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It was a pretty good show. They performed The Wall in its entirety, with encores of Time, The Great Gig in the Sky, Brain Damage, and Wish You Were Here. The two songs that really got the crowd on their feet were Comfortably Numb and Run Like Hell. True to what I'd heard, they recreated the sound of Pink Floyd nearly flawlessly. The light show was smaller but they recreated the feel of it, the drama, and the emotional beats. And of course, seeing/hearing Roger Waters ode to smothered individualism and consumerism dusted heavily with war images and the ennui was indeed art because it made me think and take a change of perspective on current issues.

At least I'm not Pink.

Speaking of Pink, when he's up there in that long duster with his hands on his hips, I can't help but think of Capt. Jack Harkness. *g* Ah, fandom; it's an apple that once you've taken a bite from, nothing will ever be quite the same.

ETA: Forgot to mention the awesome inflatable pig with glowing red eyes that menaced the left side of the stage. It was more of a wicked looking boar than a domestic swine. Very cool looking.
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I wasn't quick enough to snap a photo of this skunk laying EXACTLY the way the momma coon was lying last week or whenever it was, but I took a couple of pics as it balanced up there trying to groom itself. As you can see, the rock really is pointed with steep sides. I think everybody just enjoys the challenge.

Pic Spam of two!

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As for True Blood, maybe a little better than the first one. The trouble is I don't see the chemistry between Bill and Sookie. And her brother Jason is the type of person I despise. I still like Tara but honestly, she is TOO smart to be smitten by that idiot Jason.

Fringe? I had it on for about 40 minutes and just turned it off. There are too many cinematic techniques that remind me of Lost and now I have a knee jerk reaction of intolerance to those tricks. It may be a good show but I just don't care. And I spent an hour getting the Tivos sorted out as to who is gonna record what as most of the shows premiere while we are on vacation so I'm actually a little relieved that there is one show less to watch. Typical. I'll be in Canada and won't see the lovely and talented Michael Shanks having fun with David Hewlett until I get back the following week! Woe is me! I bet I'll be able to catch Criminal Minds up there (uh, if the hotels I book have a tv; I know some didn't but I don't know know if I book those or not.)

I've spent most of the night doing all those little fiddly bits that need to be sorted out before one leaves the homestead for a bit. I even tested the strength of the AA batteries I'm taking for the camera. Wouldn't want any duds.

Oh, I drove down to the Honda Center and bought my Australian Pink Floyd tickets and saved myself $30 in fees and got the seats I wanted. I should do that more often.
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This is a clip from the Variety review of the Roger Waters concert. I'd agree with the whole thing except they thought the quadraphonic sound was good. Nooo, it wasn't. The speaker next to me (stage left, rear) only came on occasionally and there was one bit where the visuals showed a coliseum type structure in LA filled with water, where the combatants were a nuclear sub and something else. The coliseum crowd roared when the sub launched to torpedos and the sound was so loud and muddy and I had to cover my ears from the obnoxious noise. So, no.

"If "Dark Side" showcases Waters' at his most controlled, the new songs allow him to indulge all his worst impulses, cloaking shallow ideas in portentous music, sounding simultaneously overwrought and underbaked. The songs are harshly political and anti-war; he hectors the aud like an Old Testament prophet, reaching his nadir with "Leaving Beirut."

Regardless of the quality of the songs, the quadraphonic surround sound was top notch, as were the visuals, even if their clarity was more impressive than the images themselves. Why is it that when designers are given the most modern state of the equipment, their first reaction is to re-create the light shows from the '60s and '70s?"

And see, I wasn't the only one that grew weary of the preaching.
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Oooh, my second almost-Pink Floyd concert this year! This one was at the Hollywood Bowl. The night was cool and dampish and big ol' full moon seemed like a very special effectof the show. *g*

Whereas Gilmour had the great laser lights dazzling the audience, Waters had none of that and instead opted for the visuals to be shown on a screen behind the band onstage. As you can imagine, there was a lot of political content, but there was also so many photos and film clips of Waters when he was younger, I thought I was watching some old home movies. Which reminds me that Waters looks enough like Richard Gere that it was constantly jarring to me.

Songs both he and Gilmour played were Shine on You Crazy Diamond, Breathe, Comfortably Numb. Waters played a lot of The Wall, with Brick being one of the encores. Noteworthy effects would be the inflatible pig covered with graffitti (including a plea for us to vote on Nov 7 and "impeach Bush Now" was scrawled across the pig's ass) and the pyramid image from Dark Side of the Moon with the rainbow spectrum emminating from it hoisted via a crane to be well above the top of the Bowl's shell. Oh, and he had a quite a bit of fire effects on stage. Big honkin' pilars of flames, the kind where you can feel the heat on your face even if you're in the back row. A few modest but perfect fire works ended the concert.

They played all of Dark Side of the Moon for the second half of the concert. For me, I think the concert really hit on all cylinders for Us and Them. It was the light, the imagines and the music, they just really impressed the heck out of me.

The most annoying part of the concert was the guy that sat next to me. Jeez! He was as hyper as a five year old that had to go to the toilet!

The second most annoying part was the subtext of...let me put this kindly...American not being very good for the World. I hear that a lot lately and it's beginning to annoy the hell out of me. Bush is...well, if I print my true feelings I'll probably end up on somebody's list somewhere. I know exactly what Bush is, okay? I despair over the half of my country that supports him and his agenda, and I mourn the loss of the ideals that made the US a place of possibilities and hope. Yes, Bush is screwing up the world but the mid-term elections are coming up and we've got another chance to derail this monstrosity. Fingers crossed, eh?

I know it's all a mess but when the criticism is phrased in a certain way, it just irritates me because I've been trying to fix this for the last 6 years on many different fronts. Trust me, this is not the news flash you think it is. This was almost as annoying as the last Paul McCartney concert I went to YEARS ago where, in the name of education, they slipped in some film of a elephant being electrocuted. I would give a great deal of money to have that image deleted from my brain and I have such anger that McCartney sandbagged me with it.

But I digress...apparently quite a bit. Must be the residue of the Mr. Hyper's happy fumes.
Anyway, it was a good concert. I'll sum up my feelings of the comparison by saying Gilmour gave me a feast of sound and visuals and was an absolute master musician, while Waters gave me a good concert with a lot of political subtext...and seemed to be trying very hard to sell himself as an Artiste. I'm glad I went to both but I was personally more satisfied by Gilmour's concert.
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It was a superb night.

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Ian Anderson

Thurs. April 6 10AM - Fri. April 7 10 PM

Password: flute

Sunday, August 6
UCLA's Royce Hall
Los Angeles, CA


He's also playing Pechanga again on the 5th.


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