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I've just read two interviews, one of Ian Anderson and one of Martin Barre. It sure sounds like Jethro Tull is over. Ian sounds rather full of himself and Martin sounds like he got tired of being under used. There are no plans for further Tull albums or touring.

But, instead, we'll get two tribute bands. Ian playing Thick As A Brick part 1 and the new solo album, TAAB2 on tour. Martin wants to recapture the energy of early Tull and is putting a band together to play "...pure Tull. I want to get back to the simplicity of the early songs that we haven’t done for a long time. There will be no keyboards. It will be straightforward and we will be playing tracks that have not been played for many, many years."

I read the interviews and thought, "married old couple that's been together for 42 years and now they want to go their own ways." I'm very sad about it because that last concert I saw was fantastic and they played so incredibly well together. But, they want to do different things. The up side will be two concerts to go to instead of one. But you know? Damn.

Here are the interviews:


And the two websites:


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Ian was joined on stage by guitarist Florian Ophale, John O'Hara--keyboards, David Goodier--bass player, Mark Mondsir--drums and Meena Bhasin on violin. The songs were mostly Jethro Tull's play acoustically. There were two new songs, and one each from Meena and Florian.

The concert was delightful, and the audience was mostly respectful and that was a treat(I'd rather hear the musicians that some drunk shouting out, "IAN!") The music has gotten even more intricate and the styles are a international bouquet. I think it was Aqualung that was amazing. I'd already heard it rearranged for the flute, but here he'd added the violin and the flamenco-ish guitar. It was just wonderful. Read more... )

They are playing tonight (November 6 at the Wiltern in LA, and there are still a few more dates going up California and ending in Spokane.

Catch him if you can!
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Much better! This is more what I had in mind.

The Greek was sold out. We got there 1.5 hours early hoping to get a good disabled parking spot for Mom. There was actually quiet a few people already. The Greek is in the hills so it was fairly easy for her to walk down to the entrance but a bit tougher to get back uphill afterwards. We had spicy grilled hot dogs for dinner, then I bought a few t-shirts and a program. There was a full moon out later and the night cooled off nicely. Moisture! There was condensation! *g*

The Young Dubliners were good and had the crowd clapping along. They had Eric Rigler, who "is the piper behind such brilliant soundracks as Braveheart and Titanic." I tried to phone my good friend Bunny, who would REALLY have liked to have been there, to let her hear what she was missing but I got a No Signal on my phone. Drats!

Tull was in fine form. The acoustics were so much better. BIG difference. At the end of the concert they all were beaming from ear to ear. The set list was the same except we got Nursie tonight. Lovely version. :)

The crowd was fairly decent; not too rowdy. Unfortunately, my row had more than their fair share of people physically unable to sit for 105 minutes without getting a beer or having to go pee. I think I had to stand at least eight times to let people go past. Then there was the guy in front of Mom who brought his kid who was maybe eight-ten. The kid liked a few songs but in between he was playing a game on his dad's iphone or itouch. That wouldn't have been so bad except it's illumination is quite bright when one is in the dark. Annoying. Why can't people go to the concert sit still and listen?

But aside from that, it was a wonderful evening of great music. We're very happy right now. :)
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I've been youtubing Tull to answer a question about tonight's concert and one thing led to another and now I'm trying to figure out the meaning to the song, One White Duck.

One poster had this to say, "I have read elsewhere that a knick-knack of 3 white ducks in flight together, which hangs on the wall, is a traditional symbol of a happy family in England."

Have any of you heard of this?

If anyone is interested in hearing the song, it's quite beautiful (acoustical with only string instruments) if enigmatic and from a time in Ian's career where his voice was outstanding, powerful, rich and full of nuances.


Is that a harp in there at one point?

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I'm back from the first concert and that was...interesting.

First off, the concert hall at the Fantasy Springs Resort casino in Indio? Think...high school auditorium. Think a big square with a stage a few feet up off the floor, the 'floor' seating wooden chairs on a concrete floor--not even staggered seating, and the seats on the side those raised contraptions that fold accordion like to close. And this place is getting fairly decent names beside Tull; Ringo Starr, Kid Rock, Fergie, Patti LaBelle. Between that and being out in the middle of nowhere, I'm thinking the casino makes it worthwhile for the artists. I'm thinking they get a lot of the take at the box office because it really makes no sense otherwise.

But, like at the L.A. County Fairgrounds concert a few years ago, the audience wasn't too bad. A lot of applause before the song is actually over but that is always a hazard for people not very familiar with Tull. I was kind of dreading drunks screaming out for no particular reason except the song is soft enough that they can be heard throughout the concert hall, but these guys didn't do that. Cool. Also, the one security guard I asked directions from said he was in five hours early for his shift because of Tull. I don't know whether he has to come in early for all concerts or they were expecting trouble from the fans of this 'heavy metal' band. There certainly were a lot of security about though. And absolutely no reason for them either so that was good.

The boys played well, Ian's voice is what it is nowadays. They all seemed in good spirits. Apparently Martin Barre broke his wah wah pedal a few weeks ago and can't find another one, not even on ebay.

The set list included My Sunday Feeling, Living In The Past, Serenade To A Cuckoo, A Song For Jeffrey, Too Old To Rock'N'Roll, Farm On The Freeway, Bourée, A New Day Yesterday (incl. Kelpie), We Used To Know/With You There To Help Me, Dharma For One (incl. drum solo & Count The Chickens), Heavy Horses, Thick As A Brick, Aqualung, Locomotive Breath. I'm missing a few I think. A lot of these were performed close to the original version or a mix that has been standard for years (slipping Kelpie inside of A New Day Yesterday) except Locomotive Breath had a new bit towards the end.

So, Tull = yes; Fantasy Springs Resort = no.

And now I get to see them again later today!
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And instead of it being some annoying, repetative ditty, it's Thick as a Brick--the whole thing. So, it's really like having two dozen complex tunes twirling in my conciousness. It's marvelous. :) Must be because I woke up at 10am to buy tickets for Tull at the Greek.
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I knew Tull was coming to the Greek Theater on August 18 (tickets on sale Sunday) but I didn't know they'd be playing at another Indian Casino on the 17th. I just bought some tickets for the Fantasy Springs Resort out in Indio. I'm gonna have a Tull weekend. :)

And it's their 40th anniversary, too. From their website: "Now I have agreed that we will celebrate the tours with a full laser light show, a dancing troupe of honed and bronzed young men fresh from the Madonna boudoir, 60 foot inflatable flute-phallus on stage, Chinese acrobats and fireworks nightly – and – live prostate examinations for lucky competition-winners during the concert intermission."

Heh heh heh...if only!

Oh, and the opening act will be the Young Dubliners at the Greek.
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Scooter had a very good day today. He marched into my room (which he hasn't been in since he went all Mount Saint Helens over the place) this morning and demanded I get up and feed him. And then he ate a half a can of food. Tonight, he was alert and loving and playful. Okay, I think he's gotten past this. We are very happy. :)

Read more... )

And we drove 90 miles up to the high dessert to see a Jethro Tull concert. It was at the Lancaster Performing Arts Center and it was another wonderful concert. The musicianship is wonderful as always. They performed a couple of new songs that sounded a bit like the stuff from Divinities. And they did a new version of Aqualung that was more instrumental, slower and poignant with a lot of flute. Awesome!

There was a signs about requesting, for the enjoyment of the rest of the audience, that people not whistle or shout. And in an audience where most people were well into their 50s, there still were a few asses that just had to whoop and shout proving that either men will always have the self-control of feral teenagers or that they are already becoming senile. It wasn't too bad until My God, which has achingly beautiful and haunting flute passages and it was spoiled by men obviously trying to outdo each other instead of enjoying the concert. But, other than that, it was sweet. :)

We also took the laptop out with us. I wanted to try it on a wireless network and I wanted Mom to learn how to connect to it. She's taking the laptop to Salt Lake City soon and her hotel will have free wi-fi. She has a tendency to just ask me how to do something and not try to figure it out herself. We went to a Marie Callendars for dinner and as I was waiting outside, I booted the laptop up. We went to a Starbucks with wi-fi, but I guess those places aren't free? Anyway, I noticed that a hotel next to the Marie Callendars had an unsecured network, so we went back there after the concert, sat in the parking lot and connected. Yay! I think it is road worthy now. :)
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Tonight, we went down to Royce Hall on the UCLA campus to catch Ian Anderson Plays Orchestral Jethro Tull. As always, he played very well and it was a delightful concert. He did some rearrangements on some of the songs, but others sounded pretty much like he usually performed them. None of Tull was on tour with him. He had a lead guitarist and bass guitarist from Bristol, England, a drummer and the keyboardist who also was a conductor to the orchestra. The orchestra consisted of 7 violinists, 2 cello players, 1 flutist, and obo-ist (sp) and I think a clarientist. And Lucia, the classic rock lovin' violinist was spotlighted again.

I loved the arrangement of Bupapest and Aqualung. The Mozart melody was very fun. They performed another rousing version of Kashmir. At one point, Ian came close to Lucia to say, "Let's have some fun," but as he moved away, he got caught on the wire that went from her violin to her amplifier and pulled it out, apparently damaging her violin in the process. Horrified, she pointed at her violin and Ian prodded the instrument and unfortunately, a small piece of it fell off. She wasn't a happy camper. A song or two later, Ian coaxed her, "Where's my giggle?" Apparently, she scowled at him because the audience closer all went 'uhhhhhh!' a sound that translated to "you are *so* in the doghouse!"

I wondered what the orchestral folks thought of Ian's music. Of course, I'm partial to it and loved hearing the new arrangements and the different takes to some songs. It's just fun. There was one song he described as being done over as a cross between Count Bassie and Tom and Jerry. Yeah, that's kind of what Ian does: he pulls from so many different places, the music is impossible to classify...and as a result, is difficult for new people to find. Do you like rock? Do you like folk? Do you like the Blues? Do you like classical? Maybe you'd like Tull, you know? *g*

After the concert was over and we wandered back to the parking structure, I must admit to a little fannish moment and considered that this is the campus that the young Daniel Jackson went to. *g*

Oh, and of course since we were within 10 miles of the ocean, we had to go to the Kings Head for my fav Fish & Chips followed by Rhubarb Crumble with Birds custard. Note to self: Do NOT go to Santa Monica on the weekend during the summertime, or if you do, please allow an extra hour to inch past the tourists.


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