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I was thinking about this last night and wanted to make note of it. Move along now to something more interesting. *g*

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Because this is my journal I am going to put in details. I can't tell you the number of times I thought, "well, when did that happened?" or "how did that go again?" and I looked it up in my journal. (which also answers that question of some of "why would you copy your lj into Dreamwidth? Why not start over?" Eh, *because* it is a journal.) So, sorry to keep going on about.

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I will try to make the next post entertaining.


May. 6th, 2009 01:27 pm
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I've been up for an hour and so far no nausea but I'm still listing to the side a lot. Little steps....

On a humorous note, after we'd left the ER, we went to a drive up pharmacy to get the prescriptions filled. After handing over the paper work, the woman told us to move along and come back in 20 minutes. This is at 4:20am and everything is dark and empty and faintly ominous. I drove to the front of the Walgreens were the lighting was better.

"So, any place you want to go?" I asked Mom.

She paused then said hopefully, "Do you know of a donut shop around here?" Those of you that know Mom will find that funny. She's absolutely incorrigible when it comes to donuts.

As a matter of fact, there was a donut shop I'd been meaning to try. Up at Bunnycon, Bunny had asked if this little hole-in-th-wall donut shop was still opened, which it was. She said they had the BEST donuts, ever. Since it was the size of a broom closet and attached to a tiny building next to a big empty field, I'd never gone as it just looked so improbable. There were already construction types there buying boxes so it is quite popular. We got devil's food donuts and I swear that was the first time ever that I could smell actual chocolate from one of those things. And the apple fritter is enormous with chunks of apple and lots of cinnamon. They really do have great donuts there! Thanks, Bunny!

For the local folks, it's on Foothill in Upland, near Central. Next to Hubcap Annie's. *g*

Also, while I'm here, I just add that I had a lot of trouble with the subscription to Dreamwidth and ended up with two accounts (don't ask.) I wrote to them about fixing it and they did, very promptly, politely and with no fuss at all. Excellent marks for customer service.
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Jan. 17th, 2009 02:53 am
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I've been off work since a week ago. I got my usual weird-ass ailment that I caught in 1983 on an airplane to London. The bottomline is that if I don't get enough sleep, I get a sore throat that likes to go into sinusitis or my lungs. I got sick my first day off and while I'm feeling better, my voice goes in and out and I'm still trying to avoid a lung infection by coughing a lot. I just called in for tomorrow night, too.

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Rather than spamming, I'll just add a few tv thoughts here, too. Supernatural and Criminal Minds. I was going to discuss The Mentalist but that got too long. Spam coming up.Read more... )
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We were going to go out to Quartzsite, AZ last Sunday for a overnight shopping trip to the gigantic swapmeet out there in the desert. But I got another of my sore throats and had to cancel. I feel a bit better today so we decided to do an overnight to a casino resort south of Laughlin later this week. They also have a rock and gem show going on which is what we were interested in out in Quartzsite.

In preparation of the trip, I took mom out today and got her a rollator (like this: http://www.northshorecare.com/rollators1.html ) This should help with her need to sit down every 40 feet as there is a seat on this contraption, and she should have more stamina.

It was dark when we got home and I had just sat down when a huge snap!CRASH! was heard. That eucalyptus tree that is barely inside the property and keeps shedding branches (usually landing on the fence and damaging it) lost the eastern half the tree. I'll have to take a photo of it tomorrow but by flashlight, there's a lot of tree laying on the ground up there. It was only last week that I finished cutting up the last widow-maker that fell. It just never ends....

At least I got to watch another funny episode of Top Gear. Jeremy tossing Richard over a horse, and James fearing for his virtue when his Rolls runs out of gas in front of a bunch of construction workers. :)
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I either had a 24 hours stomach flu or some tomatoes tried to kill me. Actually, I don't think it was the tomatoes 'cause I had some the day before with no issues.

Glad that's over!
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So, here's the end of my weekend. Did I accomplish any of the vitally important tasks I really, really need to do?


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Also, Brindle has decided he doesn't like any of his usual food. He sits in the kitchen saying "you know what I want and I'm getting really pissed you're not giving it to me!" until he gets frustrated enough to nip our legs. We bought him a roasted chicken; I just gave him some and he's eating. I hope this is just a phase. :(

ETA: I cleared off the last Boston Legal, the last three episodes of The War and the Texas Democratic Debate. It seemed to me that Clinton got a lot more spontaneous applause then Obama. He's better at prepared speeches but on the fly? Not so impressive. I dislike him more and more. I've had enough of politicians who are more concerned with their legacy and don't really love our country. I hate to say it but if the elections was between Obama and McCain tomorrow, I'd vote for McCain. He may do things I don't like but at least he loves this country. I think Clinton does, too.
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That was about a seven out of ten. Five things, though:
(ETA a number six)

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