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While driving along the main street of town today, I was approaching the crest of a hill. A police motorcycle crested heading in the opposite direction with its lights flashing so we all pulled over. And then another motorcycle appeared, and then a sheriff's patrol car, and another. And then there were more sheriffs cars, the mountain rescue truck, a couple of fire trucks, unmarked cars with their lights on, the local tow company, a truck that said something Disaster Center (or something like that.) I counted over 50 vehicles, all with the lights flashing. There was a bright yellow van that was labeled something about locksmiths and the people in there were waving like they were in a parade, so of course I waved back...but what the heck was that all about?! Was there a disaster preparedness convention and they just happened to break for dinner? Was it a display of where our tax dollars go? It was impressive in any case.
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The bottom line? Everything is okay, finally.
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And the important things in life are to have good health and to be able to hug the ones you love. The rest of it will work itself out.
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We found a kibble at Costco that is chicken and rice so if Brindle gets to eat some of it, it won't cause him to get a allergic reaction. Cool. As a result of putting food out again, we've been getting the odd raccoon every night. I think I've seen Cutiepie, but lately there's been this coon that eats with both front paws at the same time. And tonight, I was astounded to see she had two little coons with her! These guys are small, about what I'd expect them to look like in July; bigger than a baby fur ball, but still young enough to do whatever momma tells them to do. And this momma is skitish, she saw me watching her and she took off (I'd waited til they'd eaten and drank quite a bit first) but she did come back for seconds later on. I can't imagine how this litter is so young this late in the season. And we're having come cold nights lately, close to freezing. I feel quite responsible to help this family out.

Brindle has decided he's my cat and has been sleeping squished against my head, purring like a madman. Reggie is jealous and has been leaning against me, claiming whatever body part he can reach, purring like a madman. Reggie wins in the purring like a madman contest even though he's 9 years older.

Mom is doing much better. Still tiring quickly but is now able to stay out of bed all day. Me, on the other hand, felt chilled and tired today and I went back to bed in the afternoon. I feel like I'm fighting something in the throat area. If only it could be cured by the application of a fuzzy orange cat....
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Work has been exhausting and I've felt unappreciated and am tense about dangerous situations, enough so to be quite irritable in a reply to the boss' email. There's to be a meeting with the whole staff....

So, I came home on Thursday morning and felt exhausted and as Mom was tired and didn't want to eat, we put the bird back in the fridge and went to bed. We had soup and cornbread for dinner.

Friday, I got up and set the holiday meal in motion (pushing buttons on the new stove with some success.) Mom stayed in bed and had two *very* small meals. I pestered her to drink more but she is quite stubborn at times. In the end, only me and Reggie had much turkey and I put everything away in tupperware. Scooter spent the day throwing up. He was hungry but about 10 mins after eating, it would all come up. He did have a furball on Thursday apparently, so maybe there's more down there. He's extremely thin already from the chronic renal failure so something like this is not good.

Today, Mom was very weak and starting to get a bit confused. This evening we went to the Kaiser ER for 3.5 hours. They tested bits of her and gave her a liter of fluid which perked her right up and antibiotics for a spot of pneumonia. She's not been coughing so I was a bit surprised. After the liter of fluid, she is much stronger and walking better so they let her come home where I foisted more turkey off on her and we watched Ugly Betty. Hopefully, she will continue to eat and drink and get stronger. As for Scooter, I think he has finally kept down some dinner tonight, though I must peer about looking for kitty vomit to be sure he's on the mend.

Reg on the other hand has set his cap to eat all the turkey he can. The last two times I fed him, he demanded seconds *and* thirds! A cat has to have ambitions, I guess.

It's been a very tiring and worrisome few days but hopefully things will be better tomorrow, even though it's back to work for another 3 nights (and me with a bad attitude.) Oh joy.


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