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I finally got around to watching last week's Supernatural and snorted when I saw that Dean is wearing the Suunto Vector, the wristwatch that SG1 wears. Ooooh, crossover!

Also, at the Stargate con, eh, two weekends ago?!, Joe Flanigan was wearing this Suunto Vector from SGA, and Ben Browder was wearing his SG1 Suunto (which is black while the SGA ones had teal parts on it.) I was glamored by Mr. Shanks and forgot to look at his wrist. If I ever get that vid footage up, I shall look.

Speaking of which, I had a schedule change at work and worked 6 out of 8, which is exhausting. The hospital has a lot of isolation patients (hmm...I wonder why?) and the lone baby on a ventilator is a handful (you have to be glued to her bedside all night trying to keep her on the straight and narrow.) Anyway, that's exhausting in another way. I just haven't had time to look at Movie Maker. :(

And right now I should be a whirling dervish cleaning the house in prep of leaving on a trip to Yosemite. The kitty nanny is coming by in less than two hours to meet the new kids and Buddy demanded to go out. :::sigh::: She won't be happy but as he is about to be locked in for days, it seemed like he should be allowed to go out and enjoy. At least Abby is cool about staying in. Oh, Emma = Abby. Mom likes Abby the Tabby. It's more of a tomboy name and she is that, not to mention a flake. Emma seems too serene for her.

So, yes, I have major guilt about not doing the con report. You've probably already seen con photos at MSOL:

And it sounds like she'll to a transcript, too. Marge wrote up her notes:


The footage will go up. I am sorry. It's not that I don't care, it's just that I have no time.

BTW, The Mentalist and Criminal Minds were riveting. Next week on CM...holy crap!
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Why I can dl at a 50 minute program and it is roughly 350mb in size and is an .avi, and that a 16 minute clip from my camera, also an .avi, is 1.68 gigs?

Megaupload doesn't want to cooperate, either. I did upload the first longish clip and got two links. The download link won't work unless you have a premium account because: "The file that you're trying to download is larger than 1 GB. Only premium users are entitled to download files larger than 1 GB from Megaupload."

The second link is this, and that sounds like a youtube type viewing experience? But it says that "This video is unavailable." Huh. Maybe it will play for someone else?

Instant video link:

So, it looks like it's back to youtube and figuring out how to cut the talk into less than 10 minutes bits. Or, someone can tell me what I need to convert the video to to make the size less than 1 gig.


Off to work to be abused by that new computer program at work.


Nov. 9th, 2009 09:32 pm
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I was trying to upload to Youtube the crappy quality video I shot at the con of Michael Shanks' panel. Turns out they now have a 10 minute limit. Great. I'm gonna have to figure out how to cut the footage into smaller segments. This might take a while....

The con was a lot of fun, btw. I took notes. I'm currently enjoying an evening of TV with Mom. We've watched Desperate Housewives, Dexter, Ugly Betty, House and now Castle. Merlin is next. THEN, I will try to figure out how to mess with Windows Movie Maker.

The video is out of focus. I was at the back of the room, trying to hide what I was doing because they don't allow vid to be shot. Anyway, the sound is okay. And Michael was very entertaining.

Also, sad news about the lizard. Read more... )
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Obligatory dreamwidth/lj cross post.

And to make it more interesting:

ETA story title: Crossed Paths

A gust of wind blew a flurry of snowflakes across Daniel Jackson's windshield. He tiredly rubbed his forehead; it was 3:30am and he now had doubts about his decision to push through and try to make it back to the Springs in one go. The weather had slowed his progress and now he'd be lucky to be home before dawn.

As he turned a blind curve and was startled to see a large car haphazardly parked by the roadside. Its doors and trunk were open, the headlights slicing a swath of illumination through the snow dusted forest.

Daniel slowly parked behind the car and turned his hazard lights on. He hastily noted the car's plates and model on a outside of a empty Starbuck's cup. Black Chevy Impala, Kansas license plates KAZ 2Y5. He leaned over and retrieved a small flashlight from his glove compartment.

He stepped out of his car and immediately the icy wind cut through his tweed coat. Snow crunched beneath his shoes as he cautiously approached the abandoned vehicle. Shinning his light into the cavernous trunk, he was alarmed to see a stunning collection of rifles, handguns...and was that a pile of wooden stakes? He nervously glanced at the woods as he walked up to the driver's door. There was no one in the front seat and he leaned into the car to check the back seat.

The car dipped and rocked. Daniel looked up and saw a furry mass on the hood of the car. A full set of canine teeth glistened in the beam of his flashlight. The creature snarled and snapped, drool splattering the glass between them.

Daniel jumped into the car and slammed the driver's door closed, then scrambled across the bench seat to grabbed at the passenger door. The creature bounced across the hood and gnarled fingers grasped the door as the misshapen head lunged into the cab. Daniel slammed back against the driver's door and held his flashlight straight out, the beam pointed into the creature's eyes.

"This is not good," Daniel breathed, his heart pounding. The creature bunched itself up, preparing to leap.

"Oh hell no! Not the paint! Get off the damn car!" A man skidded into the light, running full speed out of the forest. He raised a gun and shot. The creature yelped and sprung off the car, using a weird simian gait to race across the road. The man thundered after him, firing his gun again.

A second man burst out of the woods, quickly took in what had happened and jogged up to the passenger door. A shaggy brown-haired head peered in at Daniel worriedly.

"Hey man! You okay? It didn't get any slobber on you, did it?"

Daniel noted the stranger held a handgun at the ready but pointed downwards and he frowned. "Noooo...."

"Good, good." There was more shouting and gunfire. The man shot a worried glance towards the ruckus, then dipped back to look at Daniel again. "Well, I gotta go. You, you should go, too, alright?"

Daniel nodded. "Right," he repeated.

"Good, good," the man repeated and then raced across the road.

Daniel quickly opened the door and hustled back to his own car, pausing briefly to eye the contents of the trunk again. Assorted knives, rope, bags of salt, silver crosses and an assortment of odds and ends lay in an very organized display.

Safely in his own car again with all the doors locked, he took a minute to consider his choices. He was unarmed and totally out of his depth here. The two men seemed to have things in hand. While it was against his nature, he thought perhaps the best thing he could do was to leave.

Besides, Jack would not thank him if he left for a weekend of research and came back a werewolf.
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Dean Devlin Wants to Make 'Stargate' Sequel

8 December 2008 7:58 PM, PST | From Comicmix.com | See recent Comicmix news

Producer/Director Dean Devlin told the press that he has ideas for big screen sequels to his Stargate.

“Roland [Emmerich] and I had always planned to do three films and want to do more,” he said of Stargate which was a 1994 success before finding its true home on television. “MGM has said they want to play out the television series first so we are on the back burner.” Stargate and its spinoffs have been running ever since with the latest iteration, Stargate Universe, due in 2009.



I wonder if they'd recast Daniel?
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I forgot to mention there were a couple of direction signs pointing their way into Bridge Studios. Two just said "Infinity" with an arrow, the other (same color) said "Crew Park."

Infinity was the comic series I believe.
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We saw Alex Zahara who told many amusing stories. He enjoyed stories that had messages (like questioning of the war in 1969,) liked playing Ironshirt the Unas best (he liked being a leader, having a separate language and called that character a reptilian Popeye.) He told a couple good bear stories, too.

Next was James Bamford, the stunt director for SGA. Again, fairly amusing. He said by filming stunts in short bits, he could make David Hewlett look like Bruce Lee--but he hasn't had to, yet.

Next was Kavan Smith, Major Lorne. He was a lot of fun, too. Some asked him if the writers ever gave Lorne a backstory that said he was gay, who would Lorne end up with. Not the crazy Czech who combs his hair with buttered bread, but maybe an open relationship with Paul and David. He seemed quite easy going and fairly quick of wit.

Lastly was Alexis Cruz. He is a very serious young actor, intense but able to tell funny stories. He was very complimentary about both the series and the movie and he was very moved and proud to have been a part of it. He mentioned how his agent told him about this part in an indie SF film where he'd only have three lines. After he got the job, he saw the production plans and realized the film was going to be amazing. He was particularly proud of the fact that he and Eric Avari really got into the Ancient Egyptian language that Dr. Stuart Smith of UCLA was researching on how it might have been spoken. With the actors actually speaking it, it helped to further Smith's research. He felt like he'd made a contribution of some worth.

At the cabaret, we missed most of Alexis Cruz's one man play. He did have the crowd roaring with laughter. Next was Bamford, Jason Momoa and three stunt guys doing a routine with swords. Jason was without dreads and he looked mighty fine. He gets such a twinkle in his eyes...very becoming. :)

Now, I'm caught up and must go to bed. The set tour is in the morning.
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Perhaps I was in the wrong state of mind but this con left me underwhelmed this year. Perhaps I just had a bad case of the grumps.

So, my report is under the cut and don't read it if you feel it will dampen your squee.

ETA: and apparently we could have been exposed to Whooping Cough at the con. Well, it's best to have a heads up....

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