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Well, I'm taking a little break before Mr. Shanks is up on stage. Today I saw the Digital Effects Supervisor Bruce Woloshyn. He had a cute little person montage of his time with Stargate, but nothing new. He is now back at work on season five of SGA and COTGs -- trying to match effects created by software that is long out of date and not supported anymore. In fact, they rebuilt the oldest computer they had so they could run that old program on it for something to do with the puddle effect.

Rainbow Franks was next but I needed to be somewhere else. Then I was back for N. John Smith. When asked what was the most expensive ep to make was, he said Trio in at quarter of a million (the set was very expensive) when it was supposed to be an inexpensive ep. Also The Storm because of the rain effects. Next, if SAG strikes, it will shut down production because they have three actors with SAG contracts (Joe, David and ????) He felt there wouldn't be a strike though. With respect to production, he said they currently shoot about 25 shots/day and he would like to see more like 40/day. When PDL was here, he'd get done 80/day. With regards to Sanctuary, it was supposed to be a project to keep people busy when SGA isn't in production. Down in San Diego at the Navy submarine base, there will be a party for all the people that were up in the Arctic last year I believe when the Bridge people will be down at Comic Con. Continuum will be released July 29 and Bridge will have a Continuum and SGA (Gero will be there for SGA) panel at Comic Con this year. The Navy has invited them back to the Arctic for either 2009 or 2010 and they will be filming something there though they haven't figured that out yet. At Norco studios, they let the props people use the facilities for free in the off season (they just need to pay for supplies) and that keeps them from loosing their expertise should they need to find another job off-season and not be available to come back to work for them.

And to recap briefly from what Wright and Wood said yesterday, things have gone very well for Ark of Truth. Walmart sold out of 60% of their stock on the first day of release and MGM had to start immediately to producing more. MGM wants them to do more movies. They apparently have been greenlighted to make Universe but they are unsure how they want to launch it. Do they want to do another SG1 film (and if they do one film, they will do two at once because the business model is cheaper that way) or an SGA film or should Universe be a film first? They say it's too much to do both two series and a movie at the same time. It sounded like they wanted to get to all projects but they didn't know the order yet. When Brad Wright was ticking off the different movies, he added in a SG1/SGA crossover and that got the biggest applause. He looked quizzically at Martin and said from the sound of that, maybe we should be doing that.

Gotta go.
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I forgot to mention there were a couple of direction signs pointing their way into Bridge Studios. Two just said "Infinity" with an arrow, the other (same color) said "Crew Park."

Infinity was the comic series I believe.
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We saw Alex Zahara who told many amusing stories. He enjoyed stories that had messages (like questioning of the war in 1969,) liked playing Ironshirt the Unas best (he liked being a leader, having a separate language and called that character a reptilian Popeye.) He told a couple good bear stories, too.

Next was James Bamford, the stunt director for SGA. Again, fairly amusing. He said by filming stunts in short bits, he could make David Hewlett look like Bruce Lee--but he hasn't had to, yet.

Next was Kavan Smith, Major Lorne. He was a lot of fun, too. Some asked him if the writers ever gave Lorne a backstory that said he was gay, who would Lorne end up with. Not the crazy Czech who combs his hair with buttered bread, but maybe an open relationship with Paul and David. He seemed quite easy going and fairly quick of wit.

Lastly was Alexis Cruz. He is a very serious young actor, intense but able to tell funny stories. He was very complimentary about both the series and the movie and he was very moved and proud to have been a part of it. He mentioned how his agent told him about this part in an indie SF film where he'd only have three lines. After he got the job, he saw the production plans and realized the film was going to be amazing. He was particularly proud of the fact that he and Eric Avari really got into the Ancient Egyptian language that Dr. Stuart Smith of UCLA was researching on how it might have been spoken. With the actors actually speaking it, it helped to further Smith's research. He felt like he'd made a contribution of some worth.

At the cabaret, we missed most of Alexis Cruz's one man play. He did have the crowd roaring with laughter. Next was Bamford, Jason Momoa and three stunt guys doing a routine with swords. Jason was without dreads and he looked mighty fine. He gets such a twinkle in his eyes...very becoming. :)

Now, I'm caught up and must go to bed. The set tour is in the morning.
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Sleep! I caught up on my lack of sleep. Now isn't that a sensible thing to do before a con? *g*

The laptop is working fine. I know people hate vista and maybe I haven't had the proper amount of time to despise it yet since I use this as a backup, but I kinda like how it connects to strange net services without a lot of hand holding because buddy, if you're looking to me to help you out with a techie thing, you are looking up the wrong tree! (and I was gonna say "looking in the wrong place, but since I'm in the land of cedar and firs and pines--where every planet looks lush--"tree" seemed in the right theme.)

Um...gonna go look at Tilford gardens and Lynn Canyon. Then go pick up my roomie in the evening.

Let's go Walkies! Where's my camera?


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