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I finally got around to watching the season three ender of Primeval. I take it there will be a season 4? Read more... )

Being Human. This one got off to a slow start and I'm aware of a few of my friends that gave up on it. I'm so glad I didn't. I've got one more ep to go and I'm finding it very exciting and fun. Will there be a season 2? Read more... )

Defying Gravity continues to be a real groaner. Why do I do this to myself?

Merlin ended. How do people feel about it that were watching it for the first time?

Oh, and I hear Colbert is going to address the next space shuttle as it is carrying up the C.O.L.B.E.R.T. for deployment. Should be entertaining. *g*
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Someone on the night shift broke her arm (her 30 year old unemployed son that lives with her was drunk and he pushed her) and so schedules were messed with to provide coverage. I've worked six of the last eight nights. I'm getting too old for that! Anyway, there's a lot to catch up on tonight.

But first, two things.

One, Merlin starts this Sunday on NBC at 8pm. Just...don't notice the historical inaccuracies and just accept it for the fluff that it is. It does get better in about five eps, for me at least; you may like it right off!

Second, Vons has ribeye on sale til next Tuesday. I really like that cut of meat and for some reason their steaks really taste significantly better than other market's beef. Mind you, I think their prices are too high for the stuff that isn't on sale.
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Yay! I was never called for jury duty this week and now I'm free! Actually, this is the third time in a row I was not told to report. At least that's over for now.

Yesterday and today I weed whacked the front yard so it is now minimally presentable. It rained pretty good tonight and we're to get more of the same over the next two days so that will stimulate the weeds to shoot up again. Oh well; I'll deal with that when things dry out again.

In a more anxious front, last night and tonight I've caught a few glimpses of a little white dog outside. I think he's drawn to the free food that out for the varmits. Brindle is freaked that he's about--I think he's very anti-canine since he survived that attack by a coyote. Mom saw the little dog run by the window and we discussed possibly taking him in but we just can't with the kitties. Plus, when the dog sees me, he runs away; it's not like he's begging to come in. I just feel like I should do something for the guy as he was soaking wet and dirty. I imagine he was abandoned. People are jerks.

I acquired all the episodes of Merlin tonight but I feel too tired to watch any! Plus, I will be working the next three nights. Not fair.

Supernatural was very good. Niiiiiice twist! I do doubt that the brothers will ever be the same again though.


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