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I'm just saying...
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I can't help it, I like Simms as the Master. And I like DT as the Doctor. I wasn't really thrilled with the how Ten's story wrapped up. Not thrilled with RTD, either. Thanks to Bridge, I have a sensitivity to when the people behind the show sacrifice the story for the sake of their egos.

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Btw, I see Being Human season two starts soon. Will it have all three of the leads back?


Catching up

Aug. 4th, 2008 11:49 pm
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I'm finally feeling almost normal from the post Comic Con con-crud. So much to do....

Right now I'm watching Bones and skimming Mallozzi's blog. From July 27, Robert Cooper said this, "Without his support I never would have become showrunner in season seven." He is referring to RDA.

Very interesting. Feather that into whatever theory you have for the upset of Season six. (Fits into mine perfectly.) *g*

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SGA: I enjoyed last Friday's episode more than any so far this season.
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Oh the Tru Blood site is kinda fun.
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First off, I feel like a bad fan. I finally watched Dr. Horrible and while I liked it and enjoyed the music and the acting, I don't actually know what all the fuss is about. It was amusing but I doubt I'll watch it again. Can someone clue me in on why it's so special? It's probably just me.... Doctor Who-- Turn Left . Again, I'm left kinda meh. Read more... ) Next, SGA's The Seed Read more... ) I really hope the stories get better. The only show that continues to delight is The Colbert Report. And most of my tv viewing of late has been science programs. I'm sure the influx of knowledge about climate change set off my little rant last week. I was feeling a bit panicky about the future. But did you know that the hole in the ozone layer is shrinking? We can fix things if we figure them out quick enough (and aren't greedy enough to ignore the problem.) But I do continue to think really bad times are in the future--and that's aside from any future episodes of SGA written by Mullie.
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Scooter finally ate some catfood at 3am last night. Today at 9am it all came up--all over my bed. So, instead of going to the local fan meeting, which included a lovely drive to Ojai, I'm doing laundry. Lots of laundry.

Scooter claimed he was starving and ate some other cat food earlier today at noon. So far, it hasn't come up. He's curled up behind the sofa sleeping. So, fingers crossed he'll keep this down. He's pooped a little more so I'm hoping his blockage is moving out. He's comfortable now but are there any bets we'll have to go to the vets tomorrow, on Sunday, when they pop another $50 on the bill just because it's Sunday? I'd like to get $50 extra every time I work a Sunday. *grumble*

I forgot on the TV review Doctor Who. I'd downloaded it so I'd seen it. Mom hadn't. I watched her face as the Trocklofain poured down onto Earth. She was horrified. Yes, Doctor Who was the best program on last night. THAT'S good tv!
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It's been over a week and not much has happened of note. Here are the boring details:
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Oh yeah. I have to work tomorrow night. Some nut case a block away was setting off skyrockets tonight. Lord knows what he'll do tomorrow. A block away, and in my back yard is a tinder dry hillside. I'm going to have to ask Mom to try to monitor the front and the backyard or just call the cops if it gets scary. This guy did this last year and I sat outside for safety as I really dislike turning in the neighbors but if it gets out of hand....
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Oh. My. God. That was awesome! I haven't been that knocked on my ass by a tv show since I can't recall when. That was totally exciting and delightful. Obviously, I can't say enough about it.

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First off, check out today's Brewster Rockit:

Most enjoyable: Doctor Who
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Most WTF!!! And not in a good way, either: The Dead Zone
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Most Cute 'n Icky: SGA
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Most MustBeBrave: SG1 Dominion
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Most Passed its prime date: Hex
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