Sep. 28th, 2008 09:43 pm
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This town has dinosaur statues all over the place. We are staying at the Best Western Jurassic Inn. *g* They've taken this theme and worked it 100%.

We went to the Royal Tyrrell Museum of Paleontology and they had fantastic exhibits.

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We stayed at the Lake Louise Inn where I had to pay for the net connection, which I did; I got on for about 30 minutes and then the computer crashed and then the laptop would not reconnect. Hmph! Now I need to catch up!

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Pic Spam!

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May. 11th, 2008 11:42 pm
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Last night at work about 4am, I got on the elevator just as a Russian Orthodox priest got off, looked around, then turned back stating he was trying to find his way out and could I please help him. Have you ever been suddenly confronted with someone so attractive you lose the power of speech? And a priest at that!! I actually had to look at the ground to be able to put two words together and then still had a few wrong words at that. The directions were complex enough I had to accompany him part of the way which was both a blessing and curse as I sort of blathered and pointed. *g* Boy, that woke me up good! Embarrassing but let me tell you that was one attractive man!

One of my co-coworker's 90 year old grandmother died. She was head of a big Hispanic family. As they were going through her stuff (she still lived in her own little home still she broke her hip and that had to be sorted through) they would find little post it notes that said things like, "Love each other," and "Family always comes first." But they also found a few "Vote for Hillary." That still makes me laugh.

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And lastly, I ended up getting Mom a selection of books and dvds for Mother's Day. One book that is particularly nice is Valley of the Kings, an enormous coffee table book filled with fantastic photos. I got it from the Barnes and Noble discount section for $25 (it appears on the online bookstores as out of stock.) It's listed on Amazon as $125. You Egyptophiles need to see if you can pick up a copy.
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