
Leverage: Realism, smealism! Just give me the eye-candy!

Merlin: Camelot 90210.
Merlin: Did the myth have to be modernized for it to work as episodic tv?

The Mentalist: Where noticing the details will enhance your appreciation of the team.
The Mentalist: Where it's the writer's slight-of-hand that slowly reveals a charming cast of characters.

I need to think up one for SG1 and probably AS&J, too.
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...and did precious little today. I slept and I did a few easy chores that didn't include unpacking. I think it's telling that I have dl'd about a dozen Criminal Minds stories. I'm back from MWC and I'm looking for fic online. Huh. There was only two SG1 zines so I bought the latest Fandamonium book because it had Frazier in it. I have to say I get thrown out of the story twice a page over bad characterizations or Aussie-ism (or whatever isms the writer is from.) Very annoying--so hold off on buying that book for awhile. I will finish it and review it here.

There was one Criminal Minds zine in Mysty's room. It was small, over-price and when I flipped it open I saw some saccharine salutation in a Hotch/Reid story. Pass! Speaking of CM, I was able to see it on my laptop due to finding the ep on the net thanks to some urls from some CMs fans. No CM panels. Bummer.

Our room won no prizes but there were a lot of giggles and flash photography outside the room. I'd love to know which jokes worked the best. I did take photos of the door and that great Indy and Daniel Jackson door and will post them when I get my laptop unpacked.

It was great seeing all my friends again in their natural habitat--surrounded by zines and art and deep discussions of the ethics of SPN--such happy, happy faces even if they were shooting down the opinions expressed during the last panel. Hugs to deej1957, graculus, khek, margec01, mrwubbles, myfieldnotes, Leah and Annie, obelix, and penfold_x, not to mention my wonderful roomies that won't even read this because they just don't "get" lj. :::sigh:::

Tomorrow I'll put up some pics. I've got jetlag and am screwed up. But, when am I not when it comes to sleeping?

ETA: we went to see the new Indiana Jones filmed and all of us thought it great fun. Of course, I was ticking off 'coincidences' that it shared with SG1's Crystal Skull. I didn't mind; I'm glad there are PTB that appreciate the epic-ness of an archaeologist on a quest-the boys at Bridge never "got" that.
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At least it seems like a meme that's swept my flist. *g*

Well, this concludes my computer chores before I travel. My tv chores were watching the finals of Bones, House and NCIS and I finished those too.

I've done my "purse packing"--getting rid of all the stuff I don't want to drag half way across the country. I've almost done my electronic packing--cell phone charged, bits and pieces for the laptop collected; the PDA just needs to dl a few stories for the road.

And yes, I've left the clothes packing for the end. Jeans and t-shirts so that should go fast. And my ebay bathing suit. :)

And the few bits and pieces I need to take for the door decoration.

And did you know some airlines--like Northwest--now only let the economy passengers check ONE bag? Bastards. :::spit::::

I'll catch you all soon in Michigan. Safe journey!


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