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Combining posts here.

First, I found this on you tube. I figure the creator has got to be Richard, Hummingbird's old manager:

[personal profile] khek, I recognized your door from last year in this. In fact, there are a lot of doors in this 'vid.' And candid photos of fans.

Second, RDA's Malibu house is finally finished and is featured in Architectural Digest. It's in this month's issue (June.)


Of interest, when I was at the SG1 Continuum panel last summer at Comic Con, Michael Shanks through out that he'd been staying at Rick's helping to put in the deck. After seeing that deck, I'm impressed! Them little actor boys can do some fine work. Of course, maybe it was a deck down by the pool. *g*
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Yes, this is old news for everyone else, but I've never had the right tools and desire before this. :)

So, to make the post fit the icon, I was thinking I had never read a story that made use of the team's wonderful off-world wristwatches. Did I miss one, perchance?

For some reason, I adore those watches. In fact, I even own one. I get a kick out of wearing my fannish artifact in public and no one knows it. *g*

Little known fact number two: I adore that Vala chooses to wear the big clunker that all the boys wear. No petite female watch for her! Go Vala!

And lastly, the question that is on nobody else's mind: Since SG-1 had the black Suunto Vectors, and SGA had the teal version...do you think, ohmygawd, that SGU will also have a spiffy watch?? Probably not, I guess, since their trip wasn't planned. Too bad.
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I thought I had saved a decent sized copy of this, but no. I need it for a project. All help is deeply appreciated. :)

Dear Flist

Sep. 27th, 2008 09:58 pm
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I just want to thank you for posting reviews of First Contact. I should be asleep but I read all your reviews, closing my eyes at the plot points of course, and I'm so excited that you all enjoyed the ep so much. I don't want my trip to end, but I also want to go home and see the lovely and talented MS play with DH.

Also, I got an email from my Critter Sitter that Brindle opened a window, sliced open the screen and escaped the house. She got him back in, but reports he is very vocal about wanting OUT!! He'll probably chew a hole in the wall if we don't get home soon enough for him.

THANK YOU all for your reviews!
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Oooh, the writing meme that's going around.

Post the first lines from your last 25 stories. Do you see any patterns?

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I must thank [livejournal.com profile] littleheaven70 for helping me to get these suckers up on you tube finally. A word of warning: I was not expecting to put these up for the public and the camera work is quite shaky at times. I'm putting them up because these have some close ups where you can see the expressions of the guests and I haven't seen that on you tube yet. And I'm missing a minute here and there as I needed to change memory cards, so, yeah, that's a little frustrating.

Enjoy them for what they are. There are eight files altogether.

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Here's a copy of what Brad Wright showed at the Continuum panel at
Comic Con. It was a very sad moment. I hope Bridge will put this on
the next DVD they release.

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Commentary with Executive Producer/Writer Brad Wright and Director Martin Wood.

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I do miss keeping up with your life on the tv, but at least I can monitor your adventures via fanfic. Keep up the good work of saving the team/earth/galaxy and having sweetly intimate moments with Jack and Teal'c. You are loved and respected.

Have a great year and please, please, please, try not to die again. Jack can't handle that anymore.


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ETA: make your own here:
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I'm not gonna review it at the moment because I had a somewhat negative and disappointed feelings about it and everyone else was full of squee. But, this other guy reviewed it and I found myself going, "right, right, oh you hit that one of the head, and right, right, too right."


I basically think what didn't work for me was all Cooper's pretentiousness and ego.

Anyway, consider it reviewed.
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Not complimentary to Carter so proceed with caution (or glee...)

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Fandemonium Books has published a new book titled, Barque of Heaven, written by fan writer Suzanne Wood (I tag her with the term "fan" because I've never read a tv tie-in novel by a "pro" that was any better than meh. Identifying her as a fan means you can raise your expectations accordingly.) In the past, I've been completely underwhelmed by the Fandemonium titles; the few I've bought I've not finished and I quit purchasing them a long time ago. No wait, there was one by Julie Fortune, called Sacrifice Moon. That one was pretty good, too.

Nevertheless, I can HIGHLY recommend this novel. It's set in season three and I feel it really captures the spirit of planetary exploration and the camaraderie between the team members in early SG: SG1. The Ancient Egyptian motif that made the film Stargate so striking and rich is enthusiastically delved into here--and I have to say, I really enjoyed that; that theme was a promise that the tv show rarely gave more than a tip of the hat to.

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I got that scratchy throat thing three weeks ago and I still have lingering effects. I've a persistent mostly dry cough that I'm sick off, and nose congestion. How can my nose be both drippy and too dry? The humidity is only about 20% today and I woke up dry and gunky. I'm sick of being sick. Another stretch of days off gone with me simply sleeping a lot to try and get well quicker. Yeck, yeck, yuck!

Trio: I do love Rodney but yet I'm underwhelmed again. :::sigh:::
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My local station has been showing old TV shows all weekend. I found out about it in time to see eps of Lost in Space, Star Trek and Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea. Boy, those submariners were an emotional and excitable bunch! I don't remember it that way.

The Trek ep was Space Seed. What intrigued me was that the Enterprise had an historian on board. Of course I thought of Daniel and how such a ship should really have an archaeologist on board. Then there's that one scene where it's reveal that McGivers has painted a highly romantic image of Khan. And it just tickled my fancy to think of a story idea where Daniel, who has fairly good drawing skills, would sketched a image of Jack.

What historical romantic figure would Daniel associate Jack with? And what a deliciously revealing moment between them when Jack sees that image?
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Whisper [livejournal.com profile] whisper just posted these. Check out the hotness that is Daniel.


Ben sure looks pale though. I wonder if he'd been sick or something.
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It's too damn hot.
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...is available here:


It is a perfect song, it is so well done and it's a real hoot. Very fun. If you like Daniel, you'll want to see this vid. :)
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So, it appears there are two items on the agenda that people are upset about.

First, I haven't seen the HP art in question. I did see where My Space pulled off over 29,000 registered sex offenders who were stupid enough to use their own name. There's fandom and then there's dangerous people out there. Did I mention I came into fandom when it was all underground and subversive? I don't know what the answer is to the chan HP stuff. It's not my fandom. I'm sure they'll figure it out.

Plan of action:
And because I feel entitlement to my pseud, I've got space at both InsaneJournal and GreatestJournal under the same name. I have found a handful of you over there and have friended you. But, until everybody else leaves or LJ bans me, I'm staying here. Harbor seal here. Lazy.

Second, I've read some essays about racism and racial inequality in fandom. Again, too complex for me to fix. We're kinda preaching to the choir here, anyway.

Plan of action:
:::shush::: I'm writing a story with a black man in it. And he's getting some action. And he's as sexy as hell.

From a very rough draft of a WIP, a post-Threads sequel to some other story:
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